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  1. German Crucifix

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Classic Guardian Angel Cross [Brown]

The beloved guardian angel image surprisingly first appeared on a German postcard in 1900. It immediately became popular in the United States, especially in the Appalachian Mountains where many people had just such a rickety bridge on the path leading to their homes. The rich, classic…

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Wood Oberammergau Cross - 10" [multicolored]

…and Christ is delicately painted in authentic tones. The gold accents give a glimpse of hope into His glorious conquering of death and sorrow. Wall hanger included.  Gorgeous German style crucifix Cross made of real wood Delicately painted Inspires deep reflection 10" H Wall hanger included

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7 Wonderful Cities Where Saints Lived

…never complained. He loved it too, and loved those stray cats we saw around. In Assisi, you can visit St. Clare church and admire the original crucifix of St. Damiano, the Basilica where St. Francis is buried, and the amazing panoramic views of the city. Avila, Spain [caption id="attachment_16946"…

Your Stories of Holy Objects Surviving Storms, Fires, and Floods

…thing happened after Katrina in Pass Christian...the church was washed away and all that was left was the statue of the Blessed Virgin and the crucifix." "When my aunt lost everything in Chalmette during Katrina, everything was wiped out, gone, except the frame of her brick house and the Mother…

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