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Personalized St. Francis Tau Cross for Kids [Multicolored]

…Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company      Introduce children to Franciscan traditions Sturdy, full color cross Teaches the St. Francis Prayer for Peace A wonderful, personalized gift for children Exclusive to The Catholic Company 9" (W) x 12.5" (H) Hardboard panel


40 Ways for 40 Days: A Family Guide Through Lent

…celebration. Adaptable enough for any specific need or circumstance, these idea-starters give families the opportunity to share Christ’s gift to us in his sacrifice and reflect on its grandeur in our lives. 40 Ways for 40 Days includes ideas for: "adopting" an RCIA catechumen or…


Baby in Angel Wings Porcelain Figurine

…delicate touch to the sleeping child. An elegant and classic gift selection for welcoming a new life in Christ at Baptism, baby showers, and adoption celebrations. Baby in angel's wing Fine porcelain figurine Elegant keepsake gift For any new baby Porcelain design Figurine: 6" x 4" x…


St. Joseph Story Tin Sign [Multi-Colored]

…are: St. Joseph Husband of Mary - March 19th, St. Joseph the Worker - May 1st. St. Joseph story sign Decorative accent for an office  Fill your space with Catholic accessories  Thoughtful gift for men and dads Exclusive to The Catholic Company 8" x 12"  2 side holes for easy hanging


St. Joseph Story Mug [Multi-Colored]

…mug that includes imagery used to share the life of the Guardian of Christ and the Blessed Mother. St. Joseph was the Spouse of Our Lady and adoptive father to Our Lord. Tradition teaches us that he was a carpenter by trade. He is known as the patron of the Catholic Church, as well as many causes…

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Saint Thomas More Bibles [Red]

St. Thomas More is the patron saint of lawyers, adopted children, politicians, and difficult marriages. The strong imagery on the cover of this Bible serves as an everyday reminder of clarity, courage, and integrity which makes it an excellent gift for students, lawyers, fathers, and anyone striving…


Saint Thomas More Bibles [Black]

St. Thomas More is the patron saint of lawyers, adopted children, politicians, and difficult marriages. The strong imagery on the cover of this Bible serves as an everyday reminder of clarity, courage, and integrity which makes it an excellent gift for students, lawyers, fathers, and anyone striving…


Wooden Easter Eggs-Set of 6 [Multicolored]

…the coming of spring. The Christian Church adopted the egg as a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection. St. Augustine first described Christ’s Resurrection from the dead as a chick bursting from an egg. Today, these eggs remind us of the gift of life in Christ. These eggs will display…


Mother of Mine Poem w/ Cherry Frame (6x8)

…be my mother, adopt me as your own. Love and teach and guide me bringing me back home. For I am but a child, needing to be led, Hungry for the precious Word of which I must be fed. So please don't leave me thirsting, nor lost out in the cold. Quench the dryness of my yearning for the son you gently…

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Prayer to St. Joseph - Prayer Card

…Forsake me not. Adopt me as a little one in your household. Watch over me at all times but especially in the last awful hour of my life on earth; then visit, console and strengthen me with them, and thee, that I may praise the Adorable Trinity. Dear St. Joseph, receive me for thy client, instruct…

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Italian Hand-painted Papal Crucifix

This stunning Italian made crucifix adopts the design of Pope St. John Paul II's papal cross. The delicate hand-painting adds a rustic feel, and the piece makes a beautiful centerpiece for a main wall on your home. Comes with a metal hanging loop. 11" Italian made crucifix In the style of Pope…


Brazilian Wood Marian Saints Bracelet, XL Fit [Brown]

…higher quality than similar bracelets manufactured elsewhere. This stretch bracelet is sized just a bit larger than other similar bracelets, which works very nicely for the guys who have adopted this popular way of showing their devotion to the Blessed Mother and the saints. From the CRA Collection.


Mother Teresa "Silence" Personalized Prayer Card

…precursor to the simplicity we crave is...silence. Your individual card has a single message with the power to carry the day, and if truly adopted into practice, can change our life. Silence is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Wade in its waters. A beautiful and meaningful personalized…


Kateri Tekakwitha - Mohawk Maiden

This book is from the famous line of "Vision Books" of saints that are one of the most popular and well-told series of stories for young people. This is the inspiring story of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, a holy young Indian woman who was converted to Christianity by the French missionaries led by…

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta

…in her adopted city of Calcutta, Mother Teresa saw Jesus in the eyes of those who were abandoned, unwanted, and dying. Regardless of a person's race or religion, Saint Teresa of Calcutta reached out with unconditional love to everyone God placed in her path. This lavishly-illustrated book for


St. Kateri Resin Statue - 8 inches [Multi-Colored]

…Kateri and transfigured her face.  She was adopted by her two aunts and an uncle. Kateri converted as a teenager to Catholicism and was baptized at the age of twenty and incurred the great hostility of her tribe.  She suffered greatly for her Faith, but she remained firm in it, and Kateri…


Madonna and Child Ornament

Made in the Ukraine, this lovely Madonna and child ornament adopts the style of traditional Catholic art. Textured gold accents and borders befit an image of the Infant King and His mother. Makes a unique and memorable gift for friends and family, and will surely deserve a prominent place on your…


30 Inspirational Saint Quotes for Confirmation

…will, and being just what God wants us to be." — St. Therese of Lisieux 25. "Let us thank God for having called us to His holy faith. It is a great gift, and the number of those who thank God for it is small." — St. Alphonsus Liguori 26. "Let each of us accept the truth of the following statement…

A Great Tradition for Kids! Making Small Sacrifices for the Baby Jesus During Advent

…in our hearts for Jesus by making sacrifices and doing good deeds for others.  Just as Jesus' birth was an act of self-giving, so children can learn to prepare for Christmas by imitating him in his love for others. This Baby Jesus creche tradition is a beautiful one to adopt in the home which…

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, a Model Saint for Our Times

…leaving her orphaned, the disease left her partially blind, disfigured, and crippled.  She was then adopted and raised by her uncle, who detested the Christians. As she grew older, Kateri longed for the faith of her mother, faintly remembering the prayers she was taught as a child. Tensions were…

3 Reasons This Mom is Grateful for the Sacrament of Baptism

…Pray for them. And let go, placing your trust in Christ and His merciful love. Thank you, God, for the gift you have given us in the sacrament of Baptism! Do you pray for your children? Have you ever thought about how amazing the sacrament of Baptism is? What gives you hope for your children…

Top 5 RCIA Gifts: What Every New Catholic Should Have

…Sponsors are Catholics who have "adopted" a specific catechumen or a candidate and who volunteer their time to help initiate them into the Church. If you're an RCIA sponsor, or if you have a friend or family member in RCIA, these are my top five must-have R.C.I.A. gifts for everyone being received…

Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Baptism

…receiving the Sacrament of baptism in your life. Perhaps you can get them a small baptism gift to celebrate the special occasion, or simply talk to them about the beauty of the Sacrament.  There are many gifts for a baptism can help your loved one to better understand this Sacrament now and in the…

A Quick Guide to the Symbols of Irish - Celtic Jewelry

…or quadruple swirls, while the gaps between the spirals stand for the gaps between life, death, and rebirth. More specifically, the symbol also stands for eternal life.  When Christianity came to Ireland, the spiral was adopted by the Christian monks as a decorative motif in their distinctive…

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