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Everyday Meditations

…love took me captive. Was any boyhood so impious as some years of mine! Did I not in fact dare you to do your worst? Ah, how I struggled to get free from you; but you are stronger and have prevailed. I have not a word to say, but to bow down in awe before the depths of your love ." Over…


Getting Free: How To Overcome Persistent Personal Problems & Holy Confidence (2 Book Set)

Getting Free: How To Overcome Persistent Personal Problems F ree yourself from persistent sinful habits — once and for all!  Simple willpower isn’t enough when you’re struggling against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and other common problems. Bert Ghezzi,…

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Getting Free: How To Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

…you about how to live in the freedom of Christ! Getting Free: How To Overcome Persistent Personal Problems Simple tips on how you can take stock of your problems without growing discouraged "Willpower Christianity": why relying on your will to get your life in order is so common — and so dangerous…

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Getting Free & Facing Adversity With Grace (2 Book Set)

…& Specifications:  Getting Free: Author: Bert Ghezzi 112 pages Softcover 5 x 7 inches ISBN: 978-1-928832-2 Facing Adversity with Grace: Author: Woodeene Koenig-Bricker 160 pages Softcover 5¼ x 8 inches ISBN: 9781593251604 2 Book Set Getting Free: How to Overcome Persistent Personal…

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St. Anthony, Finder of Love Pocket Token

Are you or your friends praying to get married someday? Saint Anthony is not only the patron saint of finding lost objects; there is also a tradition of asking for his intercession in finding a spouse. Slip this token into your pocket or waller as a reminder to pray that you are led to the one whom…

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Marry Her and Die for Her

…“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Never mind that…just lead! The other two are not options. Democracies are fine for countries—some of them—for families, not so much.  • You know how tired you feel sometimes (all the time)? Get some rest. You need it!…

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Noah's Ark Bank [Silver]

…ark money bank is sure to get kids excited about saving their coins! A cute way to start helping them remember to tithe also. Fits nicely in a child’s room, especially on shelf or bedside table. Lead free zinc alloy.  Zinc alloy Noah's ark bank Gets kids excited about saving their…

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We Have A Table For Four Ready (DVD)

…stories of the community members who serve and the guests who dine make "We Have a Table for Four Ready" a powerful program of love, laughter and tears. Running time 58:20. Suitable for family viewing but may be too intense for young children. Click here to get the FREE Discussion Guide (PDF).

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The Grace of Enough-Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture

…family. But as the children arrived and Daniel was forced to work longer hours at a job he liked less and less, they dared to break free from the unending cycle of getting more yet feeling unfufilled. They sold their Florida home and retreated to Texas to live on a farm with a compost toilet and 650…


God Gave Us Heaven

…place, free of sadness and tears, where God warmly welcomes his loved ones after their life on earth is over. Little Cub and Papa spend the day wandering their beautiful, invigorating arctic world while she asks all about God's home: How do we get to heaven? Will we eat there? Will I get to see you…


Remy the Rhino Learns Patience

…he snorts and charges right for them. One day, an aardvark decides not to run, and Remy’s horn gets stuck in a tree! The forgiving aardvark gathers termites to slowly eat away the wood and free Remy—not only of his situation but of his impatient ways. So as Remy experienced strange new…

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Pray, Hope, Don't Worry Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…was an Italian priest who had a huge influence as a spiritual guide and healer. Thousands came to him each year to be blessed and healed and to get his advice. Though he suffered through intense, prolonged physical pain, he persevered and met with these throngs of people. The core of his message…

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Good Enough Is Good Enough: Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic Mom

The truth about parenting is that you don't have to get everything right and your family doesn't need to be perfect. Colleen Duggan learned those lessons through years of struggling with unrealistic expectations. In this frank and intimate story, Duggan explores the emotional and spiritual…


St. Roch Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…in the event your pet gets lost.  This medal comes with a small saint card, making this great to give as a gift.     St. Roch medal Unique artisan design Patron of dogs & dog lovers Comes with saint card Handmade pewter Made in the USA Lead free pewter Measures 15/16"…

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Unworried: A Life Without Anxiety

…Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, and millions more wrestle with worry and stress on a daily basis. For us as Christians, all that worry gets mixed up with a lot of guilt. After all, Scripture tells us, Have no anxiety at all (Phil 4:6). How can we stop worrying and start living an…

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Catholics in the Public Square: Catholic Courses [CD]

…church and state came to a head with the major confrontation between the Catholic Bishops and the Obama administration over policy decisions. Get to the Source Dr. Bradley Birzer reaches deep into American history to present a study of the conflict between Catholics, the Church, and the federal…

Enjoying a gorgeous Carolina Autumn day ...

Enjoying a gorgeous Carolina Autumn day ...

Enjoying a gorgeous Carolina Autumn day celebrating our October birthdays with a potluck cookout. Yes, we drag the tables and chairs from the break room right outside! If the FedEx truck comes to pick up your orders while we're here, the driver gets a free meal :)

Tips For a Holier New Year: Day 4 – Conversion is Continual

…Holiness by Fr. Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S. * Experience Grace in Abundance: Ten Strategies for Your Spiritual Life  by Johnette Benkovic, * Getting Free: How to Overcome Persistent Personal Problems by Bert Ghezzi If you remember one thing: Our life is a journey and if we aren’t growing spiritually,…