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Being a Godparent

…responsibility that come with being a godparent. A godparent shares a special relationship with their godchild. Being a Godparent is a valuable guide for those who want a deeper understanding of this role, along with what role a godparent has at baptism. This book emphasizes nourishing the new life…

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Becoming a Great Godparent

…"What a beautiful book! Offering a bit of history, explanation, Church teaching, prayers, and resources, Becoming a Great Godparent is the ideal, comprehensive guide to godparenting and a magnificent reminder of the vital, lifetime commitment and spiritual influence of godparents who embody the…

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Catholic Parent Know-How: How to Be a Godparent

It is an awesome responsibility being a Godparent. What IS a Godparent? What do you do? How can you prepare? Catholic Parent Know-How: How to Be a Godparent will give you practical pointers, Scripture, and more. Not only will you discover what Godparents are, but the Sacrament of Baptism will…

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Catholic Parent Know-How: Preparing Your Child - Baptism

…eye-catching magazine format featuring short, clear, practical articles. It brings together solid Church teaching with inspirational ways to make God's presence and love known to parents and godparents preparing for the baptism of a child. Included are practical pointers, scripture, and more!


The Lord's Prayer (Catholic) Laminated Card 8.5 x 11"

…Lord's Prayer. Parents and Godparents will enjoy using this cheerful tool to teach children to pray as our Lord taught us! This prayer card makes a perfect end of Vacation Bible School sendoff gift, a start of year gift, or a gift for First Communion. Godparents enjoy using this tool to teach…

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The Sacrament of Baptism [DVD]

…parents, godparents, and those involved in RCIA to the Sacrament of Baptism and its role in the Church today. He answers common questions: Why do we baptize? Why did John the Baptist baptize Jesus? When did the Church begin baptizing infants? What’s the role of a godparent? How is ritual…


Everything is Sacred

…  " Thomas Scirghi has written a fine book on baptism for the 21st century church. Rooted deeply in Scripture, the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church, and the living tradition of sacramental practice, Scirghi's book is laced with literary, cultural, and everyday examples…

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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Girls

…have family and friends gather for a celebration following Mass where memorable gifts and keepsakes are given to First Communicants, and often Godparents receive tokens of the special day as well. If you're stumped about what kinds of gifts are appropriate to celebrate such a meaningful Sacrament,…

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Baptism Gifts and Their Importance

…the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. If one is giving a baptism gift to an infant then perhaps something like a Children’s Bible or Catholic children’s books which are appropriate for their age could be the perfect gift. One should also note that something as simple as a Children’s rosary or baptismal…

Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

…patron saints. And these examples are just the bare minimum! Go to a baptism, and there will be a huge decorated candle as well as candles for the godparents to hold. Attend an Easter Vigil, and there will be the same large candle, small candles for the whole congregation, and a small bonfire will…

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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Boys

…ones designed especially for this Sacrament--and many can also be personalized with a name and First Communion date. First Communion Bibles & Books First Communion is an ideal time to introduce children to the Bible and encourage them to read it on their own. Special First Communion Bibles can…