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  1. Exorcism Crucifix

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St. Benedict Crucifix, Wood Inlay - 7 inch

…medal is one of the most highly indulgenced in the Church and contains in appreviated form many exorcism prayers. Comes with small card explanting the medal of St. Benedict St. Benedict crucifix Silver corpus with wood inlay on cross St. Benedict medal in center Solid, thick & sturdy Made…


St. Benedict Flat Wood Cross

…intercession of Saint Benedict.  Sacramentals used in this way become a silent prayer and a reminder of our life in Christ.  These are an exorcism prayer, a prayer against temptation, a prayer for a peaceful death in the Lord, a prayer for individual and world peace, a prayer that the…


Hallowed Be This House & St. Benedict Home Blessing Set

…nylon cords and beads that can hang from a doorknob or from another convenient place in the home or car.  In addition to a St. Benedict crucifix are two St. Benedict medals of various sizes. The purpose of using the St. Benedict medal is to call down God's blessing and protection upon…


Home Blessing - St Benedict [Green]

…of St. Benedict Unique sacramental for the home or car Features St. Benedict crucifix & medals Sturdy multi-color nylon strings Multi-color wood beads 12" total length 1" & 1.5" Saint Benedict medals 2" Saint Benedict crucifix 8mm-12mm beads (size and type may vary) This item is not blessed


How to Use the St. Benedict Medal

…year, which you can read more about here. Each of the letters engraved on the front and back of the medal stand for Latin prayers of exorcism. Read The Exorcism Formula & Blessing Ritual of the St. Benedict Medal to learn more about its powerful symbolism, as well as its special rite of blessing…

12 Catholic Gifts for Pope St. John Paul II Lovers

…John Paul II rosary box is imported from Italy and features an image of the Holy Father on the lid.  Inside is a miniature rosary with his papal crucifix. The centerpiece and Our Father beads are double-sided with a likeness of the Holy Father, while the metal rosary beads are shaped as tiny rose…

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St. Benedict Stained Cherry Crucifix | The Catholic Company

St. Benedict Stained Cherry Crucifix | The Catholic Company

…This handsome cherry colored wall crucifix features a St. Benedict medal in the center, one of the most indulgenced medals of the Catholic Church. The St. Benedict medal affords special spiritual protection with it's exorcism formula. A great choice for any gift…