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  1. I Love Jesus Cross


I Love Jesus Pastel Cross

I Love Jesus ABC Block Wall Cross--Pastel Here's a fun way to offer such a sweet sentiment! Made of resin and hand painted, the cross features an eye-catching raised block motif. Ready to hang. Gift boxed. 6 1/4" x 8 3/4".

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I Love Jesus Block Wall Cross 6 inch

Resin with raised block motif, in hand-painted primary colors. Ready to hang, gift boxed. 6-1/4" x 8-3/4".


I Loved Jesus in the Night

…endured by Mother Teresa in the light of the Gospel and the mystical teachings of St John of the Cross. And something else as well...revelations of Mother Teresa's sense of humor!  "I Loved Jesus in the Night by Dominican Father Paul Murray recounts in 24 short chapters his experiences…

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Jesus Cross My Heart Statue

…the beauty of love between Christ and the soul.  Card text: "Jesus, I cross my heart and promise to give all my heart and soul to You. You fit so well into my heart, for only You can fill that part. For when You knocked, I let you in, and You forgave me of my sin. And when I let You take…

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Jesus Cross My Heart Wall Cross [Multicolor]

…the beauty of love between Christ and the soul.  Card text: "Jesus, I cross my heart and promise to give all my heart and soul to You. You fit so well into my heart, for only You can fill that part. For when You knocked, I let you in, and You forgave me of my sin. And when I let You take…

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I Believe in Love & Fire Within (2 Book Set)

…Thérèse’s teachings on God’s love and the confidence in Him that it should inspire in your soul; humility, peace, and fraternal charity; the apostolate; the Cross; and what it means truly to abandon yourself to Divine Providence. I Believe in Love has helped countless souls…


I Pray the Stations of the Cross

…Stations of the Cross as a means for children to deepen their love for Jesus and all God's people. To see a sample of the inside of the book, click on the image shown and then click on one of the numbers on top of the image to see a different view. I Pray the Stations of the Cross offers brief…


I Wait For You

Jesus' own powerful words from The Way of Divine Love showing His displeasure over mankind's neglect of His love, especially of His Eucharistic Presence. See also: The Way of Divine Love The Way of Divine Love - Large Print

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I Thirst Booklet

On the cross, Jesus didn’t just thirst for water - He thirsted with His whole being for the salvation of souls. And with so many souls in peril today, He still says to each of us, “I Thirst.” In  I Thirst , Saint Maria Faustina and Mother Teresa share how they sought to…


The Living Stations of the Cross - I Thirst [CD]

The Living Stations of the Cross: I Thirst CD is a contemporary production of the beautiful Stations of the Cross devotion.  Eighteen gifted actors narrate Our Lord's passion through story and music. This devotional Stations of the Cross edition combines narration, vocalists, music, and…


The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness

…them" to "Into Thy hands I commend my spirit," The Cross and the Beatitudes pleads for a return to the foundational teachings of Jesus that alone can sustain our spirits and lead us to a Christian way of life. The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness From the…

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Jesus of Nazareth [Hardcover]

Jesus. Indeed, their understanding of Jesus is the one that makes the most sense based on the historical evidence. "Who do men say that I am?" Jesus asked his disciples. The answer to that question is as crucial and timely today as when it was first asked two thousand years ago. Jesus

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Eight Ways of Loving God-As Revealed By Love Himself

…have different "love languages," what about God? What is his love language? What does God think of the kind of love we give Him? How often do we consider: How well am I loving God? This book explores answers to these important questions, examining the life and words of Jesus Christ the…


Answering the Questions of Jesus

…The three things you must offer to Jesus to attain eternal life. Could you not watch one hour with me? The inevitable dangers we will face if we don t pray. Do you love me? How the reconciliation of Peter and Jesus should give us courage and fortitude. Answering the Questions Jesus posed 5" x 7"


What Jesus Saw From the Cross & Praying With Mother Angelica (2 Book Set)

What Jesus Saw From the Cross: Never has there been spiritual reading as powerful as  What Jesus Saw from the Cross , the book that will intensify your love of Jesus by burning the events of His Passion into your memory and imagination. Written early in this century by Rev. A. G. Sertillanges,…


The Cries of Jesus From the Cross: An Anthology

…world. Why you and I can sin a thousand times and be forgiven, and the angels who have sinned but once are eternally un forgiven. How envy becomes the denial of all justice and love. The difference between the virtue of hope and the emotion of hope. The Cries of Jesus From the Cross: An Anthology

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Divine Mercy Standing Cross [Black]

…Divine Mercy and powerful prayer "Jesus, I trust in You" will uplift and strengthen you in moments of brokenness and discouragement. The golden border and lettering add a lovely finishing touch to this printed cross, and the dark stain base makes a lovely contrast. Perfect for display on a…


Memorial Garden Stone with Cross

…sentiment from a lost loved one, “I have a place in heaven do not feel sad for me. To walk with God has found me peace as I look down on thee.” A comforting gift selection for anyone who has lost a loved one. Accented with a cross as a reminder of our hope in Jesus. Expression of…


A Priest Answers 27 Questions You Never Thought To Ask & Answering the Questions of Jesus (2 Book Set)

…to Peter and the Apostles. Who do you say that I am? Why recognizing Jesus as your Lord is in itself insufficient. Will you also want to leave? Learn how this question is key to knowing how to persevere in the spiritual life. Do you know what I have done for you? Discover it is imperative that…


Sterling Silver 4-Way Cross First Communion Chalice Center Medal [Silver]

…four-way cross is made up of four separate medals joined together to form a cruciform. This sterling silver four-way cross features the chalice and host of First Communion in the center. The top features the scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a symbol of Jesus’ incredible love for…


Praying with Mother Angelica: Meditations on the Rosary and the Way of the Cross

…heart detached.” Together, you’ll ask Jesus to “help me carry my cross with joy, keeping my eyes always on the Father’s will.” And you’ll ask our Heavenly Father to give you “confidence to ask for what I think I need, the humility to wait for your will, and…


Edith Stein: The Life and Legacy of St. Teresa - Benedicta of the Cross

…of World War I when neither Jews nor women were widely accepted in academia, Edith Stein rose to prominence as a leading philosopher who thrived in the intellectual community in Germany. She shocked both her Jewish family and her academic friends when she fell in love with Jesus Christ and became…

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Consoling the Heart of Jesus: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat

…year, when I was pounding out one of my many "final drafts" of my book, I had the bright idea of asking my friends and family to read the retreat as their Lenten sacrifice. They loved it. They were off the hook. And they gorged themselves with chocolate all Lent long. Actually, I needed…


Divine Mercy - Prayer Card

…reads: Dear Lord Jesus, I Need YOU! – Dear Lord Jesus, I need You. I can’t live the Christian life by myself. When I try to do that, my struggle ends in failure and defeat. I need You to take over my life and live Your life through me. I believe that You died on the cross for my sins,…