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  1. Divine Mercy Plaque

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Divine Mercy Triptych

…of the Divine Mercy, this richly styled triptych reminds us of Our Lord's mercy that has been poured out upon the world. Venerate the image as a powerful visual, as recorded by Saint Faustina, at Our Lord's request, to approach Him as you humbly seek His mercy, be merciful, and completely…

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Arched Divine Mercy Plaque

…ask the merciful Christ to be the master of your home and family. A memorable gift piece for sacramental celebrations and special occasions.  Breathtaking, miniature image of Divine Mercy Golden accents and dark stain bring the piece together Invite Christ to help you imitate His mercy Hanging…


Divine Mercy Plaque 45''

Divine Mercy Florentine Plaque, 21X45". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 21'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 45'' (H)

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Divine Mercy Panel Art

…Jesus outpouring His Divine Mercy on us serves as a reminder that no matter how far we fall, if we are willing to humble ourselves and come back to God, there is always a place for us in His heart. A poignant image to hang in a main living area of the home.  Wall plaque with 3 sections Unique,…


Divine Mercy Plaque Bronzed 9" [Brown]

A Veronese Divine Mercy plaque in lightly hand-painted cold cast bronze. Can stand or hang. Divine Mercy plaque From the Veronese collection Stunning, reverent design Dimensions: 9" (H) x 6" (L) x 0.5" (W)

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Divine Mercy Dark Wood Plaque

…your own home to promote mercy and peace, or present to a friend who has a special love for the merciful Heart of Jesus. Conveniently comes with a wall hook as well as a detachable stand. Made in Italy. Dark stain wood and metal plaque  Moving depiction of Divine Mercy Peaceful accent for the…


Divine Mercy Color Plaque 6X9"

Divine Mercy Plaque, Full Hand-Painted Color, 6X9" From the Veronese Collection Dimensions: 6'' (W) x 1.5'' (D) x 9'' (H)


Divine Mercy Statue 12"

…on your nightstand, desktop, or home altar so that you will never forget Our Lord’s message of hope which He gave to Saint Faustina! Rich coloring and gold accents complement the reverent design. A truly beautiful figure. Divine Mercy Statue 12" Florentine Collection Statue Lovely name plaque

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Divine Mercy Children's Statue

…and begin forming young hearts and minds. This hand-painted Divine Mercy doll is a fun way for children to learn about Our Lord's message of mercy to Sister Faustina as we choose Him and trust in Him as we seek His divine mercy. Great for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, sacramental…

#FRIDAYFREEBIE: Divine Mercy 9" Bronzed ...

#FRIDAYFREEBIE: Divine Mercy 9" Bronzed ...

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