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  1. Doctors Of The Catholic Church


The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom

The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom is a Catholic library in miniature, a one-volume microcosm of what the Church's great minds have thought and said since the apostolic age. Indeed, in The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom , noted theologian Fr. John A. Hardon has compiled the works of thirty-three of…

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The 35 Doctors of the Church

The 35 Doctors of the Church  presents the most comprehensive and fascinating collection available anywhere on the lives and labors of the saints who have been declared the Church's Doctors. From St. Athanasius (c. 297-373) to St. Thérese of Lisieux (1873-1897), you'll find the…

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Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma

…presentation of the Catholic faith.  Drawing from many years of classroom experience, Dr. Ludwig Ott lays out a detailed overview of doctrine. He notes when dogmatic pronouncements were made and identifies their sources in Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and in pronouncements…

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The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition

Here is the Church's traditional teaching about the Angels. Fr. Pascal Parente draws from the best Catholic sources--Sacred Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church (especially St. Thomas Aquinas), other holy writers and the official pronouncements of the Church--to bring together into…


Study Guide for the U.S. Adult Catholic Catechism

…of the Catholic Church: Creed, Sacraments, Moral Life, and Prayer. The structure of each chapter includes the following elements: 1. Lessons or Stories of Faith 2. Teaching: Its Foundation and Application 3. Sidebars: Saints, Fathers, and Doctors of the Church 4. Relationship of Catholic Teaching…

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The Navarre Bible - Catholic Letters

…of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of prominent spiritual writers, particularly Saint Josemaria Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project. The commentary appears on the same page as the Bible text, which is the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition. Each volume…

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United States Catholic Catechism for Adults [Book]

…of the Church. This text also reflects the sacramental language, practice, and discipline of the Eastern Churches to the degree necessary to provide basic information to Latin Catholics about the Eastern Churches" (from the Introduction). The presence of the Catholic Church in the United…


Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series [Gift Subscription]

…also show you how to cooperate with her graces by practicing spiritual disciplines recommended by the saints and doctors of the Catholic Church. Purchase Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series to begin a journey that will teach you how to trust Our Lady to unravel even your most…


Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series [Personal Subscription]

…also show you how to cooperate with her graces by practicing spiritual disciplines recommended by the saints and doctors of the Catholic Church. Purchase Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series to begin a journey that will teach you how to trust Our Lady to unravel even your most…


Catholics in the Public Square: Catholic Courses [CD]

…between church and state came to a head with the major confrontation between the Catholic Bishops and the Obama administration over policy decisions. Get to the Source Dr. Bradley Birzer reaches deep into American history to present a study of the conflict between Catholics, the Church, and the…


The Navarre Bible - Revelation and Hebrews and Catholic Letters

…and faithfully Catholic explanations of the scriptural texts and their implications for everyday life. Compiled by the faculty of the University of Navarre, the commentaries draw on a huge variety of sources: Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of…

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The Catholic Controversy: A Defense of the Faith by St. Francis de Sales

…four years almost all 72,000 had returned to the Catholic Faith. Here are some of the most cogent arguments against Protestantism ever penned, presenting a defense of the Catholic Faith that in some respects has never been equalled. The Catholic Controversy Stunning words penned by the great Saint…

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History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium

…and  Catholicism and Modernity: Confrontation or Capitulation?     "A remarkable achievement that synthesizes a lifetime of learning, James Hitchcock's  History of the Catholic Church  is also a signal service to twenty-first century Catholicism, a religious…


The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

…mother, as well as stories contributed by Catholic moms and families from around the country.  Each chapter of The Handbook for Catholic Moms contains relevant scripture passages, Church doctrine, and quotes from the lives of the saints.  Noted Catholics such as Danielle Bean, Father James…

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The Biblical Roots of the Mass & The Incredible Catholic Mass (2 Book Set)

…a truly Catholic story while leading Catholics to understand the Mass as indispensable to achieving the Church’s divinely ordained mandate The Incredible Catholic Mass The Incredible Catholic Mass is truly an incredible book about the most incredible reality in our midst--the Catholic Mass! No…

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Garland of Roses (Our Lady's Rosary)

…advice from this great spiritual master. The meditations for each Mystery are taken exclusively from sermons and writings of doctors and saints of the Catholic Church. Every mystery is illustrated in color with a 19th century print. History, stories of tremendous battles won, miracles worked and…


The Navarre Bible New Testament - Complete Set

…as official Catholic Church documents and prominent scriptural interpretations from Fathers and Doctors of the Catholic Church, are woven together to create a more historical account of events. The Navarre Bible New Testament is considered one of the best study bibles for Catholics due to its clear…


Hurting In The Church: A Way Forward For Wounded Catholics

…Hurting in the Church provides a psychologically wise and spiritually profound path forward for Catholics who have been abused, traumatized, or wounded by other Catholics — especially those in leadership. Chapter 10 on how to recover one’s belief in and love for the Church is worth the…

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Union With God: Learning From St. Teresa of Avila (CDs)

doctor of the universal church. Order Ralph Martin's excellent four-CD series Union with God - Learning from Teresa of Avila and open your eyes to her path of greater holiness and deeper relationship with God. In this series you will also learn: The goal of the mystics and doctors of the church


Aquinas's Shorter Summa

…essentials of Catholic doctrine clearly and succinctly presented. Two years before he died, St. Thomas Aquinas — probably the greatest teacher the Church has ever known — was asked by his assistant, Brother Reginald, to write a simple summary of the Faith of the Catholic Church for those…

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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

…story in his own words. You'll experience the often exotic story of a young man of ancient times who would become one of the greatest doctors of the Latin Church, but you'll also discover a story as familiar as our own struggles with sin and temptation today. First-hand Account You'll be…


The Glories of Mary

The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writing of the Saints, other holy authors, and from Sacred Scripture. The Glories of Mary is five complete books in one volume. The first book explains the words…

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Summa Theologica (Five-Volume Set)

…has had a decisive and permanent impact on religion since the thirteenth century and has become substantially the official teaching of the Catholic Church. No library is complete without it.  Summa Theologica (Five-Volume Set) The renowned classic A complete teaching on fundamental truths…


City of God (Unabridged)

…Devil. This, the first serious attempt at a philosophy of history, was to have incalculable influence in forming the Western mind on the relations of church and state, and on the Christian's place in the temporal order.   City of God (Unabridged) A spiritual masterpiece By the beloved Saint…