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  1. Franciscan Crucifix

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Franciscan Auto Rosary [Silver]

This auto rosary measures 6" long. The beads are a 5 x 7mm natural wood with a silver oxidized San Damiano crucifix and St. Francis center. Comes with a clasp for easy hanging. Includes a card.


Franciscan Tau Cross Wooden Rosary [Brown]

This simple, beautiful rosary features a durable corded design with smooth wooden beads. The crucifix is carved in the distinct shape known as the Tau cross, which is Franciscan. Perfect for anyone who has a devotion to St. Francis of Assisi, or who just needs a wonderful wooden rosary! Wood…


Ognissanti Standing Crucifix

…Standing Crucifix is an artistic rendering of the crucifix that hangs in the nave of the Chiesa di Ognissanti (All Saints Church), a Franciscan church in Florence Italy.  The original crucifix stands15 feet tall and was painted by 14th century master Renaissance artist, Giotto. The crucifix

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Wood San Damiano Rosary [Brown]

…(reverse side) photo and the decades are separated by beautiful images of Franciscan basilicas and shrines. The crucifix, medals and rosary center are imported from Italy.     Attractive wooden rosary Franciscan crucifix Features the prayer of St. Francis The wood-carved rosary measures…

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Tau Wood Cross Necklace [Brown]

…for someone with devotion to St. Francis or who is associated with the Franciscan Order. A crucifix from antiquity, the Tau Cross is symbolic of the true cross and is also used as a symbol of the Franciscan Order. The genuine olive wood cross is rich in design and is visually appealing.…

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San Damiano Two-Dimensional Cross

…of Assisi went on to found the Franciscan friars and is one of the most beloved saints of the Catholic Church.  The San Damiano icon crucifix features saints that were present during the life and passion of Jesus, and is commonly associated with the Franciscan order. Makes a wonderful addition…

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St. Francis of Assisi Scapular

St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan order and one of the world's most beloved saints, only enhances this powerful sacramental. Made of 100% wool with crucifix, St. Benedict Jubilee Medal, and accompanying prayers. Made in the USA.

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Personalized St. Francis Tau Cross for Kids [Multicolored]

The Tau cross is rich with history, holding both Hebrew and early Christian significance before being adopted by St. Francis and the Franciscan order. Here Francis’ outstretched arms both imitate Christ on the cross and invite everyone to listen to the truth and love God proclaimed through…


San Damiano Cross with Card

…album or memory book. Beautiful San Damiano cross with card Features St. Francis & St. Clare Also features a stanza from the Canticle of the Sun Great keepsake for those who love Franciscans Cross measures approx 4 inches Cross made of wood Card made of premium paper Imported from Milan, Italy

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The Via Dolorosa Experience DVD and Stations of the Cross Rosary

…the traditional route in Jerusalem along which our Lord traveled during His passion.  In the Via Dolorosa Experience DVD you will join the Franciscan friars on their Friday walk and prayer through the real Stations of the Cross---Jesus' last journey from the site of his trial to the site of…


Crusader Scapular - 14 inch

…St. Benedict, the most highly-indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church. Cross of the Crusaders (Franciscan) on both cloths. Smaller in size. Includes accompanying prayers. Crusader Scapular Features Crucifix and Jubilee medal of St. Benedict A beautiful Catholic tradition Cord measures 14” in…

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Crusader Scapular - 18 inch

…St. Benedict, the most highly-indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church. Cross of the Crusaders (Franciscan) on both cloths. Smaller in size. Includes accompanying prayers. Crusader Scapular Features Crucifix and Jubilee medal of St. Benedict A beautiful Catholic tradition Cord measures 18” in…

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7-Decade Franciscan (Seraphic) Rosary

7-Decade Franciscan (Seraphic) Rosary

Franciscan (Seraphic) Rosary from The Catholic Company click here: The 7-Decade Franciscan (Seraphic) Rosary features rounded wooden beads in a lovely orange-brown earth tone color and a San Damiano icon cross crucifix and…

Crucifix Style Choosing Made Simple

…This crucifix, though more “ugly” than others, could also be said to be more powerful in calling to mind the great sacrifice of Christ.  It is also the crucifix most commonly associated with Pope John Paul II. San Damiano Crucifix The San Damiano Crucifix is cherished by the Franciscans and was…

Spotlight on St. Francis of Assisi and the San Damiano Cross

…brawler and later a soldier. St. Francis of Assisi found his commission to serve God as a prisoner of war. As a servant of God he founded the Franciscan order and started a tradition of loving animals and man. St. Francis of Assisi also introduced the world to the San Damiano Cross. History of the…

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

…condition. A parish priest was called to give Maria her Last Rites before a risky operation was begun to save her life. The priest showed Maria a crucifix and told her that Jesus was also very thirsty as he suffered his torture on the cross; he asked Maria if she would offer up her thirst to Jesus…

3 Novena Prayers to St. Francis of Assisi

…the ardor of your desires, until at last it impressed on your body the wounds it had long before engraved in your heart, and made you a living crucifix, preaching sweetly to men the sufferings and love of Jesus. Obtain for me, O Holy Father, that I too may banish from my heart the spirit of the…

Get to Know Our New Holy Father: Pope Francis

…was commissioned by Christ to "Repair My Church" while he was praying in front of the San Damiano Crucifix.  St. Francis (1182-1226) went on to found the Order of Friars Minor (the Franciscans), the great mendicant friars and evangelists who shunned the world for Christ and took vows of poverty,…

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