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  1. Life Is Worth Living

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Life is Worth Living

"Live is Worth Living." It offers a stirring and challenging statement of Bishop Sheen's whole philosophy of life and living. It is a book for everyone -- of immediate concern to all people seeking understanding, belief, and purpose in these troubled times.   See also: Life is

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Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set)

…Washing Our Baptismal Robes (Purgatory) Disc 23 – Heaven is Not So Far Away; The Hell There Is Disc 24 – The True Feminine Mystique (Mary); Prayer Is  A Dialogue; World, Soul, And Things Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set) Fulton J. Sheen's classic work A beautiful gift set…

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Go to Heaven: A Spiritual Road Map to Eternity

…listeners. His many other books include Life Is Worth Living , The World's First Love , and Through the Year with Fulton Sheen . Go to Heaven: A Spiritual Road Map to Eternity Beginning with "The First Faint Summons to Heaven," Sheen shows how unpopular it is today to be a true Christian.…

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Kids

…uninterrupted life is not worth living. Got questions about Catholic family life? You've come to the right place! As a lifelong Catholic, devoted wife, diligent homeschooler, and mother of seven, Susie Lloyd knows lots of people who just might have the answers for you. Susie herself is too busy…


Life is Worth Living (Audio Book)

…continue to change the lives of thousands-even non-Catholics! This magnificent series is the most comprehensive explanation of the Catholic vision of life ever offered and every Catholic home in America should have a copy. Order now and rediscover why Life is Worth Living! Program Titles in this…


Sheen Gems: The Best of Fulton J. Sheen (DVD)

…Winning Television Programs titled, “Life is Worth Living.” Sheen’s presence and sense of drama have crossed time and distance. His words of wit and wisdom transcend the years. His eloquence portrays the sacred truth that in every human heart there is a struggle known only to the…

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Overwhelming Pursuit - Stop Chasing Your Life and Live

Success lets me and everybody else know that I’m important — that I’m worth loving. Success is how I prove my worth in this world.” That’s what Mark Joseph thought. He was driven to achieve, and he did. Through his success, he felt loved and respected. He worked night…


Lift Up Your Heart: A Guide to Spiritual Peace

…Catholic prelates, was a lecturer, professor, philosopher, preacher, and writer. He is widely regarded as the first clerical radio and television personality, hosting the popular “Life is Worth Living” TV show. He served as director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. A…


Manalive: A Comic Novel

…main character Innocent Smith somehow manages to restore joy to all the dull and cynical lives around him. In this delightfully strange mystery, Chesterton demonstrates why life is worth living, and that sometimes we need a little madness just to know we are alive. Manalive A classic…


The Eighth Arrow: Odysseus in the Underworld, A Novel & Manalive-A Comic Novel by G.K.Chesterton (2 Book Set)

…main character Innocent Smith somehow manages to restore joy to all the dull and cynical lives around him. In this delightfully strange mystery, Chesterton demonstrates why life is worth living, and that sometimes we need a little madness just to know we are alive. Dimensions & Specifications…


Seventeen Steps to Heaven & 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (2 Book Set)

…this book is an effective and long-lasting antidote to the spiritual dry rot that infects the soul of even the most careful Catholics. Make your salvation a vivifying reality as Fr. Trese shows you: - Why Heaven is worth living for, working for, and suffering for in this life - God’s…


Seventeen Steps to Heaven: A Catholic Guide to Salvation

…relationship with God! Seventeen Steps to Heaven: A Catholic Guide to Salvation Learn why heaven is worth living, working, & suffering for! 17 steps to making God the true center of your life Do you truly belong to Christ? Four qualities you’ll have if you do 8 x 5 ½ inches


Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy

…surrendering your life to God and focusing on simple joys: daily prayer, a minimalist lifestyle, meaningful relationships, and an ongoing pursuit of God’s will.  Rethink Happiness is an essential self-help guide for all of us seeking to define our purpose in life. Chock-full of relatable…


Run That By Me Again: Selected Passages from Absolutes to the Things that Can Be Otherwise

…love of God, a thirst for wisdom, and a desire for a life well-lived. Whether this is your first time considering the questions posed and answered in these pages or if you are revisiting them with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit, it is well worth the time to sit with Fr. Schall - one of the greatest…

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Meditations on the Passion of Christ [DVD]

…us. Be sure especially to watch this presentation and the special bonus materials with the teens and young adults in your life. After seeing its effects on those who watch it with you, we're sure you will agree that this Special Edition is worth its weight in gold. Running time approx. 1 hour

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Meditations To Grow In Self-Esteem

…daily path for living in the light of God's love. The Just a Minute series of small books provides meditations on scripture, advice for daily struggles, and insights from the Gospel. This set of reflections is designed to help you develop one area of your spiritual life: growing in self-esteem…


Open Wide the Doors to Christ: Discovering Catholicism

…book discusses the basics of the Catholic faith -- and how we can live it fully. As the "meat and potatoes" of Catholicism, it is an introduction to the Church's teachings on the Creed, the sacraments, the moral life, prayer and much more -- with particular focus upon those who are…

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Life is Worth Living: Fulton Sheen 24 CD Set | The Catholic Company

Life is Worth Living: Fulton Sheen 24 CD Set | The Catholic Company

You can find Life is Worth Living: Fulton Sheen 24 CD Set at The Catholic Company here: Archbishop Fulton Sheen is one of the most popular and loved Catholic priest of the 20th century. A successful…

Lent Is Our Chance For A Spiritual Tune Up

…will ultimately fail us. Most things in life that are valuable to us "cost" us something. That made me think about my spiritual life: are there "costs" to a good spiritual life? [adbutler zone_id="207190"] Lent reminds us that being a Christian is worth something, and that it should cost something…

Anticipating Lent: Your Pre-Lent Pep Talk

…These days before Lent are a time to start anticipating with positivity what is about to happen. GETTING READY If we want this year’s Lent to be life changing, we have to start preparing now. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, not the first day to start thinking about your Lenten practices…

A Great Marian Book: Under the Mantle by Fr. Don Calloway

…are living in an extraordinary time of grace and mercy. With an increasingly secularized world growing ever more hostile to the Christian faith, it is in these times that Jesus, through the Immaculata, is raising up a new generation of Catholics who know, love, and live their faith. This is a time…

July Birthstone (Ruby) Rosaries

…[adbutler zone_id="207190"]The ruby is mentioned in the Bible several times as a gem of great worth. The book of Proverbs compares the value of rubies to that of the gift of wisdom, and also presents the argument that the value of a virtuous woman is far greater than that of this precious…

7 Reasons to Bring Back the Tradition of Catholic Christmas Cards this Year

…Father. He who is all powerful, omnipotent, eternal, and Creator of all things…took on hungry, fragile, aching human flesh. He didn’t come to show off His power, hang out, or find a change of scenery. He came to make a sacrifice of Himself on our behalf, so that we might share eternal life with Him,…

How to Choose the Best Gift for a Baptism

…all its worth.  Here are some gifts for a baptism that are certain to last. Baptism Rosaries A baptism rosary makes a great gift for a baptism.  These rosaries are beautiful and durable.  Some of them come in rosary boxes and can be engraved.  Giving the little one in your life a rosary is more than…