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  1. Holy Spirit Statue

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Holy Spirit Stained Glass Roundel

…depiction of the Holy Spirit Dove Vibrant, translucent colors A perfect addition to any window in your home or parish office Description Glassmasters is world renown for creating exquisite stained glass replicas of original stained glass windows.    This Holy Spirit window is no…

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Holy Trinity Crucifix

…the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all supporting one another. A beautiful crucifix to display as a reminder of this central profession of Christian faith.  Blessed Trinity wall crucifix A special piece that honors the three-in-one nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Traditional design…


St. Jude Statue [Realistic Color Finish]

…of Jesus. This statue shows St. Jude with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer…


St. Jude Statue [Antique Stone Finish]

…of Jesus. This statue shows St. Jude with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer…

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Fontanini St. John Paul II Statue 20"

His Holiness John Paul II is one of the most beloved Popes. His pontificate is one of the longest of all time, lasting nearly 27 years.  Marks of his pontificate were a tireless missionary spirit, his love for humanity, his particular love for young people, his brilliant philosophical mind, his…

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Sorrowful Bronzed Angel, 10 inch

…Standing Angel” statue are the words “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life”. This cold-cast bronze statue has delicate angelic features along with intricately fashioned roses and a dove incorporating the Holy Spirit. The statue can be displayed inside…


Garden Angel Holding Dove on Pedestal 46"

This beautifully crafted statue features intricate wings and a flowing robe. In her hands, is a delicate dove, as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is always with us. This substantial statue is sure to make a statement piece and it would be perfect for a church or religious school. From the popular…


Disputation of the Eucharist (Raphael) 16x20

…about the Body of Christ. A level of Clouds separate heaven from earth, Christ is seated on a throne in heaven with the Father above him and the Holy Spirit descending below Him. A monstrance with the real presence on the altar being adored. Mary and John the Baptist are seated at either side of…


A Short History of the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

statue. This and other relics are shown on the fifth Sunday of Lent in St Peter's Basilica.[/caption] 1849-1876: After the miracle of the Holy Veil, it was customary to have copies of the Holy Face made. These copies would then be touched to the original Veil, making them objects of devotion. A holy

The Best-Sellers: Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide

…of Advent in celebration of the period of waiting for the birth of Christ coming soon to an end. Holy Family Advent Wreath with Candles This beautiful Advent wreath features a tender image of the Holy Family and the words "Peace on earth." Made of a sturdy stone-resin mix and painted with subtle…

St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker: Her Story in Her Own Words

…pope to canonize a saint based on the fame of miracles alone apart from the usual procedure. Papal canonization is protected from error by the Holy Spirit. We can therefore say that Philomena is Saint Philomena. She was not only given a feast day, however; she was also given an archconfraternity…

St. Anthony of Padua: Hammer of Heretics

…town where he was stationed, after they were killed by the Moors. Filled with zeal to follow Christ even more completely after the example of these holy martyrs, Saint Anthony entered the Franciscan order so that he could travel to Morocco and preach to the Moors. However, ill health prevented him…

Five Prayers Taught at Fatima by Mary & the Angels

…children saw the angel prostrate before a host and chalice that hung in the air. Worshiping the Eucharist, the angel prayed, Most Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit- I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the…

Top 4 Marian Devotions in Latin America

…the Virgin at dawn. In Mexico, believers camp out at her Basilica the night before in order to bring flowers, light candles, and live the Marian spirit to the fullest. Our Lady of the Rosary [caption id="attachment_16514" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Our Lady of the Rosary in Guatemala[/caption]…

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day: Facts & Celebration Ideas

…on earth. Thus, Most Holy Mother, with the peace of God in our conscience, with our hearts free from evil and hatred, we will be able to bring to all true joy and true peace, which come to us from your son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns for ever…

Nine Ways to Celebrate the Month of Mary

…MARY STATUE May crownings are one of the most popular ways to celebrate the month of Mary. Make a Crown of Flowers for your Mary Statue and/or adorn your indoor and outdoor Mary statues with fresh blooming flowers this month. Add a candle too for an extra touch. If you don't have a Mary statue, now…

Highlights from Pope Francis’ 3rd Day in the USA (NYC)

…Park loop shouted with joy as the Holy Father waved and smiled. Surely it must be the Holy Spirit sustaining his energy through all this busyness and excitement! FIFTH STOP: HOLY MASS AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Pope Francis' final event for the day was the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated at…

Seeing As the Pope Sees: A Story from Rome

…the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Gospel. Some of the young people bang drums. Days earlier I had walked St. Peter’s Square, and its massive scale was imposing and daunting. But now I see what its size is for: to hold tens of thousands of joyful pilgrims. To remind them in every stone and statue

On the Newly Approved Marian Apparition: Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas

…There have been many claims of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but not all of them are authentic. The Church, guided from error by the Holy Spirit, thoroughly examines the alleged apparitions to discern their spiritual fruit, as commanded in scripture, because "by their fruit shall you know…

What Are the First Friday and First Saturday Devotions?

…of consoling the Immaculate Heart in a spirit of reparation. 2. Go to confession (within eight days before or after the first Saturday). 3. Receive Holy Communion. 4. Say five decades of the Holy Rosary. 5. Meditate for 15 minutes on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary with the goal of keeping Our Lady…

Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony in 12 Steps

…said by him. 3. Prepare the altar. Put in order your house for the enthronement and have holy water ready. You may decorate a white cloth, beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. The picture or statue should be placed on a small table near this "throne" before the ceremony. 4. Blessing of…

6 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Patron Saint

…if your saint is the patron of their specific cause, and keep on hand holy cards or prayers that you can give away when the Holy Spirit creates that opening. ___________ By following these suggestions you can allow the Holy Spirit to work to promote the power of your saints before the throne of God.…

Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

…while exclaiming, "May the power of the Holy Spirit come down into the fullness of this fountain." This same Paschal candle is then lit during baptisms throughout the year as a reminder that the Sacrament of Baptism, where we first receive the Holy Spirit, is possible because of Christ’s sacrifice…

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