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  1. How To Get The Most Out Of Holy Communion

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A Devotional Journey Into The Mass & Understanding The Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers (2 Book Set)

…you're getting out of the Mass as what you give to Our Lord during the celebration. He not only answers practical questions about this central act of Catholic worship, but also walks you through he Mass, explaining the meaning behind the prayers and practices. A handy reference for those new to

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How to Get More Out of Holy Communion

How to Get More Out of Holy Communion Written by a saint who had a special devotion to the Eucharist Beautiful, encouraging guidance Learn what you must do - and must not do - after Holy Communion in order to maximize its effects in your soul Looking for happiness in this life? How Holy Communion is…

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Seventeen Steps to Heaven & 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (2 Book Set)

…He gives you solid ways to look squarely at the reality and love of God and to root out contrary attachments in your life, showing you how to improve your confessions, pray more fervently, and let the fact of God’s love and the joys of Heaven inspire you to be holy. Refreshingly unlike many…


How Holy Week is Celebrated Around the World

…width="915"] Celebrating Semana Santa (Holy week) in Quito, Ecuador[/caption] GET THE MOST OUT OF HOLY WEEK For those who are not able to go out and follow the processions and all the religious activities, there are still ways to meditate and feel closer to God during Holy Week, such as praying the…

Getting Ready for First Communion Season

to find matching invitations, paper plates, and napkins. See also our guide on How to Plan a First Communion Party. GET ADVICE ON SPIRITUAL PREPARATIONS The most important part of this day is your child's new relationship with Jesus, for the first time they will begin receiving Him in the Holy

How To Offer Up Your Intentions At Mass

…in Holy Communion (the most intimate moment with God we can experience in this life) we can imagine Him asking us, "What can I do for you?" This is the moment when we pour out our hearts to Him. What if You Forget to Make an Intention? If you forget to make an intention at Mass or Holy Communion,

How To Experience The Sacred Triduum With Children

…(the first day of Lent). Holy Thursday Holy Thursday is the first night of the Triduum. On that first Holy Thursday, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to show us how to be charitable to others. It is important for us to be charitable, too, to our family members and to friends, neighbors, and…

Everything You Need to Know about the Holy Year of Mercy

…advantage of the tremendous graces that are being held out to you from the treasures of the Mercy of God!  Begin by thinking of those who need your mercy the most and start acting. If you already have ideas on how you will participate in this Holy Year of Mercy, please share in the comments below.…

Saints 911: How to Ask a Saint for Help and Protection

…many causes, most known for finding lost articles and spouses. People call his name almost every day to help them find their lost property (including car keys) and to help get them out of the bachelors and bachelorettes club. A practice in some churches in Latin America and Spain is to bless small…

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Our 2016 First Communion Gift Guide Video

Communion, our top recommendations are listed below. You can find all of them by clicking here to our First Holy Communion gifts collection.  We think you'll enjoy our latest arrivals! And be sure to check out our video below showing off some of our particular favorites. OUR 2016 FIRST COMMUNION

First Communion Gift and Party Ideas

…on this most holy of events. Check out our line of First Communion accessories here . Remember, this is just a guide. Use these ideas to get you started and add your own personal touches along the way to make your child's First Communion as memorable and unique as possible. However you choose to

Pray a Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

…children Thine; Make these Holy Souls partakers Of Thy happiness Divine. Pray the O Most Sweet Jesus prayer. Conclude the ninth day with: Out of the Depths [De Profundis] Prayer Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice! Let Your ears be attentive to my voice in supplication: If…

3 Ways to Spiritually Prepare Your Child for Their First Communion

…First Holy Communion is a Big Deal Unfortunately, though, with all the things that need to be done to get ready for the day,  it’s more than easy to get lost in the hustle and completely neglect the most important thing of all—spiritually preparing your child for their special day. It’s tempting to

9 Ways To Turn Mindfulness Into "God-full-ness"

…5. Get on your knees. I was recently at a meeting for parents of children preparing to receive First Holy Communion at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC. Father Reid, the pastor, explained that the communion rail at the church is a blessing for parishioners who get on their knees to receive…

9 Practical Tips to Help You Stay Focused at Mass

…Consciously start making your transition from secular to sacred. Let that silence sink in. 2. Get to Mass at least ten minutes early. By clearing out your mind on the way to Mass and making room for silence, you have already taken steps to prepare yourself for prayer.  Use that preparation well…

A Latina Woman's Reluctant Journey to Wearing a Mantilla

…NC.[/caption] From Being Offended to Being Contented I have surprised myself in that I am now wearing a veil to Mass. Who, me? How did I get here? I ask myself. Am I old yet? I don't think so—I see little girls wearing veils, too. I'm not a bride and I'm not going to a funeral, either. In the past,…

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The Best-Sellers: Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide

…Calendars Advent calendars for kids are one of the most popular Advent activities because they channel kid's natural anticipation of Christmas day.  Kids are going to count down the days anyways, so many parents get them a fun and colorful Advent calendar to help keep the focus on Jesus and the true…

A Thankful Heart Is A Happy Heart (And It Starts At Mass)

…especially for the communion with Thy most pure and life-creating Mysteries. I pray Thee, O gracious Lover of Man: preserve me under Thy protection, beneath the shadow of Thy wings. Enable me, even to my last breath, to partake worthily and with a pure conscience of Thy holy things, for the…

Highlights from Pope Francis’ 2nd Day in the USA (DC & NYC)

…ago, and how it has led to this moment?  This is the fruit of the Communion of Saints working with Christ to evangelize and redeem souls. After his speech, Pope Francis steps out onto the balcony to greet the crowds waiting to see him. On his left and right are the two of the most powerful Catholic…

St. Francis de Sales' Checklist for a Self-Examination of the Soul

…preparing for Communion and communicating, controlling your inclinations, etc.? What of all these is most repugnant to you? And if you find that your heart is not disposed to any of these things, examine into the cause, find out whence the disinclination comes. 5. With respect to God Himself—does…