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  1. Kids Mass Kit

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Children's Mass Kit

…used by the priest. My Pop-Out Mass Kit includes everything you need to celebrate the Liturgy in your church! 2-sided board folds for storage. Vinyl tote included.  Pop-out Mass kit Imagine, play, and learn Set up for Mass & Adoration Educational fun for kids 14-piece set Sturdy cardboard…

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Little Catholics Book Set

mass with clear step-by-step explanations and instructions. The Mass Book for Children is a great little booklet to bring along to mass to help children more fully participate and appreciate the miracle of the mass. With included responses and prayers, The Mass Book for Children will have your kids

Wee Believers My Mass Kit

Wee Believers My Mass Kit

…Sacrifice of the Mass as the source and summit of the Catholic faith. This children's toy Mass kit contains all the items the priest uses on the altar when consecrating the host, so its perfect for your kids to "play Mass" while having a lot of fun at the same time. The Mass kit comes in a cloth…