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  1. Gods Will


Finding God's Will For You

…and trust in God’s will — and long for its fulfillment. Best of all, you’ll learn a sure method for discovering God’s will in any situation — today! As you begin to discern God’s loving hand even in seemingly chaotic events, St. Francis de Sales will lead your…


How to Listen When God is Speaking & Discerning the Will of God (2 Book Set)

…can prevent us from being open to God's will for our lives. Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making: Fr. Gallagher's indispensable guide will help you make spiritual sense of major decisions and align with God's true purpose for you. Real-life…


How to Converse with God

…prayer to God, who, the Saint says, will not speak to us unless we first speak to Him. Covers every aspect of our personal relationship with God. St. Paul says of Our Lord, In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.(Ephesians 3:12). Thus, we can approach God as His…

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Uniformity with God's Will

Explains how God is glorified by our resignation to His will even more than by our acts. An easy way to become not only holy but enjoy serenity in this life. This is a little book to keep people from despair; will bring consolation to anyone having trouble accepting his lot in life. A real gem.


Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making

…and Fruit. Find God's will for you in the choices that life offers! Drawing from the timeless methods of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and richly illustrated with examples and stories, this book offers straightforward guidance for synchronizing your will with God's. Fr. Gallagher takes…


The Reality of God

…turn.  Those seeking sound reasons and credible science supporting belief in God will cherish this easy-to-read book. The Reality of God  provides:  • An opportunity to address doubts about God’s existence  • Persuasive reasons for belief  • Arguments…

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God's Easter Gifts

…Easter egg hunt that will reveal all of God’s greatest gifts to us.   About the Author Brenda Castro works as a librarian and technology teacher at a Catholic elementary school. Her love for teaching and her passion for books inspired her to write God’s Easter Gifts. In her debut…


God Gave Us Heaven

…of sadness and tears, where God warmly welcomes his loved ones after their life on earth is over. Little Cub and Papa spend the day wandering their beautiful, invigorating arctic world while she asks all about God's home: How do we get to heaven? Will we eat there? Will I get to see you in heaven?…


I Will See You In Heaven

…reassuring hope that we will see our cats and dogs and other animals in heaven. Friar Jack Wintz has been pondering this for years, and he is convinced that God's loving relationship with creation includes the afterlife. Here, Friar Jack traces the history of God's fatherly care for his…

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Rocket Ships & God

We often hear that science and religion are incompatible, and that those of us who profess faith in God are unwilling to bend our will to the truth. In these pages, the prolific inventor and rocket scientist Dr. Rocco Martino exposes the fallacy and danger of such claims. He tackles head-on the…


Child of God Baptism Cross [Multicolored]

…"Baptism - You are a child of God." It will serve as a wonderful reminder of God's constant love and presence. Sweet, vibrant colors and golden lettering make it a charming sacramental gift.  Sacramental cross A reminder of how Baptism makes us God's sons and daughters Stand on a…


Why Does God Permit Evil?

…and for all, the question of why God permits evil. It will enlighten and console all the suffering and sorrowful souls who are puzzled and troubled by the evil that suffuses our universe. Better: it explains how to transform suffering into deeds that God will use to ensure that finally and indeed,…


God Bless Our Home Cross

This decorative "God Bless Our Home" cross will be that constant reminder of His presence each day. A special gift for any family and for any home. Warm, neutral colors will add a complementary touch to any room. Fill your space with thoughtful accents that celebrate the gift of the…

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Faith in God Garden Stone

This garden stone has a striking, visually-beautiful design. It features the words, "Faith is not believing that God can, it's knowing that He will."  Such an inspiring and lovely addition for your garden or patio! Decorative garden piece Stone-like appearance Enhance your garden…

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Knowing God's Love

…truth. Read these pages, and you’ll learn so much more about who God is and who you are, and how fully embracing the Church’s teachings will lead you to truly live the glorious freedom of the children of God. Knowing God's Love: 8 Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know The Catholic…


God Gave Us Angels

…  This uplifting tale will encourage young hearts by exploring the glory and design of God’s messengers, while turning toward him with praise.     God Gave Us Angels Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren This charming book explains God’s special gift of angels to little…

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Time For God

…the path of a fruitful and happy prayer life. He outlines the fundamental principles of true prayer and describes some common mistakes and misconceptions that can lead it astray. Rich in inspirational examples and practical tips, this little book will help you make the most of your time with God.

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How to Listen When God is Speaking

…listen to God's powerful voice and hear him speaking lovingly to us even when we are suffering in some way. A book that confronts modern-day assumptions that can prevent us from being open to God's will for our lives. How to Listen When God is Speaking Learn how to listen when God speaks to…


Personalized God Bless Teacher Frame

…life. The artistic frame will be engraved with the words "God Bless" along with a teacher's name and an apple motif. A perfect gift anytime of year! Holds a 5" x 7" photo.   © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company God bless teacher frame…


The Temperament God Gave You

…your own temperament and use it to become what God is calling you to be: a loving spouse, an effective parent, and a good friend. Best of all, they give you a Catholic understanding of the four temperaments that will bring you closer to God and help you discover the path to holiness that’s…


God Sees Every Tear Memorial Ornament [Multicolored]

…not a single tear will fall that the Father doesn’t see. May you always remember that God loves you. He feels your pain and heartache. And he will never leave you or forsake you. May you find comfort in knowing God sees every tear. God Himself will be with them; He will wipe every tear from…

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Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God

…— God perfects you through your vocation (Plus: the particular things you must do so as not to stand in His way) And much more to form your soul and bring you closer to Christ. Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God The two things you must do to discern God’s will for you…


I Will See You in Heaven (Cat Lover's Edition)

…belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and accept the biblical vision of God's inclusive love, the clearer we are able to say of our beloved animal companions who have died: We will see you in heaven! I Will See You in Heaven (Cat Lover's Edition) Bestselling book offering comfort and hope…


Thy Will Be Done! (Letters of St. Francis de Sales)

…face-to-face and wrote over 20,000 letters! From these letters to persons in many countries and in all walks of life, we've selected the ones which will be most helpful to you today. Each is a hand-written response to someone like you seeking help with an actual problem. You'll be consoled…

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