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  1. Jesus Mary Joseph Prayer Card

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Prayer for a Family - Holy Family Prayer Card

Durable and everlasting laminated holy prayer card that contains full color depiction of Mary and Joseph with child Jesus on the front, and a Prayer for a Family on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O dear Jesus, I humbly implore You to grant Your special graces…


Prayer to St. Joseph - Prayer Card

…laminated holy prayer card that contains a color image of St. Joseph with child Jesus on the front, and Prayer to Saint Joseph on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O Thou head of the house of God upon earth, in faithful imitation of Jesus and Mary, I place myself…


Novena to St. Joseph - Prayer Card

…everlasting laminated holy prayer card that contains a color image of St. Joseph with the Child Jesus on the front, and the Novena to St. Joseph on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O Glorious St. Joseph faithful follower of Jesus Christ to thee do we raise our…


Prayer to St. Joseph for Employment - Prayer Card

Jesus on the front, and a Prayer to St. Joseph for Employmenton the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: Prayer to St. Joseph for Employment — Dear Saint Joseph, you were yourself once faced with the responsibility of providing the necessities of life for Jesus and Mary.


Holy Family Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

This Holy Family prayer card has an image of Mary holding Jesus in her lap, with Joseph looking on. Made in Italy. Cards are micro-perforated.The Holy Family prayer card is a beautiful prayer card that can be used for any occasion.


Ultima Series Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

The Ultima Series prayer card has eight popular images of Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Family. The text below reads: "Jesus , Mary and Joseph bless us now and in death's agony.", "What man is there among you who, if he has a single sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will not take hold of it…


Alba Assorted Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

The Alba prayer card is an assortment of eight different religious images that are blank on the back so that you can personalize. The images are of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Anthony of Padua, Our Lady of Grace, St. Joseph, The Holy Family, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St.…


St. Joseph "Be Hardworking" Personalized Prayer Card [Multicolored]

…for Mary, the perfect woman, and Jesus, the Son of God! He worked hard in Nazareth to give his family everything they needed. Ask him to help you “Be Hardworking”. Tailored to suit your needs, you can select a prayer for the back or provide your own. Send prayer cards by themselves…

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Holy Family Personalized Prayer Cards (Priced Per Card)

This Holy Family prayer card has an image of Mary and Joseph looking down on Jesus, as a small boy, who is praying. Made in Italy. Cards are micro-perforated.


Fontanini Mary's Donkey 5" Scale

…Nazareth to Bethlehem. Mary's donkey safely transported her to the stable where Joseph used the saddle blanket to prepare a spot for Mary to rest. Within moments of falling asleep, the donkey awoke to the light of a brilliant star heralding the birth of Baby Jesus. With that, the donkey found…

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St. Joseph the Worker Home Sale Kit

…Once prayers are answered, such as the sale of your home, it is important to proudly display your St. Joseph statue and share your story with others. A Petition to Saint Joseph: Dear St. Joseph, head of the most perfect household, father of Jesus and guardian of His mother Mary, I confidently…


St. Joseph Home Sale Kit [Grey]

…family needs). Good St. Joseph, I know with confidence, that your prayers on my behalf will be heard by God, and if it His Will, it will be done. Thank you St. Joseph, for having responded to my call. Amen St. Joseph, the husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus Christ, is honored as the…


Calligraphy St. Joseph Workplace Framed Print [Gold]

…the work of God. Blessed St. Joseph, may my labors be all for Jesus, all through Mary, and all after your holy example in life and in death. Amen.   © Copyright 2018 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company   Gold framed print of Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker Majestic calligraphy…


The Truth About Saint Joseph Book & St. Joseph Wood Bead Rosary Set

…instinctively of St. Joseph. Modest yet intricate, they bring to mind the hardworking man who was both a simple carpenter and the privileged foster father of Jesus. A thoughtful gift for any boy or man who wishes to grow in devotion to St. Joseph and Our Lady. Accompanied by a prayer card featuring…


Priest's Blessing Christmas Cards

This boxed set of religious Christmas cards features nativity scene artwork with Mary, Jesus, Joseph, and three shepherds underneath a "Merry Christmas" greeting.  Inside the card the Christmas greeting reads, "May all of God's blessings be upon you and your family this…


Holy Family Hearts Cuff [Silver]

Three hearts woven together by the grace of everlasting love. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Pure Heart of Joseph represent the eternal love of family. Wear this gold plated bracelet as a reminder that your heart is woven together with your family and through this…


His Angels at Our Side & Angels and Saints (2 Book Set)

…must develop to grow closer to God through His angels • The difference between Archangel Gabriel’s apparitions to Mary and Zechariah • How St. Joseph can expose you to the inspirations of the angels • The difference in the way humans and angels think • How you can imitate…

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Novena to St. Joseph - Prayer Card | The Catholic Company

Novena to St. Joseph - Prayer Card | The Catholic Company

…St. Joseph, as the adoptive father of Jesus, is one of the most powerful saints in heaven. His intercessory prayers are powerful because he was the guardian and protector of the Holy Family: The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. This St. Joseph prayer card displays and image of Saint Joseph

How to Plan a Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony at Your Home

…a thank you for sharing this important moment with you and your family. For example, have the priest bless Sacred Heart of Jesus medals or Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer cards and give those out to your guests. You can find these and other inexpensive Sacred Heart devotional tokens here. The benefit…

The Holy Family, the Holy Trinity, and You

…you and me. THE GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE HOLY FAMILY Jesus lived in a loving communion of Persons in the Holy Trinity, and, when He was born into the world, He lived in a loving communion in the Holy Family with the perfect Mary and the righteous Joseph. This teaches us about God's purpose for marriage…

10 Catholic Stocking Stuffers Under $10

…Marian silhouette centerpiece. Blue Wood St. Joseph Chaplet A beautiful chaplet that is a prayerful reflection on the life of St. Joseph, this blue and white wooden bead chaplet features a silver Saint Joseph medal. The traditional Chaplet of St. Joseph contains 15 groups of 4 beads, for the…

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Saint Jude Thaddeus the most Surprisingly Popular Saint

…Cleophas and Mary whom stood at the foot of the Cross of Jesus. He is the brother of Saint James the Lesser and nephew of Mary and Joseph. Therefore, he is a blood relative of Jesus Christ and was said to look very much like him. Biography: Saint Jude Thaddeus was an apostle of Jesus and a famous…

12 Inspiring Religious Paintings & Their Meanings

…Father is standing behind Jesus, who is seated on the royal throne showing the nail holes in His hands; below Him is the Holy Spirit. Jesus sits between Mary, His mother, and Saint John the Baptist, His cousin and forerunner. The three persons of the Blessed Trinity and Mary and John together form a…

Video: Every Catholic Should Have a Car that Shows It!

…including key chains, auto rosaries, visor clips, prayer cards, and more. Choose the ones that are most meaningful to you, such as your favorite saint or devotion. If you aren't sure what to pick, some all-around, must-haves are Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (of course!) as well as your Guardian Angel,…

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