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  1. Living In God'S Love


Living the Truth in Love

…Christ’s healing love. Several of those who experience SSA tell their touching and inspiring stories. Living the Truth in Love Author: Janet E Smith Fr. Paul Check A courageous, sincere, and timely book that seeks to help those with same-sex attraction and all of us who love them 6 x 9 inches


Basics of Catholic Living

…implementing these habits in your own life today. In the spiritual life, if you learn to practice the basics well, God will fill you with the graces you need to persevere. That's why we've compiled this simple but powerful set of books in our  Basics of Catholic Living Set . This is…


A Call to Joy: Living In The Presence of God

…engaging, Kelly has embarked on a mission to bring God's word to all who need so desperately to hear it. In A Call to Joy, he shares both his remarkable personal story and his uniquely inspiring take on faith, love, and the adventure of living a spiritual life. Seizing his audience from the very…

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Living the Message of Fatima (CDs)

…of Fatima, Our Lady is asking us to join her in her battle against Satan through our personal prayers and penances-and these life-changing conferences will show you the way. Order now, for yourself and for those you love, and discover how to Live the Message of Fatima. Discover: What the authentic…


Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set)

…Most Serious Wounds Disc 4 – My Four Writers; Love Enfleshed (Christ’s Divinity) Disc 5 – Does God Know What It Is To Suffer; It Takes 3 To Make Love (Blessed Trinity) Disc 6 – The People of God & The Rock Man; Lengthening Shadows of the Cross Bar Disc…

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Life is Worth Living (Audio Book)

Does God know what it is to suffer? Am I my brother's keeper? Is Christianity easy? Is prayer a dialogue? What does it take to heal the soul? Is life really worth living? In fifty priceless half-hour presentations from one of the best loved Catholic speakers of all time, you and your family will…


Knowing God's Love

…together perfectly in a true unity of faith and truth. Read these pages, and you’ll learn so much more about who God is and who you are, and how fully embracing the Church’s teachings will lead you to truly live the glorious freedom of the children of God. Knowing God's Love: 8 Essential…


Love the Lord Your God Banner

…meetings 23 x 63" Display this Banner in the Sanctuary or Narthex during ordinary times. It is also appropriate for Seminars focusing on Jesus' teachings. Great for Sunday School Classrooms. Banners intended for indoor use. -- ©2009 Mark Bowers - Licensee Living Grace -- Polyester -- 23 x 63"…


From Humdrum to Holy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Like a Saint

Do you attend Mass out of love rather than obligation? Are you closer to God now than you were a year ago? Are you able to keep a consistent prayer life? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your spiritual life needs a jump-start. In  From Humdrum to Holy , popular priest…

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A Year With The Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom For Daily Living

…bring you closer to God and His Truth. Click here to see sample pages See also the companion book:  A Year With The Angels A Year With The Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom For Daily Living A well-planned daily retreat  Short readings for each day  Perfect for reading in a year, or for…


Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose

…life? What does God want of me? Tough times demand eternal truths. Why are young people rejecting Catholicism? Why is the perception of Catholicism so negative? Is it time for the Church to change? What do the ancient traditions of Catholic spirituality have to do with modern lives? For more than a…

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A Year With the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living

in just a few minutes every day will lead you on a cycle of contemplation, prayer, resolution, and spiritual growth that is guaranteed to bring you closer to God and His truth. From the Church Fathers we should expect nothing less. A Year With the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living

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God's World and Our Place In It

…grow in gratitude for God’s gift of this world and the glorious role He has called you to play in it. God’s World and Our Place In It Learn why Christianity makes good sense even for people with no religious background Explains how the goodness and evil we encounter in our lives is tied…


Love Devotional Journal

…wall” pages, coloring and more. A themed meditation brings the message home, encouraging girls to SHINE the love of God through concrete acts of Christian love. Over 60 pages for free drawing, crafting and writing leave plenty of room for unstructured self-expression. Also included:…

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Mary In The Bible and In Our Lives

…the astonishing truth that God has engaged in intimate communion with man. In a world today that strives in many ways to reduce and humiliate the dignity of man, the Church shows in Mary the infinitely high value of man in the eyes of God, and God's wondrous love and plan for each one of us.…


The Love That Made Mother Teresa

God himself sent to you as a clear sign that despite pain and suffering in our lives and in our world, God’s good love will prevail . . . beginning in the slums of our hearts. We are all called to holiness, and the saints are sent to us as “real life” examples of God’s love.


Live Today Well & On A Mission (2 Book Set)

…exemplified in the lives of the saints. It includes emulating the apologetics techniques of the original apostles, as well as the Fathers and Doctors of the Church in ensuing centuries. More importantly, it details the sanctifying process of cooperating with God’s grace as He lovingly forms an…


The Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love

in the life of a Christian. He illustrates that the Holy Spirit desires to live in us so that we can love God and others with God's own love. As the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Church at Pentecost to set the world ablaze with the fire of divine love, so He wants to do with us. God, who…

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God's Easter Gifts

…all the ways God blesses us throughout the year and surrounds us with His love everyday through all the gifts He gives us. Brenda lives in Glendale, Arizona, with her husband and three children. She graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in education. In her spare…


God's Healing Mercy

…pit, He crowns you with steadfast love and mercy" (Ps 103:3-4). Here retreat master, Ignatian trained spiritual director and author Kathleen Beckman offers a guide for a personal or group healing retreat based on Divine Mercy in Scripture and in the lives of the Saints. Beckman skillfully helps…

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In God's Hands: Daily Prayer for Shut-Ins and Residents of Nursing Homes and Hospices

The prayers in this pamphlet will help shut-ins, and residents of nursing homes and hospices discover God's love and tender care for them and accept God's plan and purpose for their lives at this stage.  In God's Hands: Daily Prayer for Shut-Ins and Residents of Nursing Homes and…


Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World

…of "God's plans for love, dating, and sex" Hopeful true-life stories of people who have successfully moved from desiring chastity to actually living it Practical tools, habits, and strategies to live more virtuously with joy and freedom Dating Detox:  40 Days of Perfecting Love in

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Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles in the Lives of the Saints

Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles is one of the most amazing Catholic books of the past century, for here in one volume are hundreds of true stories of miraculous phenomena in the lives of the Saints. Easy to read, this book is referenced and indexed, making it a real treasury of miracles. The author, a…

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Works of Love Are Works of Peace

…Thirst" letter on prayer never before published Other quotes and spiritual counsel from Mother Teresa The ideal gift book as a lasting keep-sake Works of Love Are Works of Peace Share the love of the lives of Mother Teresa's sisters Over 180 photographs Stunning coffee-table style book 9 x 10.5

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