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The Fourth Cup (DVD)

…an exciting concept that will help viewers discover a whole new dimension to Holy Mass, and the relationship of the Last Supper to the Eucharistic celebration. The Fourth Cup (DVD) By renowned author and speaker Scott Hahn A stunning, life-changing talk Never approach the Mass in the same way again


The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth [DVD]

Mass with new eyes, pray the liturgy with a renewed heart, and enter into the Mass more fully, enthusiastically, intelligently, and powerfully than ever before.   "An extremely fascinating development of the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


The Eucharist For Little Children (DVD)

…and by seeing the example of other little children, how to behave in church. The Eucharist For Little Children A DVD about Jesus and the Holy Mass Great instructional tool for kids Created by the makers of The Rosary for Little Children Running time approx. 20 minutes DVD is playable in all regions


Saints With a Past:A Study of Conversion in the Lives of Eight Notorious Saints [DVD]

…you'll meet an outlaw, an anti-pope, an embezzler, a con-artist, two fallen women, and two mass murderers who, for most of their lives, were as far as possible from sanctity and holiness. Why do we consider such scoundrels as saints now? God mysteriously touched these sinners' hearts…

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No Greater Gift - Michael Cumbie Conversion Story (DVD)

…Why all Christians must return to "ancient liturgical worship" How Matthew 16:27 relates to the situation in the Church Why society is doomed without the Holy Eucharist How art and architec- ture are an indispensable aid to worship Available as a 1 DVD. Run time:  70 minutes


The Chaplet Of Divine Mercy In Song (DVD)

…Divine Mercy Message since 1941, provide spiritual care for the thousands of people. Each year on Mercy Sunday, more than 16,000 pilgrims attended Holy Mass at the Shrine, giving a powerful witness of hope and faith. The Divine Mercy Chaplet Shown on EWTN Network 30 Minute DVD Audio with video

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Holy Heroes-Inside the Sacrament:The Holy Eucharist:DVD

The Holy Heroes Adventure Guides take you inside the Bible, back in time, and behind the scenes to teach you all about the Holy Eucharist! If you have kids aged 5 - 12, you'll really like this DVD! Kids love the humor, and adults love the rich catechetical content Tackling the nuts and bolts of…


What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Bible (DVD)

…How the Bible was compiled What the words “Testament” really means Why the Bible is primarily a “Liturgical book” How the Holy Mass is “the Bible in action” Why it is absolutely necessary to properly interpret the Sacred Page How the divisions of the New Testament…

Brother Francis - Bread of Life - Catholic Kids (DVD) | The Catholic Company

Brother Francis - Bread of Life - Catholic Kids (DVD) | The Catholic Company

…children's DVD features fun cartoon images of St. Francis of Assisi as he takes little ones on a journey to understand the Last Supper and the Blessed Sacrament. This Catholic cartoon is an excellent preparation for First Holy Communion or to help your children to understand the Mass better. To view…