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Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics

…Cross with Holy Water: what it ought to bring to your mind A simple way to use Holy Water to ease and deepen your prayers at Mass You know your children face many dangers. Here are ways Holy Water can protect them The Rite of Sprinkling with Holy Water: what should you do if no drops of water reach…


Holy Water Bottle and Book Set

Holy Water Bottle... "What a wonderful'll never be without holy water again. It is a blessing, a protection, a healer. "  "Very happy with the look of the bottle. It will be used, I am sure, for years to come."    Holy Water Bottle and Book Set…


Roses Among Thorns & The Sign of the Cross (2 Book Set)

…to avoid thoughts that give us anxious and restless minds Absorb the wisdom in these holy pages, and you’ll soon make true progress on your spiritual journey and navigate with confidence the treacherous waters of our secular world.   The Sign of the Cross : From the young St. Francis de…


Seeds of Faith for Children

Little seeds grow into beautiful flowers! But what is faith anyway? How do we make it grow? Just like a seed needs the right things to grow- water, air, dirt, sunlight, and care--your faith needs some important things to grow. The seeds of faith will grow and grow when you love and trust God. This…

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

…of us wanted to quit homeschooling; we just wanted somebody else to do it for us." As she did in her beloved first book,  Please Don't Drink the Holy Water,  in these pages Susie Lloyd will charm and edify you with her offbeat - but always pitch-perfect - take on the joys…

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Complete Still Waters Rosary-CD

…sounds of Still Waters while praying the rosary. This complete Still Waters rosary-CD is a wonderful gift idea for someone looking to get away from all the noise and confusion of the day and take time to truly meditate on the mysteries of the rosary. The complete Still Waters rosary-CD is a…

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Gifts of the Spirit Personalized Confirmation Prayer Cards

…who are to be confirmed and say: “All powerful God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by water and the Holy Spirit you freed your sons and daughters from sin and gave them new life.Send your Holy Spirit upon them to be their helper and guide. Give them the spirit of  wisdom  and …


Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. I

…Candles,  Ambo,  Baptismal Font,  Baptismal Shell,  Book of the Gospels,  Chalice,  Chasuble,  Ciborium,  Confessional,  Crucifix,  Cruets,  Holy Oils,  Holy Water Font,  Host,  Miter,  Monstrance,  Paten,  …

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Consoling the Heart of Jesus: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat

…me, you'll probably still be deliberating about what you're going to give up come Holy Week. (Laughs). So, last year, when I was pounding out one of my many "final drafts" of my book, I had the bright idea of asking my friends and family to read the retreat as their Lenten…


St. Gerard - Prayer for Safe Delivery - Prayer Card

Durable and everlasting laminated holy prayer card that contains a color image of Saint Gerard, Patron Saint of Mothers to Be, on the front, and a prayer to St. Gerard on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O Great Saint Gerard, beloved servant of Jesus Christ,…


Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

…author Scott Hahn guides readers through the Catholic Church's rites, customs, and traditional prayers. From the rosary to the use of Holy Water -- from infant Baptism to praying with icons -- Dr. Hahn helps you to discover the deep biblical and historical roots of each practice. Each…


Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics & Signs of Life (2 Book Set)

…Scott Hahn Format:  Hardcover Pages:  288 Language:  English 2 Book Set Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics What you should — and should not — expect from the graces conferred by Holy Water Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots Learn the biblical…


Guardian Angel Holy Water Bottle, Large

Imported from Italy, this holy water bottle features a beautiful image of a traditional image of a Guardian Angel with a gold border. Makes a great keepsake gift for sacramental celebrations. Holy water bottle Imported from Italy Features a beautiful Guardian Angel accent Thoughtful gift …


Antique White Cross Holy Water Font

…life, why not give someone a spiritually encouraging gift, such as a holy water font? Or establish the tradition of keeping a private holy water font in your own home with this antique white font from Italy. Antique white holy water font Features an Old World style cross Handmade in Lucca, Italy…


Holy Family Children's Statue [Multicolored]

This adorable Holy Family statue is a fun way to share the love of our model family with children. With sweet features and colorful details, the Little Drops of Water saint series is a perfect teaching tool for parents and educators. Build your collection today and encourage devotion with these…


Holy Family Nativity Magnet [Multicolored]

…Little Drops of Water. Each face radiates childlike joy at the birth of the Savior, and the bright, cheerful colors make this magnet stand out wherever you put it. An easy and portable way to display the Christmas scene.  Nativity magnet Childlike design scheme  Holy Family and…


Holy Trinity (Rublev) Icon, 8x10

…in a sense of humility and great love. Through his most famous icon, the “Holy Trinity”, he has eloquently preached a sincere and magnificent sermon about the nature of the Holy Trinity. It is believed by the holy that Word and Light can be proclaimed just as powerfully in paint icons,…

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Drinking with the Saints: Book & Drink Because You're Happy Wine Tumbler (Gift Set)

This book and tumbler gift set serves as a perfect reminder that everything we do, even enjoying a cocktail, can be offered to God and draw us closer to Him! “Drinking with the Saints” contains recipes for dozens of adult beverages as they apply to various saints and liturgical…

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St. Michael Font 9''

St. Michael Font, Cold Cast Bronze, 9". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 8.5'' (W) x 4'' (D) x 9'' (H)


Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles in the Lives of the Saints

…of the Saints involving earth, sea, sky, rain, snow, ice, plants, fruit and flowers, birds, bees, bugs, animals, reptiles, springs, wells, holy water and fire. Mysteries, Marvels and Miracles is a tremendous contribution to Catholic literature and a wonderful asset to the Catholic world. Miracles…

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VCAT Sacraments DVD

…ministry, religious education, and Catholic school programs and classrooms: 1. The Seven Sacraments 2. On the Road to Emmaus 3. Initiation 4. Holy Water 5. We Adore 6.It's NOT Graduation 7. How do I go to Confession? 8. Suffering and Glorified 9. Get Up and Walk 10. The Game of Life 11. Chris…


Sacred Heart Novena

After Jesus died on the cross, the Roman centurian thrust a sword into Jesus’ side and “at once blood and water came out” (Jn. 19:34). That image of the blood flowing from Jesus’ pierced side has come to symbolize the greater love he has for us. That burning love is at the…


My First Communion Bible - Burgundy

Give the gift of a delightful and generously sized Bible story book to commemorate a First Holy Communion. Includes a marvelous two-page letter from beloved priest Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., who writes to your child on the great gift of meeting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, encourages them…


Catholic Answers NABRE Bible (Burgundy)

Here are a sample of the questions you will find in this edition: What is the Holy Trinity? Why do Catholics Use Holy Water? Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible? Why do the Catholic Bibles Have Seventy-three Books? Why do Catholics Call Priests ‘Father’? Why does the Church Follow So…