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Glory Stories CD Vol 9 - The Story of Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio

…del Rio: Exciting and inspiring story of a 14 year old boy who was beatified Nov 20, 2005. Reveals through Jose's true-life story what Godfathers should be and how joy and steadfast faith can convert even the most brutal opponent If you want to raise strong Catholic boys--you need to have…


Godfather Dove Cross Lapel Pin [Multicolored]

…features a tiny dove at the center: a sign of God's peace and presence. May it serve as a reflective reminder of the important role the godfather plays in fostering the faith of the newly baptized child.  Rhodium plated cross lapel pin Tiny scalloped edging with a dove accent…

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Godfather Pin and Card Set [Gold]

Godfather Pin & Card Set A symbol of peace, love and faith-for the person who puts those very sentiments in your life! The 24K gold-plated pin is a special gift for most any occasion. It even includes a To/From gift cards. Pin, approx. 1". Gift card text: Godfather . What a blessing to have a…


Personalized Silver Angel Godfather Ornament [Silver]

…the gift of a godparent. The angel is engraved with two little footprints insde a heart and the words, "God bless ________'s Godfather." Simple and endearing, with a beautiful silver finish. Lovely Christmas ornament Personalization included Exclusive design White tassel hanger…

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Baptism Day for Children

…through a lovely story of a family spiritual event in church. Leo is being baptized today! He is becoming a child of God. His mom, his dad, his godfather, and his godmother are filled with joy. The Baptism day is brought to life by Maïte Roche's engaging and beautiful illustrations. About…


Godfather Black Personalized Insulated Mug [Black]

…truly a privilege to be chosen as the godfather of a soon-to-be-baptized child, and this handy mug makes the occasion even more special! Engraved with the image of baby feet enclosed within a heart design, this cup features your title of “godfather,” and includes personalization where…


The Ultimate Catholic Quiz: 100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer

…—  Jimmy Akin, Author, The Fathers Know Best: Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church "Karl Keating is the godfather of Catholic apologetics. He wrote this book the same way he talks—straight-talk Catholicism—and he doesn't mince words."…

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Radio Replies: Classic Answers to Timeless Questions about the Catholic Faith

Father Leslie Rumble was the godfather of radio apologists and one of the Catholic media superstars of his day. During the 1920s and 30s his show helped millions of people understand and explain the teachings of Catholicism. Then his  Radio Replies  books — a three-volume set…

Godfather Photo Frame | The Catholic Company

Godfather Photo Frame | The Catholic Company

Find this Godfather Photo Frame at The Catholic Company here: This Godfather photo frame is a simple yet lovely gift to give to the Godfather of a newly baptized child so that they will remember to lift up their Godchild in prayer. Also…

Godfather and Godmother Triple Photo Communion Frame

Godfather and Godmother Triple Photo Communion Frame

The Godfather and Godmother Triple Photo Communion Frame is a great way for your loved one to remember their godfather and godmother along with the special day of their First Holy Communion. This First Communion photo frame holds three wallet-sized photos. The photo on the left has the etched words,…