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  1. Humility Rules

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Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem

…supervises the juggling team, cultivates carnivorous plants, raises carpenter ants, and surfs. Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem A humorous, candid guide to growing in humility Delightfully illustrated A brilliant 12-step guide for any Catholic Measures: 5"x 8"


Resisting Happiness & Humility Rules (2 Book Set)

…your own life.   Humility Rules - Saint Benedict's 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem Saint Benedict's fifth-century guide to humility offers the antidote to the epidemic of stress and depression overwhelming modern young adults. But the language of The Rule by Saint Benedict is…

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The Rule of Saint Benedict

Rule retains the richness and elegance of the original, while making the language more accessible for the modern reader. Love forms the guiding theme of the Rule, showing us how we must truly seek God in all that we do. The three main keys to following the Rule are obedience, patience and humility.


St. Francis of Assisi Wooden Plaque

…a wealthy cloth merchant, he renounced his family fortune, threw off his clothes and started the Franciscan order. He laid down strict rules of poverty, humility, and discipline. In 1224, while praying, he received the stigmata. San Francisco's Prayer: "Lord, make me an instrument of your…

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The Rule of Saint Benedict

The Rule of Saint Benedict

The Rule of Saint Benedict is a modern translation of St. Benedict's classic Rule. The Rule of Saint Benedict outlines three main keys to following the Rule - obedience, patience and humility. The Rule was written in the sixth century giving a way of arranging life so that Christian spirituality and…

St. Elizabeth of Hungary & The Litany of Humility: A Powerful Combination

…example of patience, surrender, and humility. In light of this beautiful testimony, I’d like to share a very powerful litany that makes my heart cringe and stretch and groan and grow all at the same time. It’s called the Litany of Humility. The Litany of Humility By Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val…

St. John of the Cross (1542–1591) was bo...

St. John of the Cross (1542–1591) was bo...

rule of life, quickly earning a reputation for his humility, obedience, and religious fervor. He later met St. Teresa of Avila, a reforming Carmelite abbess who recognized the greatness of John's virtue and requested his assistance to found a monastery of friars under the primitive Carmelite rule,

St. Maximilian Kolbe's Bullet-Point Plan for His Life

…and humiliated, first with patience, then willingly, without raising any difficulties and finally with joy. That will be perfect humility. Make acts of humility (as also of the other virtues on which you are in your interior examining yourself), beginning with a rather small number of them;…

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Day 7: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…themselves they seemed as nothing, and they were despised by the world, but in the eyes of God they were precious and beloved. They lived in true humility and simple obedience; they walked in charity and patience, making progress daily on the pathway of spiritual life and obtaining great favor with…

How to Use the Scapular

…the brown scapular is a sign of devotion and personal consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, placing oneself under her mantle of protection. Rules for Wearing a Scapular A small scapular must consist of two wool squares of cloth, connected by two strings (of any material), so that one segment…

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Prayers to St. Benedict of Nursia

…he will escape the snares of the evil one and safely attain eternal happiness." Short Prayer to St. Benedict Admirable Saint and Doctor of Humility, you practiced what you taught, assiduously praying for God's glory and lovingly fulfilling all work for God and the benefit of all human beings.…

Nine Unexpected Blessings of a Large Family

…kinds of friends. She said she genuinely likes all sorts of people. In all families, big or small, there are built-in opportunities to grow in humility. With the many personalities comes inevitable disagreements. Yet while arguing is a part of family life, so is forgiveness. I once read an article…