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  1. How To Know When God Is Speaking

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How To Listen When God Is Speaking & When God Is Silent (2 Book Set)

…M. Martinez Format:  Softcover 2 Book Set How To Listen When God Is Speaking: A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics Learn how to listen when God speaks to your heart When God Is Silent: Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life How God is closest to you even when He seems farthest away


When God Is Silent: Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life

…that with Jesus this is indeed the case: His love for you never sleeps, no matter what. Martinez shows how you can make better sense of your life once you realize that God has actually been closest to you when He seemed farthest away; and once you learn why He often speaks to you only in silence.…


Why God Hides: And Where to Find Him

…. . . God is not silent nor is He hidden,  if only you know how to listen  and learn where to look. Time and again in the events of salvation history and in the trials and joys of our daily lives, Fr. Portavella here unveils the Face of God and lets us hear His voice, speaking in every…


Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

…punches--I don't think he knows how to! He pokes, pushes, sometimes verbally slaps men into being God's men, all with an obvious love for them and faith in their ability to persevere to heaven." — Dr. Ray Guarendi, radio host and author “Be a Man is a must-read for all men…

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Why God Hides-And Where to Find Him & Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms (2 Book Set)

…fact . . . God is not silent nor is He hidden, if only you know how to listen and learn where to look. Time and again in the events of salvation history and in the trials and joys of our daily lives, Fr. Portavella here unveils the Face of God and lets us hear His voice, speaking in every instance…


Seventeen Steps to Heaven & 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (2 Book Set)

…sin”: why this is one of the saddest phrases you could ever speak - God’s judgment: how you can (and should) start getting ready now for this moment of divine truth - Suffering from strong temptations? Three things you can do today to overcome them - Plus:  more to help you attain a…


Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus

…a forty-five-minute talk she had just given when a young man from the audience stopped her for advice. His questions caught her completely off guard: "Who is Jesus?" "How can I get to know him?" Prejean McGrady—who speaks to tens of thousands of Catholic teens and young…

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How to Keep a Prayer Journal

know where to start, here are some tips on what to write: HEAR HIM: The more you listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice, the easier it gets to hear it. Writing about how the Spirit is working in your life can, over time, make you more conscious of God's will. Have you ever had that sudden inspiration to

Everything You Need to Know about the Divine Mercy Devotion

…Faustina is "God's gift to our time." She made the message of Divine Mercy the "bridge to the third millennium." He then said, “By this act of canonization of Saint Faustina I intend today to pass this message on to the third millennium. I pass it on to all people, so that they will learn to know

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How Holy Week is Celebrated Around the World

when the Lenten season arrives. For Many Countries, Lent is a Religious Holiday In some countries, there was a time when you didn't even listen to contemporary music on the radio during Lent, to help you maintain a spiritual frame of mind. School is suspended for two weeks from Palm Sunday to

Life is Fleeting: A Brief Reflection for Lent

…we know that we are not prepared. It's also because we are afraid of leaving what we know and are familiar with, or maybe we don't truly have faith that there is life after death. In any case, we have to be prepared because we can't choose when we are born or when we die, but we can choose how to

Day 10: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

is sweet to despise the world and to serve God Now again I will speak, Lord, and will not be silent. I will speak to the hearing of my God, my Lord, and my King Who is in heaven. How great, O Lord, is the multitude of Your mercies which You have stored up for those who love You. But what are You to

Can We Really Pray Unceasingly? 5 Ways to Try

…plenty of opportunities to pray. The rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Angelus, etc! Prayer doesn't only have to be formal. We can just talk to God. He loves it when we speak to Him about our daily cares and concerns in a spontaneous manner. "The LORD is near to all them who call on him..."…

What Happened to Francisco & Jacinta Marto After Fatima

…love God very much. He is so sad because of so many sins. We must not commit even the smallest sin.” Francisco obediently took all the medicines prescribed for his sickness without complaining, yet assured his family that he would soon die, no matter how much improved he seemed to become. When Lucia…

Three Popular Novena Prayers to St. Therese of Lisieux

is famous for her habit of sending roses to her devotees as a sign that she has heard their prayers and is interceding for them. Pope Francis himself has a devotion to St. Therese, and has described how he has received roses after calling on her for help: “I have the habit, when I don't know how

Day 1: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…purity of heart. This purity is the indispensable condition for contemplating God in heaven, to see Him on earth and to know Him by the light of faith. The first part of the preparation should be employed in casting off the spirit of the world which is contrary to that of Jesus Christ. The spirit…

Day 33: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…We must defend her privileges when they are disputed; we must stand up for her glory when it is attacked; we must entice all the world, if we can, to her service and to this true and solid devotion; we must speak and cry out against those who abuse her devotion to outrage her Son, and we must at…

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Day 32: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

to Jesus in life and death; trust yourself to the glory of Him who alone can help you when all others fail. Your Beloved is such that He will not accept what belongs to another -- He wants your heart for Himself alone, to be enthroned therein as King in His own right. If you but knew how to free…

10 Things to Learn From the Writings of St. Therese, The Little Flower

…Flower," is the third woman to be declared a Doctor of the Church. She is best known for her "little way"–which is to seek sanctity in everyday life by doing small things with great love. She is, arguably, the most beloved modern saint; her writings are timeless lessons on how to love God with one’s…

6 Unexpected Ways to Imitate the Virtue of St. Teresa of Avila

…In her own words: "God save us from gloomy saints!"  “If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few of them!”  (speaking to Jesus, after falling into the mud on the way to her convent) Your Resolution: The next time I make a mistake, I will happily ask God to have mercy on my…

11 Rules for Latinos to Keep You & Your Kids Rooted in the Catholic Faith

…reverence to God. Actions speak louder than words, and when you show respect for the presence of God, this action is perceived by children. It's proven to work!   Idea: Keep sacred images in the home, and reverence them often. My son, not even two years old at that time, learned how to kneel just…

A Guide to Catholic Bible Studies for You & Your Parish

is actually calling to mind this specific passage in Isaiah when he speaks to Peter, an unmistakable sign that Jesus truly was giving authority over the Church to Peter.  I didn't know that!  And this is just one instance of those little gems. There is a popular saying that "The Old Testament is the…

"God's Bucket List" Q & A with Teresa Tomeo

…her new book, "being still", and how she continues to be an enthusiastic and committed Catholic.  Q.  One of the items you place on God’s Bucket list is “being still” to be able to hear God speak to us.  What are some ways that you slow things down to listen to God, while juggling a busy schedule…

My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

…refuge in God. Some people call these coincidences "God's incidents." All the events brought us to know about Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and to know that she interceded for us, and to know she is the one who guides us to the Redeemer. That was a proven way for me to know how Our Lady aids…