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Laudato Sí: On Care for Our Common Home

…love and protect.”   -- Pope Francis, Audience with Representatives of the Churches and Ecclesial Communities and of the Different Religions, March 20, 2013 Laudato Sí: On Care for Our Common Home Author: Pope Francis Pope Francis’ second encyclical addresses mankind’s…

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The Everlasting Man

What does evidence from archaeology, ancient history, and comparative religion really teach us about ourselves? How is man different from other animals? Why are there so many religions? Writing at a time when social Darwinism was rampant, outstanding apologist G.K. Chesterton takes on…

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Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West

…of all cultures and religions. To meet the challenge from Islam, Christians need to know more about the important differences between Islam and Christianity, yet many have been lulled into complacency by the misleading and largely unexamined assumption that the two religions are similar. The time…

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Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World

…Offers a fresh, urgent, and ultimately hopeful treatise on the state of Catholicism and Christianity in the United States. America today is different  in kind,  not just in degree, from the past. And this new reality is unlikely to be reversed.  The reasons include, but aren't…

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The Great Heresies

…that seemed important at the time but are no longer relevant. Belloc shows that the heresies of olden times are still with us, sometimes under different names and guises, and that they still shape our world. About the Author Hilaire Belloc was one of the most important and versatile authors of the…


Holy Heroes-Inside the Sacrament:The Holy Eucharist:DVD

…what the Jews of Jesus’ time really expected the Messiah to do • The Passover Lamb and Jesus – how they are alike, how they are different • The Israelites’ tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the Bread of the Presence – wow! • The Last Supper and the Mass…


Pioneer Priests and Makeshift Alters- A History of Catholicism in the Thirteen Colonies & Fearless-Stories of the American Saint

…colony whose robust religious liberty was more favorable that Maryland to Catholicism • The Quaker/Catholic alliance that promoted both religions • The role of persecuted Catholics in the Revolutionary War • Why, in that War, many Catholics favored the anti-Catholic British •…


Handed Down: The Catholic Faith of the Early Christians

…they received and from it shaped the Christian religion. And that religion of the Fathers continues today—faithfully kept, vibrant and alive—in the Catholic Church. Most Protestants believe that there’s a big difference between modern Catholicism and first-centuries Christianity.…

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Not Peace But A Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam

Some Christians view Islam as a sister religion, a branch of the same Abrahamic tree—lacking the fullness of revelation but nonetheless a religion of peace. Others are more critical of Islamic teachings but still see Muslims as valuable partners in the global fight against secularization and…

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The Church Rocks: A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

…fifth-century persecutions, the mystery of the Dark Ages, the Great Schism, the different popes, saints, and missionaries, the Crusades, the breakaway of the Protestant Reformation, the dialogue between science and religion, political movements, and finally brings readers to the new evangelization…


Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? & The Case for Jesus (2 Book Set)

…really die on the cross? If so, what became of his body? Was it stolen? Misplaced? Is the resurrection a cleverly devised plot to found a new religion? Did the disciples of Jesus hallucinate? Is the Resurrection of Jesus a myth developed decades later, after the original disciples' experience…


The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch-A Christian's Companion for the Study of Islam

…the interests of Christian-Muslim rapprochement, minimize theological differences between the two faiths, especially in the area of Christology. Such attempts at rapprochement, he writes, do a profound disservice to both religions. Illustrating the Muslim view of Christ with Islamic polemical texts…

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What Catholics Are Free to Believe or Not & Proving the Catholic Faith Is Biblical (2 Book Set)

…proven truth of reason Which miracles all Catholics are required to accept and the ones they can legitimately doubt (plus, an easy way to tell the difference) How revelation gives birth to and limits the reach of the Church's doctrinal authority That, contrary to popular belief, the Church since…

The story of how St. Patrick converted t...

The story of how St. Patrick converted t...

…with the Druid occult—where God used him as an instrument to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing the Christian religion all over the island— is not much different than what you’d read in the Old Testament about Elijah and the prophets of Baal or Moses and the Egyptian magicians. Click…

11 Rules for Latinos to Keep You & Your Kids Rooted in the Catholic Faith

…though I was born and raised Catholic) when I grew up I started to hesitate about my faith because I was influenced by close friends from different religions, and even by atheists. I wasn't prepared to answer the typical challenges against God, such as, "If God exists, why there is suffering in this…

The Prayer Beads Phenomenon

…very different faiths use prayer beads?  What is it about prayer beads that attracts religion and spirituality?  This question is very interesting to me, and in order to answer it I had to do some research. Here is a brief summary of how some different faiths use prayer beads in their religion.

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In His Own Words: Excerpts from the Confession of St. Patrick

…the Druid occult---where God used him as an instrument to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing the Christian religion all over the island--- is not much different than what you'd read in the Old Testament about Elijah and the prophets of Baal or Moses and the Egyptian magicians. He was…

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Interview with Brian Burch & Emily Stimpson on their New Book, The American Catholic Almanac

…Americans—both believers and non-believers, liberal and conservative—square off against each other on questions of faith, politics, and the place of religion in public life. Regrettably, not only has the tenor of the discussion grown increasingly hostile, but also, much of the discussion has been…

How Holy Week is Celebrated Around the World

…sins. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] HOLY WEEK TRADITIONS Customs and traditions vary from place to place, and Christians commemorate Holy Week in different ways. I was curious as to why some countries (Spain, the Philippines, Portugal, and many places in Latin America) appear to express greater fervor…

Full Transcript of First Ever Papal Speech to U.S. Joint Session of Congress

…Church. He was also a man of dialogue, a promoter of peace between peoples and religions. From this perspective of dialogue, I would like to recognize the efforts made in recent months to help overcome historic differences linked to painful episodes of the past. It is my duty to build bridges and to…

New Book: Encountering Truth - 186 of Pope Francis' Best Daily Homilies

…providing a glimpse into the mind of a man who is changing the way we talk about religion, compassion, and hope.   Q. The current market is saturated with books either about or by Pope Francis, what makes this one different? Encountering Truth is truly a unique book. I’ve worked in publishing for…

9 Saintly Modern Lay Women To Inspire You Throughout The Year

…to say that the majority of women saints most familiar to us were members of religious orders, who lived in cultures and circumstances vastly different from our 21st-century lives. Don't misunderstand me. I dearly love the women religious saints of history and their timeless wisdom. But at times…

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