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  1. Handbook For Todays Catholic

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Handbook for Today's Catholic

Handbook for Today's Catholic, Revised Edition, is also fully indexed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. RCIA and parish adult faith formation groups, high school religious education classes, inquirers into the Catholic Faith, and anyone who wants to have the essentials of Catholicism at…

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Handbook for Today's Catholic Children

…of the Church" make Catholic Faith basics like the Trinity, the church, and the communion of saints simple for young children. Patterned after the Handbook for Today's Catholic, this booklet entertains, informs, and inspires children in the ways of the Catholic faith. Table of Contents:…


The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours

…Sockey provides a solid overview in this practical handbook, giving you the confidence you need to start right away. Learn about the history of the Liturgy of the Hours, why it is relevant today, and how to choose from the many resources available for the prayers and hymns. Sockey helps you start…


Handbook for Today's Catholic Teen

…Seasons, Holy Days, etc) Prayer and Some Traditional Prayers Catholic Moral Issues (Live in the Real World) See also: Handbook for Today's Catholic Family Handbook for Today's Catholic Children Handbook for Today's Catholic Theology for Today's Catholic Handbook for Today's Catholic Complete Set

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A Handbook on Guadalupe

…biblical, liturgical, sociological, historical and scientific evidence on the Image and Our Lady's message for today.  A Handbook on Guadalupe An amazing, life-changing read Authoritative, complete and up-to-date Perfect for anyone with devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe Includes many photos


Patience & Humility: A Handbook for Christians

…out Six conditions for making your prayer more effective Spiritual problems: how to gain strength to overcome them And many other truths to make your life happier and holier Patience & Humility: A Handbook for Christians Ten ways you can start acquiring patience today Humility: why it’s…


The Spiritual Life

…the one guide that offers you real help to navigate the treacherous spiritual waters of today’s world, and through it all, to keep the Faith. The Spiritual Life  Advance your spiritual life A helpful guide for all who are seeking Christ Witness to true Catholicism in today's society

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…DOCAT social teaching handbook. It's filled with engaging photos, clever and fun illustrations by YOUCAT's award-winning designer, insightful sidebar quotes from great thinkers, Catholic saints and leaders, past and present, and young people living their faith today. It includes helpful…

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Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner

…planning a Catholic wedding in today’s secular world can be overwhelming— where to begin? Look no further than this contemporary guide for planning your Catholic wedding and for navigating your new life together far beyond the wedding day. Best of all, this handbook provides perspectives…


Marching Orders: A Tactical Plan For Converting The World To Christ

…to fight.  Marching Orders  is a handbook for battle that will help you engage the Enemy of your soul with faith and fortitude." -- Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., author of  Manual for Spiritual Warfare Marching Orders: A Tactical Plan For Converting The World To Christ Your mission:…

Handbook for Today's Catholic | The Catholic Company

Handbook for Today's Catholic | The Catholic Company

Find the Handbook for Today's Catholic at The Catholic Company here: This short and handy book is the ideal introduction the the Catechism of the Catholic Church and is great for parish religious education or individual study. This…

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