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Share Christ: Inviting Others Into Friendship With Jesus

…it. Their three-part video series, now in book form, has helped thousands come to a deeper relationship with Christ, grow into a lifestyle of discipleship, and actually begin to share him with others. This book can do the same for you.” - Dr. Ralph Martin, Consultor to the Pontifical Council…


Handbook for Today's Catholic Children

…The Church Cares for You (Rules of the Church), You Care for the Church (The Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy), Sharing the Good News (Evangelization and Discipleship). Handbook for Today's Catholic Children Author: Francine M. O'Connor Faith tool for children Softcover 64 pages

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Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

…and call them to personal discipleship and mission The co-responsibility of lay people andpastors in the work of making disciples The revolutionary impact of a discipleship approach to youth ministry How one parish successfully fostered a culture of intentional discipleship, and much more As Sherry…

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Peter: Keys to Following Jesus

…his call to discipleship to his eventual martyrdom in Rome. Using Sacred Scripture and tradition, Dr. Gray highlights these important lessons from Peter's life, including: How to become a trusting disciple and "cast into the deep" The pitfalls of living discipleship at a distance…

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Who Is My Neighbor? and Other Gospel Encounters with the Lord

…resources is aptly named the Discipleship Series. I recommend it wholeheartedly to individuals, groups, parishes and dioceses that wish to foster a deeper, fuller discipleship in Christ." Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki , Archdiocese of Milwaukee "The Discipleship Series has borne tremendous…


Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide

…experienced the transformative impact of discipleship firsthand, the Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide provides tools and resources to "break the silence," initiate conversations, share the story of faith, and begin walking the path of discipleship together. Forming Intentional…


Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Know and Follow Jesus

…other words, Catholics-in-the-pew must make a conscious choice to know and follow Jesus before they can draw others to him. This work of discipleship lies at the heart of Forming Intentional Disciples , a book designed to help Church leaders, parish staff and all Catholics transform parish…

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The Life of Jesus - A Graphic Novel

…stunning illustrations from award-winning artist José Pérez Montero. Chapter headings like Miracles, Relationships and Forgiveness, Discipleship in Action and The True Price of Love provide organization for the "reluctant reader" to recognize themes in scripture stories. This…

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Art Of Forming Young Disciples: Why Youth Ministries Aren't Working and What to Do About It

…original disciples . . . only one of whom was lost! Fritz has worked with countless parishes, helping them make the shift to a small-group discipleship structure. You’ll learn to avoid the many pitfalls and common mistakes parishes make, as well as ways you can easily build the volunteer…


Marian Veneration

…took on human nature, Christians of both East and West honor Mary in various ways. They strive to imitate her as a great model of Christian discipleship. Cardinal Arinze wrote this book for both those devoted to the Blessed Mother and those who do not yet know or understand her. Based on the…


The Calling (DVD)

…to God, loyalty to family, and the faith to discover God’s will. The Calling offers powerful lessons for Christians about the cost of discipleship. This critically-acclaimed film was called “ a beautiful…spiritual meditation” by Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple. The…

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The Hope of the Family

…options for Catholic living. Furthering the problem is the widespread failure of married Catholics to understand marriage as a way of Christian discipleship. In this engaging conversation, Cardinal Müller, one of Pope Francis’ top advisers in the Vatican, addresses the challenges facing…

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113 Inspiring Scriptural Meditations on Christian Discipleship

…topic of Christian discipleship that he developed for his students. I asked for permission to share it with our friends and fans at The Catholic Company as a meditation for Lent. I hope you are able to get a lot out of it! A Guided Scriptural Meditation on Christian Discipleship 1. Holy is the Lord,…

The Beatitudes are one surprising, often...

The Beatitudes are one surprising, often...

…Beatitudes our “guide on the path of Christian life.” Of course, God leads by example. As such, in addition to being a call to Christian discipleship, the Beatitudes also could be said to reveal something about the ways God the Father relates to us, his children. Seen in this light, the Beatitudes…

Seeing As the Pope Sees: A Story from Rome

…is a reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris, and to Islamist threats made against the Pope. They remind me there is indeed a cost of discipleship. The stakes are high, and real. The Pope arrives, and the crowd's excitement knows no bounds. Bishops welcome the pilgrims in many languages: …

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