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The Friendship Garden

…companions in the garden. Planted together, the garlic acts as a foil for pesky aphids and other pests, and the roses are then free to grow and bloom profusely ) and I’m There for You ( Flowers help us speak and listen to the language of the heart ), these thoughts and musings ring as true as…


Merry Christmas From Heaven Ornament and Bookmark [Silver]

…is the last, and most memorable verse of the poem: "Merry Christmas From Heaven" "I love you all dearly Now don't shed a tear I'm spending my Christmas With Jesus this year." Contained and displayed to the side of the ornament is the entire poem in bookmark form. ©…


A Pilgrim's Diary From World Youth Day: #Krakow2016

…then I heard Him say to me, “Christine, I trust in you.” That was a big moment for me because so often I feel like I'm letting Him down, and now I know that I'm not. I feel so free! Thursday, July 28th I SAW THE POPE THIS MORNING! In our half-second, up-close encounter, he moved me to tears. I am…

A Latina Woman's Reluctant Journey to Wearing a Mantilla

…women are now wearing mantillas. I even found that St. Ann's offers free veils in the vestibule. [caption id="attachment_14806" align="aligncenter" width="680"] It has caught my attention that some parishes offer veils for free at their entrances. This is St. Ann's Catholic Church, Charlotte,…

9 Saintly Modern Lay Women To Inspire You Throughout The Year

…five female saints, I thought of St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Agnes, and St. Clare. (I'll be honest, I'm on a bit of a "Theresa" kick right now!) If you go back over the list that you just made, there's a good chance that the majority of the saints you…

Q&A with Patrick Madrid on His New Book, "Why Be Catholic?"

…ridiculous or objectionable than the Catholic Church, and others who were genuinely interested in becoming Catholic sought answers and information. I’m convinced that “Why be Catholic?” is a very important question, whether it comes from a scoffer or from a seeker. I wrote this book so I could…

Full Text & Video of Justice Scalia's Funeral Homily by His Son, a Catholic Priest

…I had been hearing confessions, but that he had found himself in my confessional line, and he quickly departed it. As he put it later, "Like heck if I'm confessing to you!" The feeling was mutual. God blessed Dad, as is well known, with a love for his country. He knew well what a close-run thing…

Fasting: The Benefits For Body, Mind, And Soul

…to differentiate fasting for physical and spiritual benefits. "Fasting may be good for the body by helping keep the pounds off and for the mind by freeing it from constant attention to physical desires and allowing for increased creativity and longer attention spans, yet as valuable as those things…

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