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Catholic Answers - Defending Your Faith DVD

…the Catholic Church is that the tenets of Catholicism are man-made and unbiblical. Can you refute these serious charges? In his new hour-long DVD, Catholic Answers’ Director of Apologetics Tim Staples brings you some of the most common challenges to Catholicism and shows you how to respond.…

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Son of God DVD

…and inspirational feature film depicts the life of Christ, from His humble birth through His teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. Son of God DVD The story of the life of Jesus His birth through crucifixion and resurrection Language: Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French 138 minutes

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A Woman Named Mary: The Miracle of Lourdes

…with the voices of Bridgette Fossey, Jacques Frantz, and Robert Hossein. Filmed at the Basilica of Our lady of the Rosary in Lourdes A pageant company of over 120 people A large scale production Bernadette Soubirous witnesses the stories of the Gospel Full color Widescreen 1 DVD 81 minutes English

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The Hidden Meaning of the Lord of the Rings: Catholic Courses [DVD]

…for yourself the truth written into  The Lord of the Rings  with Professor Joseph Pearce. Tolkien at his finest and his most "Catholic"? Infusing fiction with theology Temptation for power, personal gain, and unlawful control 8 Lectures (Approx. 30 minutes each) DVD Also available in CD

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Last Appeal-The Life of Faustina (DVD)

…legendary of our times, Pope John Paul II, has canonized her as the saint of the new millennium on April 30th, 2000. Written, produced and directed by Bala Udumala M.F.A. In black and white. Subtitled in Spanish - (accessible using the DVD remote.) Running time: 37 minutes, playable in all regions

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Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier, Sinner, Saint (DVD)

…shaping the self-obsessed sinner into the loyal and passionate soldier-saint.  Widescreen This DVD contains the following languages:  English with English or Spanish subtitles. SPECIAL DVD FEATURES 16 page Collector's Booklet 5 "Making Of" film segments: Planning the Film (9…


Saint Anthony

…preaching, the holiness of his life, his love for the poor and oppressed, and the wonders of his miracles. Actor Daniele Liotti gives a truly memorable inspiring and performance as St. Anthony. This DVD includes the following language options: Italian with English subtitles. This movie is Not Rated


Peter - Keeper of the Keys (DVD)

…and the Holy Land. Includes a study guide. Part of "The Footprints of God" series. 75 mins. Closed Captioned with English and Spanish subtitles. DVD Bonus Features include: Behind the Scenes: The Making of Peter Keeper of the Keys, Bloopers and Outtakes, and Conversation with Steve Ray and Cardinal…

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The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ [Audio Book]

…written by Clemens Brentano, the famous German poet and literary man who copied down her visions. This MP3 audiobook will only play on CD and DVD players with the ability to play this format. It will also play on nearly all personal computers that have CD and audio capabilities. The Dolorous…

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For Greater Glory - DVD

…Santiago Cabrera in an all-star cast. This film is rated: R Length: 150 minutes This DVD contains the following language options: English and dubbed Spanish with Spanish subtitles This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories). …

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Joan of Arc DVD

…Patrick Harris. Special Features include: "Making Of" film segment; Detailed Cast & Crew Information; Lengthy Production Notes; 16-page Collector's Booklet Joan of Arc [DVD] Leelee Sobieski in the epic story of Saint Joan of Arc Beautiful, highly-praised film 180 minutes

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Saint Rita (DVD)

…that greatly inspires all who are near her. This DVD contains the following language options: Italian with English subtitles, English dubbed version or Spanish subtitles. Also includes a special 16 page Collector's booklet! This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman…

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St. Teresa of Avila (DVD)

…of a profound spiritual life with the very practical aspects of being completely dedicated to the human tasks necessary for such a reform. This DVD has the following language tracks: Spanish with English subtitles. Includes a 16 page Collector's booklet. Also has many Special Features, including:…

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The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady DVD

…With the rosary in your hand, and the sacred mysteries of Christ in your mind and heart, you will have the power to transform the future, defeat the enemies of Christ and His Church, and be a warrior for truth! A rosary a day keeps the devil away!   The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady DVD


The Fourth Cup (DVD)

…an exciting concept that will help viewers discover a whole new dimension to Holy Mass, and the relationship of the Last Supper to the Eucharistic celebration. The Fourth Cup (DVD) By renowned author and speaker Scott Hahn A stunning, life-changing talk Never approach the Mass in the same way again


Entertaining Angels (DVD)

…Kelly in this moving saga of a faith not just believed, but lived. RATED PG-13 for a range of thematic elements, some sexuality and brief language. DVD FEATURES: Languages - English and Spanish tracks available. Subtitles - English. Viewing Format - Fullscreen. Sound - Stereo, Dolby Surround. Bonus…

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St. Augustine: A Voice for All Generations-DVD

…story of one of the most significant figures in church history. Travel back to the fourth century and discover how Augustine became a “Voice for All Generations.” A pursuit of money Political power Sexual pleasure CONVERSION!!! Includes English and Spanish languages and subtitles 1 DVD


The Calling (DVD)

…meditation” by Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple. The Calling (DVD) The story of 3 people who are drawn to the religious life Extended Director's Cut Photo Gallery Director's Commentaries DVD includes both feature version (77 mins) and 60 minute version 60 minute…

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Peter and Paul (DVD)

…footsteps. The drama concludes in Rome in approximately A.D. 64 with the beheading of Paul and the crucifixion of Peter under Emperor Nero. Note: DVD is not defective. In between Chapters 18 and 19, the picture freezes and a new chapter begins. As this is a long program, this is merely the start…

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Cherub Wings Episode 1 - Little Things DVD

More than anything else, Cherub wishes to share Heaven with children everywhere! What a surprise when Jesus commissions him to do so, resulting in a fun-packed visual delight of a program! From visualized prayers to captivating songs, "Little Things" teaches children that even the little things we…


7 Secrets of the Eucharist [DVD]

…as a DVD (Item #4003010) 7 Secrets of the Eucharist Learn the “hidden truths” of the Eucharist, and why it is the greatest treasure of the Church Ignite a true, lasting love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Simple and easy-to-read Book: 8 x 5¼ inches DVD: 60 minutes 

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Miracle of Marcelino - Marcelino Pan y Vino (DVD)

VCI is very pleased to present this special classic motion picture, digitally restored from a new HD master. A Grand Prize Award winner at the International Cannes Film Festival and a heartwarming film, "Marcelino Pan Y Vino," is about a little orphan boy who experiences a miracle. Left on…

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Saint Barbara-Convert & Martyr of the Early Church

…Specifications 100 Minutes This DVD can only be sold in the USA (excluding Puerto Rico) and Canada (excluding French-speaking Canada) This DVD contains the following language options: Italian with English and Spanish subtitles This movie is Not Rated This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda,…

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The 13th Day (DVD)

…more! -Film on Fatima with Fr. Andrew Apostoli titled "Fatima: Message of Hope for Today" -Optional Spanish subtitles This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories). It is only available for purchase within North American.…

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