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The One Minute Apologist - Essential Catholic Replies to Over Sixty Protestant Claims

…over sixty of the claims and arguments that Protestants (of all stripes) most frequently level against the Church. Drawing on a lifetime of study -- in Scripture, history, and the works of Catholic and Protestant theologians -- he delivers the essential Catholic replies to each claim, packaged…

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Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

…accessible way. Fr. Mitch Pacwa's groundbreaking bible study,  The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics , has now been updated to include reflections on faith by Pope Francis .  In Growing in Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics , Fr. Pacwa uses themes and reflections…

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Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Mass in Scripture

…Ranzino, Pastor of St. Jean Vianney Church, Director of the Office of Worship, Diocese of Baton Rouge Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Mass in Scripture Discover the gift of praying with Sacred Scripture An amazing study of the Eucharist, as found in the Bible A beautiful new way encounter the Mass


The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants

…Luther: the Bible itself. Protestants (and even many Catholics) will be surprised to see Catholicism so strongly supported by these Catholic verses. Not Armstrong! As a Protestant, he studied Scripture intently. There he encountered countless Catholic verses that convinced him that the Bible is a…

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How To Pray With the Bible - Lectio Divina Made Simple

…technique known as lectio divina -- a simple, natural rhythm of reading and reflection that can be used for individual and family prayer, Bible study, or small faith-sharing groups. Lectio, or "holy reading," is well-known to monks and nuns, but it actually began with and is equally appropriate…


Who Is My Neighbor? and Other Gospel Encounters with the Lord

…This makes them perfect for Lent or any time of year. The resources have also proven ideal for groups of all kinds – from typical “Bible study groups” to Catholic school teachers and administrators, members of parish councils and committees, men’s and women’s…


Latin Grammar: For the Reading of the Missal and Breviary

…It prepares students to read the Roman Missal and Breviary. Lessons and readings from these two books, plus from the Latin Vulgate Bible. Fantastic tool for the study of Church Latin. This way, when you participate in the Lain Mass, you will have a much richer experience. Its twenty lessons embrace…

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Gaze Upon Jesus: Experiencing Christ’s Childhood through the Eyes of Women

…scripture study, this time following the infancy and early years of Christ as seen through the eyes of Mary and other familiar and imagined women in the gospels. Founder Kelly Wahlquist and ten other members of WINE uniquely blend scripture reflections, imaginative encounters, and visio divina…


When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding

…Jeff Cavins , director of evangelization for the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, is the creator of the popular Great Adventure Bible Study series and the founding host of EWTN’s weekly program Life on the Rock. He is an international speaker and the author of several…


Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome

…President Norman Geisler and taught Bible and religion for ten years. Beaumont is the author of  The Message Behind the Movie  (Moody, 2009) and has contributed to  The Best Catholic Writing  (Loyola, 2006),  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students  (B&H, 2010),…

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Seeing As the Pope Sees: A Story from Rome

…wanting to be close. Among them are the poor, largely immigrants, the flotsam and jetsam of a global economy. It is impossible to go far without encountering them, without an appeal for help. Some, especially the gypsies, beg insistently. Some slouch despondently. Others peddle trinkets or carvings…

The Day My Mom Ran Into Mother Teresa When She Needed It Most

…kinds of great things for their family life: husband and wife date nights, Catholic conferences all over the place, home-school conferences, Bible studies, etc., but I never get to do ANYTHING! Well, I can’t give what I don’t have, and if You are not going to feed me, then I’m leaving You! I’m going…