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The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

The provocative ideas and touching insights found in  The Joy in Loving spring from incidents in  Mother Teresa ‘s own remarkable life. She speaks of men and women who have lived and died uncomplainingly, even in the midst of great poverty and deprivation; of wealthy businessmen…

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A Call to Joy: Living In The Presence of God

…wise, Matthew Kelly's message has broken new ground in the search for faith and meaning in the modern world. A Call to Joy extends an irresistible invitation to join him on an adventurous journey of the soul. A Call to Joy: Living In The Presence of God By renowned speaker and author Matthew…

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Kingdom of Happiness: Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life

…showing us the path to achieving happiness. It’s not a new path. In fact, Jesus showed us the way in the Beatitudes, but Kingdom of Happiness reveals how these aren’t merely nice sayings, they are powerful ways of living. Fr. Kirby first identifies the sources of unhappiness: the false…

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Joy Devotional Journal

…encourage conversations with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Share meaningful gifts with girls that inspire and bring purpose to their lives while building them up in the Faith! Spiral bound prayer journal 8.5" (L) x 6.5" (W) Die-cut cardboard cover and interior paper pocket 138 Pages (60+ Activity…

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Choose Joy Ceramic Standing Cross

“Choose Joy - So that My joy may be in you and your joy may be full.” (Jn 15:11) This visually appealing and spiritually uplifting decorative cross fits perfectly on any desk or bookshelf. A great reminder that even through the daily struggles we can always choose joy and…

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Joy to the World Canvas

…tree with the phrase Joy to the World" in swirling scrip. With cheerful colors and classic imagery, it will make a great holiday piece for a common area, bedroom, or a college dorm.  Rectangular Christmas tree canvas Scripted, beloved hymn A sweet piece for a living room or bedroom Wall…


From Humdrum to Holy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Like a Saint

…“no” to any of these questions, your spiritual life needs a jump-start. In  From Humdrum to Holy , popular priest and radio host Fr. Ed Broom, will stir in you a holy reverence and spiritual joy that’ll point your soul to heaven. By following the wise counsel of this…

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Joy to the World Wood Standing Plaque

…sign features sheet music from a classic hymn that has resounded in the sanctuaries of churches and in homes for centuries. Includes a small dowel for stand up display. A sweet addition to your holiday decor. Live out "Joy to the World" by spreading Christmas cheer. Rustic yet classic…


Thanksgiving and Joy Pumpkin Plaque [Multicolored]

"Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done." This sweet standing plaque makes a lovely home decoration, especially during the fall season surrounding Thanksgiving. Be daily reminded of the need for humble gratitude in the face of God's gift to us. …

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Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy

… seek self-worth in relationship with God; and •    serve God in the simplest way: by loving others. Rethink Happiness dares you to live differently. Satisfy your appetite for happiness once and for all by rooting yourself in God and opening to the joy only he can…


Joy to the World - Advent Activities for Your Family

…on preparing for the holy time of Advent and Christmas! With a fresh, lively set of suggestions that will attract young and old alike, Joy to the World takes a three-pronged approach: The Advent Calendar, with daily activities in four areas of Service, Spiritual Growth, “Homebody,” and…

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The Reason for the Seasons & Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions (2 Book Set)

…title in the Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions series, is an exciting resource for teachers in classrooms; parents, caretakers and homeschool instructors in homes; and catechists in religious education programs who want to integrate the faith into the daily lives of…

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God's Healing Mercy: Finding Your Path to Forgiveness, Peace, and Joy

…Ignatian-trained spiritual director, and author Kathleen Beckman offers a guide for a personal or group healing retreat based on Divine Mercy in Scripture and in the lives of the Saints. She skillfully helps us to see how the "rays of divine mercy" heal families, marriages, the sick, poor,…

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Live Today Well & How To Be Holy (2 Book Set)

…will of God in every situation. Kreeft stresses the simplicity of his approach to holiness, which focuses mainly on the virtue of love. Sanctity is love, he asserts, and only that can give us what we all long for—deep and lasting joy.   Dimensions & Specifications: Live Today Well:…


A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives

…ends with a beautiful, heartfelt prayer. This is an encouraging and uplifting book that will bring joy to the hearts of its readers, giving them hope that God is always with them, even in difficult times. A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives Measures: 5" x 0.5" x 7"


Rosary for Little Children - The Joyful Mysteries DVD

…The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, a reflection on the early life of Jesus, has been a mainstay of Christian prayer. And now, in this video, that same rosary is a source of joy for God’s littlest children. In The Rosary for Little Children, your child will join a lively chorus of children in


Hold You in My Heart Memorial Locket

…reminder of a loved one. A truly special piece of jewelry that holds dear the memories, love, and joy of a beautiful life.  Gift of comfort Memorial locket on chain Cherish a life so beautifully lived Special keepsake to hold memories close to heart 1" x .50" locket Pewter and brass 14" chain

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Pope Francis: Happiness in This Life

…wisdom on finding happiness in the here and now For Pope Francis, the appreciation of our everyday lives is a spiritual undertaking.  Joy is a divine attribute, and creating joy around us is an essential part of faith. Every homily and speech in this book delivers, in warm, engaging language…


Doors in The Walls of The World: Signs of Transcendence in The Human Story

joy, Kreeft helps us to find the doors in the walls of the world. Drawing on history, physical science, psychology, religion, philosophy, literature, and art, he invites us to welcome what lies on the other side so that we can begin living the life of Heaven in the here and now.   Doors in The…

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I Believe in Love & Fire Within (2 Book Set)

in Love has helped countless souls embark on the way to the Father. It will help you focus on Him throughout each day, rest in Him amid your troubles, and live joyfully with Him at every moment!   Fire Within This book is the fruit of Fr. Dubay's many years of study and experience in


Single and Catholic: Finding Meaning in Your State of Life

Living the single life – and choosing to live it in accord with our Catholic Faith – is no easy task. In these pages, author Judy Keane gives you guidance and encouragement as you find purpose and meaning in the life God has given you. More than learning to find a spouse, you will learn…

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The Art of Being a Good Friend: How To Bring Out the Best In Your Friends And In Yourself

…the joys of this friendship that transcends death and as you enrich your friendships here on earth, you'll come to see how truly Black speaks when he says that "no one would care to live without friends, even if he had all other good things." Among the many things you will learn in The…

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I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux

…to Divine Providence.  I Believe in Love  has helped countless souls embark on the way to the Father. It will help you focus on Him throughout each day, rest in Him amid your troubles, and live joyfully with Him at every moment! I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching…


In Conversation With God: Vol. 2 - Lent and Eastertide

…Jesus dies on the Cross The Sepulcher of the Body of Jesus Easter: Raised from the Dead The Joy of the Resurection Jesus Christ lives forever Letting ourselves be helped Meeting Our Lord Constancy in apostolate Go out into the whole world Second Week of Easter: The faith of St. Thomas The…