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  1. Examination Of Conscience Pamphlet

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How to Make a Good Confession Pamphlet (50 Pack)

…a Good Confession Pamphlet (50 Pack) Pamphlets for Churches, class hand-outs, bulletin inserts, other parish materials Features an examination of conscience with prayers Beautifully illustrated; handy and easy-to-use Utilizes the gift of the Ten Commandments Folded pamphlet features 8 panels Colored…


Rite of Penance Pamphlet

The instructions, prayers, and Scripture readings in this six-page leaflet lead a penitent through the sacrament. In addition to providing the Act of Contrition, a series of Scripture readings and a prayer of absolution are also given.


Praying With Scripture During Lent

…us in our personal spiritual journeys. This inspiring pamphlet uses Scripture to celebrate five of those basic themes -- Conversion, Reconciliation, Suffering, Penitence, and Prayer. For use by individuals, families, or groups, this pamphlet is designed for those who wish to incorporate the Lenten…

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High Fives - Lent A Time to Give

A new seasonal addition to the Liguori Kids series, this deluxe four-color pamphlet is designed for teachers and parents to use with grade school kids in mind. Children now have their own daily reflections for the Lenten season with a common theme for each week: Fasting, Prayer, Almsgiving,…


How to Make a Good Confession

…steps: 1. Examine your conscience. Check out this helpful guide, 99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience , based on the Ten Commandments . Helpful tip: For those who get very nervous during confession, it might be helpful to write your sins down during your examination. 2. Be truly…