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  1. Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic

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Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic

…point.” Which takes me back to  my  main point: “Why are you a Catholic?” is a good question. A good question deserves a good answer. Here are forty of mine. Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic A fast-paced, fascinating read Full of truth (and surprises) Another Kreeft classic

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Search and Rescue: How to Bring Family & Friends Back To The Catholic Church & Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic (2 Bk Set)

…Paperback Forty Reasons I am A Catholic ISBN: 9781622826148 Author: Peter Kreeft Format: Paperback Pages: 144 Search and Rescue: How to Bring Your Family and Friends Back Into The Catholic Church  One of the most important "search and rescue" missions of our lives Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic

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Why Latino Catholics Celebrate 3 Life Events in Ways that Other Cultures Normally Don't

…rooted in the Catholic religion. Maybe this statement sounds hard to believe if you watch the news or read the lastest survey by the Pew Research Center about how people are losing their religion, but I don't see that too much from my own experience. I think that most Latino Catholics keep their…

Fasting: The Benefits For Body, Mind, And Soul

…As I prepared to write this post and I began to think about the topic, I realized that I tend to compartmentalize things.  As a fitness blogger, I write about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition, and I also write about my Catholic faith.  Yet when I am writing about something spiritual, I

99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience

I commit impure acts by myself (masturbation)? 57. Do I engage in homosexual acts? 58. Have I refused my spouse the marriage right without good reason? 59. Am I dating someone who is civilly divorced but still bound by a valid marriage? 60. Did I marry or advise anyone to marry outside the Catholic