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  1. Fulton Sheen Life Of Christ

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Life of Christ

…to countless readers, as well as a source of inspiration and guidance. Every Christian should read and own this vivid retelling of the greatest life ever lived. Life of Christ A timeless classic Considered Fulton Sheen's greatest work Come to love Our Lord in a whole new way 8 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches


The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness

Fulton J. Sheen brings together Christ's Sermon on the Mount with his Seven Last Words. From the Mount of the Beatitudes to the Hill of Calvary, Our Lord's public ministry and statements centered on the themes of love and forgiveness, which are explored here with Archbishop Sheen's

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Sheen Gems: The Best of Fulton J. Sheen (DVD)

"Christ is longing to change your life in ways more wondrous than your dreams can imagine." - Fulton J. Sheen, Servant of God   The Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints has approved the Petition from the Diocese of Peoria to open the canonization Cause for Fulton John…

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Pathways to Christ (Audio Book)

…adherence to Jesus Christ and His Church enabling us to discern properly which direction we are heading.   Declared to have lived a life of heroic virtues and earning the title of venerable by Pope Benedict XVI on June 28, 2012, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was considered by many to…

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Life is Worth Living (Audio Book)

…speakers of all time, you and your family will discover that Christ and His Church have the answers to these questions and so much more.   Bishop Sheen "Tells it like it is" For more than 30 years, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was the most famous Catholic leader in the United States…


Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set)

…Robes (Purgatory) Disc 23 – Heaven is Not So Far Away; The Hell There Is Disc 24 – The True Feminine Mystique (Mary); Prayer Is  A Dialogue; World, Soul, And Things Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set) Fulton J. Sheen's classic work A beautiful gift set Inspiring and uplifting

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Three to Get Married (CD)

…spouses the infinite love and utter intimacy that only Christ can provide. Declared to have lived a life of heroic virtues and earning the title of venerable by Pope Benedict XVI on June 28, 2012, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was considered by many to be the greatest preacher of…

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In Heaven We'll Meet Again & God's World And Our Place In It (2 Book Set)

Christ whose death on the Cross opened heaven for us, and made these heavenly reunions possible!   God's World and Our Place In It: God and the world explained — by Bishop Sheen, the T.V. personality who captivated the nation and won countless converts. In the 1950s, Fulton J. Sheen


The Cries of Jesus From the Cross: An Anthology

…human soul. For the first time ever, Archbishop Fulton Sheen's complete writings and reflections on Christ’s last words have been compiled into this one book. Sheen shows how the seven words are, in fact, a full catechism on the spiritual life. From them, you’ll learn the secrets to…


A Guide to 4 Popular Devotional Tools for Lent

…1. READ A CATHOLIC BOOK ON THE LIFE OF CHRIST Get to know our Savior better and the depth of what he suffered out of love for us. * Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week  by Pope Benedict XVI * Life of Christ  by Fulton Sheen * The Dolores Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ  by Anne Catherine Emmerich * The…

Lent is the season to focus on shedding ...

Lent is the season to focus on shedding ...

Lent is the season to focus on shedding those things in our lives that keep us from Christ. Dying to sin makes room for His life to grow in us. A great quote from Fulton Sheen for this Lenten season!

Top 10 American Catholic Authors: Part 1

…but I can tell you his The Seven Last Words completely changed how I viewed the Passion of Christ.  Venerable Fulton J. Sheen wrote 73 books from 1925 till his death in 1979.  Shop Venerable Fulton J. Sheen books and more. “Show me your hands. Do they have scars from giving? Show me your feet. Are…

7 Lessons Learned From Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows

…afflictions. In The World's First Love, Venerable Fulton Sheen shows how we can learn from each of the seven sorrows of Mary and how even in our own vocations we can find consolation and encouragement by turning to her and remembering how her life was bound up with the sufferings of her Son. * The…

A Great Marian Book: Under the Mantle by Fr. Don Calloway

…on earth.” ~Venerable Fulton Sheen If we are to truly know our faith, we need to know Mary, the Mother of God. If we are to love our faith, we need to love Mary Immaculate; if we are to live our faith, we need to live under Mary’s mantle. “Among creatures no one knows Christ better than Mary; no one…

Heroes and Homemakers: 10 Patron Saints of Marriage

…There isn't a better earthly exemplar of Saint Paul's teaching: "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her..." (Ephesians 5:25) Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote a beautiful book called The World's First Love. In it there is a chapter called "The World's…

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