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  1. History Of The Catholic Church


Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church

…and heartache spanning two thousand years...and YOU are a part of it! Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church is a fresh retelling of the history of the Church. In this easy-to-read, not-your-average history book, Steve Weidenkopf introduces you to the vivid, dynamic story of God’s work…

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The Church Under Attack: Five Hundred Years That Split the Church and Scattered the Flock

Here’s an unabashedly Catholic history that documents scores of sustained and unprecedented assaults on our Catholic Faith these past five centuries and delineates our Church’s brave response to each one. For five hundred years, from Luther to Marx, through Darwin, Hitler, and Rousseau,…


The Facts About Luther

…record-straightening analysis of the life, thought, and work of Martin Luther. One of the most influential and controversial figures of all history, Luther has been portrayed by his followers as something quite opposite from what he actually was. But, to set the record straight, Msg. Patrick…


History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium

…of Philadelphia  "The gap in knowledge of history and current events sadly extends to us Catholics in our grasp of the Faith and the rich history of the Church. In his ambitious new work,  History of the Catholic Church from the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium , James…


101 Surprising Facts About Church History

…arranged, this work is a reliable guide through centuries of Church figures, facts, and fun. 101 Surprising Facts About Church History An enjoyable, delightful read Filled with large, glossy images The perfect coffee-table book Interesting for Catholics and non-Catholics Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"


The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom

The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom is a Catholic library in miniature, a one-volume microcosm of what the Church's great minds have thought and said since the apostolic age. Indeed, in The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom , noted theologian Fr. John A. Hardon has compiled the works of thirty-three of…


Doors of Mercy: A Journey Through Salvation History

…the Eucharist is the sign of the new and eternal covenant How the Church and her saints have spread mercy throughout the centuries, with short biographies of Sts. Vincent, Camillus, Margaret Mary, Maria Goretti and more The history behind St. Faustina’s visions of Jesus and the spreading of…

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The Fathers of the Church

We hear the voices of the early Church Fathers even today. Their teachings, their guidance, their insights, and their sacrifice shaped the Catholic Church. They defined the canon of Scripture. They developed our creeds and forms of worship. They defined Christianity's distinctive moral sense.…


Church Fathers: From Clement of Rome to Augustine

…Christian writers, pastors, and martyrs, men so important to the spread of Christianity that history remembers them as “the Fathers of the Church.” This rich and engrossing survey of the early Church includes those churchmen who immediately succeeded the Apostles, the “Apostolic…


The Church Rocks: A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

…currently carries out the Pauline mission in St. Louis, Missouri. The Church Rocks: A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers Will help young readers reconnect with their collective history and understand how the past led to the present A book sure to thrill children…

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Seven Lies About Catholic History

Church was not totally corrupt (as even some Catholics wrongly believe) and how the reformers made things worse for everybody ...and other lies that the world uses to attack and discredit the Faith Written in a brisk style that's fun and easy to read, Seven Lies about Catholic History

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Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, A 2000-Year History

…global history on a scale unequaled by any other institution. But until now, Catholics interested in their faith have been hard-pressed to find an accessible, affirmative, and exciting history of the Church. Triumph is that history. Inside, you'll discover the spectacular story of the Church


Pioneer Priests and Makeshift Altars - A History of Catholicism in the Thirteen Colonies

…throughout the colonies, Catholics became an endangered species •    Plus: much more to acquaint you with the proud heritage of Catholics in the earliest years of our nation!   Pioneer Priests  and Makeshift Altars - A History of Catholicism in the Thirteen Colonies

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Catholic Study Bible 3rd Edition: NABRE Hardcover

…lectionary readings for the liturgical years of the Church. 32 beautiful pages of full-color Oxford Bible Maps come with a place-name index for easy reference. Printed on smooth, durable paper and bound with the highest quality materials, the Catholic Study Bible is an incredible value. The New…

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Catholics in the Public Square: Catholic Courses [CD]

…between church and state came to a head with the major confrontation between the Catholic Bishops and the Obama administration over policy decisions. Get to the Source Dr. Bradley Birzer reaches deep into American history to present a study of the conflict between Catholics, the Church, and the…


When the Church Was Young: Voices of the Early Church Fathers

…challenge you with the lives and insights of these seminal teachers from when the Church was young. When the Church Was Young: Voices of the Early Church Fathers Exciting stories of the great heroes of the early Church Gain insight into the lives of the men who defined the biblical canon 5½ x…


The Case for Catholicism: Answers to Classic and Contemporary Protestant Objections

church history. Finally, in both answering Protestant objections to Catholicism and in providing evidence for the Faith, The Case for Catholicism cites modern Protestant scholars who question Reformation assumptions and show how evidence from Scripture and church history support aspects of Catholic


Saint Joseph Prayers and Devotions

Beginning with a brief history of the Church's devotion to St. Joseph, this deluxe pamphlet traces the Saint's popularity and importance from early Christian times to our own day. A section of contemporary prayers helps us to understand the special significance that St. Joseph's intercession can…

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Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose

…want of me? Tough times demand eternal truths. Why are young people rejecting Catholicism? Why is the perception of Catholicism so negative? Is it time for the Church to change? What do the ancient traditions of Catholic spirituality have to do with modern lives? For more than a decade, author,…


Handed Down: The Catholic Faith of the Early Christians

…today—faithfully kept, vibrant and alive—in the Catholic Church. Most Protestants believe that there’s a big difference between modern Catholicism and first-centuries Christianity. But in this exploration of history and early theological writings, Papandrea (a former Protestant…

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United States Catholic Catechism for Adults [Book]

…of the Church. This text also reflects the sacramental language, practice, and discipline of the Eastern Churches to the degree necessary to provide basic information to Latin Catholics about the Eastern Churches" (from the Introduction). The presence of the Catholic Church in the United…


Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West

…from Wrong . His articles on Islam have appeared in  Investor's Business Daily, FrontPage Magazine, Jihad Watch, Catholic World Report,  the  National Catholic Register, World , and other publications. Professor Kilpatrick, who taught for many years at Boston College, lectures…

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The Gift of the Church: Vol. 1 - How the Catholic Church Transformed the History and Soul of the West

…a fascinating tour through the history of the West as influenced and affected by the Catholic Church. It promises to be a journey, and a gift, that you’ll not soon forget.   The Gift of the Church: Vol. 1 - How the Catholic Church Transformed the History and Soul of the West Measures:…

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Church History

…historical composition that is at once brilliant and fascinating. A story of the Church unparalleled in its scope, depth, variety and impact, and a book all Catholics should read.   Church History An excellent, thorough work Masterfully presented A must-read for all Catholics 5.5 X 8.25 inches