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Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World

"If we want love, why do we often settle for less?"  — from the Foreword by Jason and Crystalina Evert Tired of toxic relationships, many young adults want to clean up their love lives. They desire to give their lives to Christ and turn away from sin—but without a concrete…

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Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

…and others. Mining through a mountain of papal resources, Jason Evert has uncovered these many gems, offering a treasure chest brimming with the jewels of the saint’s life. After a brief overview of John Paul’s life, Evert explores in depth his five great loves: Young People, Human…


Pure Faith: A Prayer Book for Teens

…Don’t know how to pray... or don’t see much value in prayer...   ...then you — and they — need to know about Jason Evert’s new book Pure Faith: A Handbook of Prayer for Catholic Youth. It’s a unique prayer guide designed exclusively for teenagers. It’s…

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Valiant Annual Special Edition Magazine

…features NFL players Philip Rivers and Matt Birk, a U.S. Navy SEAL, a U.S. Marine Corps Super Stallion Helo Pilot, a mountain climber, Mark Hart, Jason Evert, Matt Maher, Ennie Hickman, Doug Barry, Fr. Josh Johnson, upcoming movies, powerful books, manly experiments and lots more!…

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…ashes. Unprotected features moving stories and inspiring commentary by Christopher West, Jennifer Fulwiler, Janet Smith, Damon Owens, Jason & Crystalina Evert, Sue Ellen Browder, Patrick Coffin, Jennifer Morse, Benjamin Wiker, Carrie Gress, Leila Millerand more. UNPROTECTED-DVD Format: DVD…


The Five Great Loves of Pope Saint John Paul II

…and intercedes for us? The information and inspiration for this article were taken from the book Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves by Jason Evert. You can purchase it by clicking here Do you have a special devotion to Pope Saint John Paul II or know someone who does? Click here to read more…

A Pilgrim's Diary From World Youth Day: #Krakow2016

…with catechesis and Mass with 20,000 English-speaking pilgrims. The US has so many amazing Catholic speakers! Namely, CHRIS STEPHANIK and JASON AND CRYSTALINA EVERT. They are game-changers of our faith. Conversion experiences happen because of how well they lead people to God. Biggest takeaways from…

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