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  1. Greek Saints

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St. Francis Tau Cross [Brown]

Tau is a letter of the alphabet in both Hebrew and Greek which represented the totality of a person's life, and came to symbolize the cross of crucifixion. St. Francis of Assisi was especially fond of it as a symbol, signing correspondence with it in place of his own signature. This lovely St.…

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Dear and Glorious Physician: A Novel about Saint Luke

…all the strife, turmoil and mysticism of Africa…. A glowing and passionate statement of belief!" — Columbus Citizen Dear and Glorious Physician: A Novel about Saint Luke A vivid, fascinating novel Detailed and deeply thoughtful A new way of appreciating Saint Luke and his context

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Thomas Aquinas: Scholar, Poet, Mystic, Saint

…essentials of St. Thomas’s remarkable life and teachings. In clear, bold strokes it demonstrates his importance — as a thinker and as a saint — for Catholics and all those seeking truth in the world today. Here you will encounter the mild-mannered, unassuming thirteenthcentury…


Chi Rho Cross Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…the Greek letters alpha (α) and omega (ω), the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, which are associated with Christ and are often combined with the Chi Rho cross. This original of this piece was hand carved and was cast in lead-free pewter. This medal comes with a small saint

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Handmade Chi Rho Cross Figure

…to bring good fortune and protection to those who kept the symbol in their presence. This piece also bears the Greek letters alpha and omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, which are associated with Christ (“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning…

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Handmade St. Jerome Statue [Brown]

…this, and other reasons, he is the patron of booklovers, librarians, and scholars. In the desert, Jerome taught himself Hebrew (he already knew Greek) so that he could be closer to the original languages of the Bible. After four or five years in the desert, he returned to Rome, where Pope Damasus…

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Crucifixion Triptych

The word "triptych" comes from the Greek words tri , which means "three" and ptyche , which means "fold". A triptych is simply a piece of artwork that has been divided into three sections or panels. The panels are connected with a hinge so the piece can be folded up. Historically, triptychs have…


The Gospel of John [CD]

…presentations ever, Dr. Hahn combines classic Catholic interpretation with contemporary biblical scholarship, recent discoveries in the original Greek text and a stunning analysis of ancient Jewish sources.  Gospel of John Study Guide        Specially designed in a…


The Gospel of John [Study Guide]

…presentations ever, Dr. Hahn combines classic Catholic interpretation with contemporary biblical scholarship, recent discoveries in the original Greek text and a stunning analysis of ancient Jewish sources.  Gospel of John Study Guide        Specially designed in a…


The Navarre Bible - Wisdom Books

…from the ancient East. The Wisdom of Solomon, which probably originated in the Jewish community of Alexandria (Egypt), interfaces with the world of Greek culture. Sirach, written by someone steeped in the wisdom of tradition of Israel, was much used by the early Fathers of the Church. Reading and…

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Ignatius Catholic Study Bible -The First, Second, and Third Letters of St. John and the Revelation to John 2nd Edition [1]

…commentary. The largest portion of this volume is devoted to the Revelation to John, also called the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse (from the Greek, meaning “unveiling”). Written in highly symbolic style, the Revelation to John is perhaps the most difficult book of the Bible to…


Come and See Series - Genesis

…the Doctorate in Sacred Scripture. Father tells jokes in American English, Italian, Spanish and French, and he reads Middle English, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, German, Arabic and Biblical Aramaic. Laurie Manhardt holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Detroit and a Ph.D. in Education from the…


St. Nicholas: Facts and Legends

…in mind that St. Nicholas lived in the 4th century, therefore there is little that we can know with certainty about this legendary saint.  We do know that he was Greek and was bishop of Myra, Lycia (modern Turkey).  We can also argue, based on the many legends and folklore, that he was a generous…

Praying to St. Bartholomew for Physical Healing

…island's church was built in 998 A.D. directly over the ruins of a Roman temple dedicated to Aesculapius, the ancient Greek god of medicine and healing. According to tradition, the saint's relics were moved from the place of his martyrdom in Armenia to Anastasiopolis in present-day Turkey. When the…

Catholic Medals: A Look At Some Of The Most Popular

…Medal novena which invokes the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The Saint Christopher Medal Saint Christopher medals are very popular and are generally worn for protection. The legend of Saint Christopher holds that he carried a small child with incredible weight across a terrible…

St. Lucy's Feast Day: Celebrate with Lights and Sweets!

saints listed. [adbutler zone_id="207190"]Lucia means “light,” a fitting name for a young woman who was known to visibly glow and radiate in her love for her spouse, Jesus Christ. Falling during the Advent season—and thus a long, dark winter—there are many beautiful traditions associating this saint

#SaintoftheDay St. Timothy (1st c.) was ...

#SaintoftheDay St. Timothy (1st c.) was ...

#SaintoftheDay St. Timothy (1st c.) was born in Galatia in Asia Minor, the son of a Greek father and a Jewish mother. Timothy was a convert of St. Paul the Apostle around the year 47 A.D. Timothy became a trusted friend and a beloved spiritual son to Paul, laboring faithfully alongside him in his…

The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is h...

The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is h...

…2:10-11). Devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus was popularized by St. Bernardine of Siena in the 15th century, often symbolized by the monogram IHS (denoting the first three letters of the Greek spelling of Jesus' name). Today the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is celebrated on January 3rd.

Today is the #feastday of St. Mary Magda...

Today is the #feastday of St. Mary Magda...

…women, women, reformed prostitutes, glove makers, perfumers, converts, pharmacists, and against sexual temptation. __________ PRAYER TO SAINT MARY MAGDALENE: Saint Mary Magdalene, woman of many sins, who by conversion became the beloved of Jesus, thank you for your witness that Jesus forgives…

The Virgin Martyrs as Models of Purity

…willingness to suffer so as not to be defiled are timeless messages for our young women today. SAINT AGNES St. Agnes’ name is synonymous with purity and means “chaste, pure, or sacred” in Greek. Its Latin form means “lamb,” which symbolizes purity. She was the beautiful daughter of Roman nobility.…

September Birthstone (Sapphire) Rosaries

…major precious birthstone gems (the others being diamond, ruby, and emerald).  The sapphire got its name from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros” which both mean "blue".  Despite the fact that the sapphire can be found in many different colors, the most popular color throughout…

A Thankful Heart Is A Happy Heart (And It Starts At Mass)

In one of Saint Catherine of Siena’s revelations, God the Father told her that “thanksgiving makes the soul incessantly delight in Him; it frees men from negligence and lukewarmness altogether and makes them anxious to please Him more and more in all things.” When I am preoccupied with the cares of…

Spotlight on the Douay-Rheims Bible

…St. Jerome, who translated from the original languages to the Latin Vulgate in the 4th century, had a better understanding of the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words than we do many thousands of years later. -          St. Jerome also had older texts of the Catholic Bible in the original languages…