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  1. Joseph'S Studio


Last Supper Wall Plaque

…a vintage atmosphere while complementing its delicate shades of color. Such lovely visual appeal will be a welcome touch to any home. Wall plaque From the popular Joseph's Studio collection Subtle vintage-inspired appeal Inspiring wall art 20.25" (H) x 26" (W) x 1.38" (D) Designed for wall-hanging

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Madonna of the Streets Statue 9.25" [Multi-Colored]

…the painting "Madonnina", but it is better known today as "Madonna of the Streets." This magnificant statue comes from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection, and stands 9.25 inches high. Made from resin and stone. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 9.25"H 3"W 3"D Joseph's Studio

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Garden Angel Figure - 46.5 inches

A beautiful addition to any garden! This Classic Angel Garden Figure is from the Joseph's Studio Garden Statuary Collection. Crafted from a mixture of resin and stone. 46.5"H x 22.5"W x 15"D.


Our Lady of Guadalupe - 7.25" [Multi-Colored]

…Guadalupe is recognized by the Vatican as the Patron Saint of "The Americas." This beautifully and colorfully carved figure stands 7 1/4 inches high. Crafted by the artisans at Joseph's Studio. Made from resin and stone. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 7.25"H 3"W 1.5"D Joseph's Studio

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue - 37.5"

…the love and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the exquisite details and a warm color palette. Part of the Renaissance Collection by Joseph's Studio. A fine piece for parish or school display. Makes a stunning focal point for your home, too. Measures 37.5" (H).  Sacred Heart…

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Holy Family Heavenly Protector Statue, 10.5 inches [Multi-Colored]

This beautiful statue of the Holy Family as Heavenly Protector comes intricately hand-crafted from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection. Measures 10.5 inches. Made from lightweight resin and stone.

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Madonna & Child Statue 37"

This exquisite Madonna & Child Statue is part of the well-known Joseph Studio Collection. The traditional coloring of this piece is reminiscent of Bouguereau’s L’Innocence painting. This substantial statue is sure to make a statement piece and because it is of such outstanding…

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Angel Standing Garden Stone, 8 inches

This beautifully carved garden stone is a wonderful addition to any front or back door. Crafted by the artisans at Joseph's Studio. Reads, "May angels rest their wings right beside your door." Made from lightweight resin and stone. Measures 8.25" H.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Wall Plaque

…A lovely, elegant design borders the image. This plaque will be a perfect devotional accent for any home! Wall plaque From the beloved Joseph's Studio collection Our Lady of Guadalupe theme Gorgeous colors Visually beautiful Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) 17" (H) x 13" (W) Designed…


Our Lady of Grace Heavenly Protector Statue 10.25" [Multi-Colored]

…heavenly mother. This finely crafted reminder of her love, from the Joseph’s Studio line, is placed on an ornate gold base with a little drawer, to perhaps hold your special prayer intentions. 10.25H, lightweight resin/stone mix. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 10.125"H 4"W 4"D Joseph's Studio


Immaculate Heart of Mary Heavenly Protector, 10.5" [Multi-Colored]

…detailed features of this statue remind us of the warmth and tenderness of Our Lady's love. Standing at 10" in height, this is a perfect addition to any home, church, or office. Crafted in fine detail by the wonderful artisans at Joseph's Studio. Made from lightweight resin and stone.


Good Shepherd Figure 6.25" [Creamy white]

This beautifully crafted figure of Jesus lovingly caring for his sheep, comes to us from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection. Made from resin and stone. Measures 6 1/4". Resin/Stone Mix Measures: 6.25"H 2.38"W 1.75"D Joseph's Studio

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Joseph's Studio Holy Set - 39” Scale

…this Holy Family will captivate all adorers this Christmas season. Holy Family Figures Large size for a stunning display Perfect for parish or home 3 piece set 39" scale set Jesus: 10.5" (H) x 13" (W) x 9.5" (D) Mary: 24.5" (H) x 16" (W) x 13.5" (D) Joseph: 38" (H) x 17" (W) x 14" (D) resin crafted

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Joseph the Worker Statue 10" [Multi-Colored]

…is known as the patron of fathers and of workers everywhere. This beautiful image of the earthly father of Our Lord was crafted by artisans at Jospeh's Studio. Measures 10.25" H and is made of lightweight resin/stone mixture. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 10.25"H 3.75"W 3"D Joseph's Studio


Carved Holy Family Nativity Set 3 Piece

…set to be cherished for years to come. Joseph’s Studio Collection. Soft colors Unique wood-like carved design Decorative garments Serene nativity display for your home Updated style to complement any decorating style  Figures: up to 9” (H) Set of 3 Resin Joseph’s Studio

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St. Joseph Figure - 6.25" [Multi-Colored]

…role Joseph was given in the history of salvation. A wonderful gift for a father or husband, or any person of faith. Comes to us from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection. Stands 6 1/4" high. Made of resin and stone. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 6.25"H 2.38"W 1.88"D Joseph's Studio

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Sacred Heart of Jesus 18" Statue

…statue will be a stunning focal point in any home or school. Preseneted in warm, neutral colors for today's Catholic home. Designed by Joseph's Studio. Large size Sacred Heart statue  Reverent, traditional design presented in neutral colors Draw near to His Sacred Heart through prayer…

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Joseph's Studio Shepherd & Lamb Set - 27” Scale

Recreate that glorious night with the addition of this shepherd and lamb nativity figurine set.  Impressively detailed, these figures depict both humility and hope.  The large size nativity figurines accommodate 27" scale nativity sets.  What a beautiful and traditional way to…


Way of the Cross Statue 11 inches [Multi-Colored]

This poignant and beautiful Way of the Cross statue comes from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection. Made from a resin/stone mixture. Measures 11 inches.


St. Anne Figure 4.5" [Multi-Colored]

…is patron of many things, including grandparents, homemakers, and moving house. This wonderful image of Anne teaching Mary was crafted by the artisans at the popular Joseph's Studio. Measures 4 1/2". Made of resin and stone. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 4.5"H 3.13"W 2.5"D Joseph's Studio

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May You Find Comfort Garden Bench 6" [Brown]

…find comfort in the arms of an Angel." A  wonderful addition to any garden. This bench was crafted with care by the artisans at Joseph's Studio. Measures approximately 6" in height and 14.75" wide and about 5.5 inches deep. Please see our product 2017020 "Seated Garden…


Joseph Studio St. Therese Statue

Part of the best selling Joseph Studio line, this statue is an alluring reflection of the simplicity of Saint Therese. This hand painted statue measures 13.75"H x 5"W x 4"D.


Joseph's Studio Memorial Stepping Stone [Grey]

A heavenly angel adorns, and heart cutout complements, this stepping stone made of resin and stone with the etched phrase of comfort, Forever With the Angels, Always In our Hearts. Measures approximately 11.25 inches by 11.25 inches and 0.38 inch deep. Comes with a hanger on the back making it…


Joseph's Studio Ox - 27” Scale

Complete your nativity scene with this resting ox Nativity figure.  Artfully detailed, this 22" wide ox has a realistic look that helps recreate that glorious night.  Large size is ideal for 27" scale nativity sets.  A manger scene is perfect for setting the Christmas tone…

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