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Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

…sexuality—for the unmarried man as well as for the married man. He shows that true manliness is not opposed to love but thrives on it. Father Richards stresses that a relationship with Christ reveals the meaning of a man’s life and his identity as a man. He inspires men to become the…

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Black St. Christopher Rosary [Black]

This unique rosary features black beads in a striking, unusual shape, and a St. Christopher centerpiece. A perfect gift idea for a young man or for anyone with a devotion to St. Christopher.  Black rosary St. Christopher centerpiece Uniquely-shaped beads 19" (L)


Man of God Tray

An attractive valet tray makes a meaningful gift for a priest, deacon or any man of God. Gold foil stamped words of inspiration: “The Man of God - Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:10” This is perfect for a desk or shelf,…

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The Gospel Told By The Animals

…voice to the animals from the Gospel! "Who is this child who has just been born in my poor stable?" wonders the old ox. "Who is this man whom even the winds and the sea obey?" the fish asks himself. "Who then is this king riding on my back?" marvels the trembling little…


Catholicism Series DVD Set

…5 DVD Set, each DVD contains 2 episodes - each episode 50-60 min   Episode topics include: 1. Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God Become Man 2. Happy Are WE: The Teachings of Jesus 3. The Ineffable Mystery of God: That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought 4. Our Tainted Nature's…

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Personalized Eagle Scout Keepsake Box

This personalized linden wood box has been designed especially for Boy Scouts who have been advanced to the level of Eagle Scout.  On the box top is an engraved depiction of the Eagle Scout medal that each Boy Scout receives when awarded the Eagle Scout honor.   The name of your Eagle…

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The Seven Deadly Sins & Learning the Virtues (2 Book Set)

…Guardini, a German priest hailed by Pope Benedict XVI as “a great figure” who “aspired to the truth of God and to the truth of man,” leads you from a consideration of virtue in itself to a discussion of each of the key virtues that will make you holy and lead you to God. Here…

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Manual for Men

…in the life of every man •    Why fatherhood, fully understood, is so crucial for every man •    The value of devotion to a patron saint (complete with 10 manly suggestions) •    Most importantly, how men have the perfect model of man in Jesus Christ, and…

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Hematite St. Benedict Blessing Bracelet For Men [Black]

…follow His example and be fearless in knowing you do not carry your cross alone, for “as iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens another” and “…though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him… a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”…


St. Michael Badge Blue Wood Rosary [Blue]

Honor a courageous man in the police force or armed forces with this durable St. Michael rosary. An engraving of the much implored petition, “St. Michael, protect us,” encircles the image of St. Michael with his hand on a serviceman’s shoulder. The badge shaped medal creates a…


St. Joseph Wood Bead Rosary

…instinctively of St. Joseph. Modest yet intricate, they bring to mind the hardworking man who was both a simple carpenter and the privileged foster father of Jesus. A thoughtful gift for any boy or man who wishes to grow in devotion to St. Joseph and Our Lady. Accompanied by a prayer…


Manual for Men & Be A Man! -Becoming The Man God Created You To Be (2 Book Set)

…Ultrasoft Pages: 336 Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be ISBN: 9781586174033 Author: Fr. Larry Richards Format: Softcover Pages: 196 Language: English Manual for Men  Why fatherhood, fully understood, is so crucial for every man. Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be…

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Catholic Men’s Bible

…for Your Life Men Strengthen Men Sex is Holy The Courage to Be a Man What a Good Man is Like Just Do It! The combination of Holy Scripture with Fr. Larry's instructional selections gives you a new and easy way to become the man God intended you to be by incorporating Bible study into your daily…

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The Everlasting Man

…Chesterton was a man with strong opinions and a genius for defending them. Nevertheless his exuberant personality allowed him to maintain warm friendships with such people as George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells—men with whom he strongly disagreed. In fact The Everlasting Man is a rebuttal…


Religion of the Plain Man

This book, [Benson] writes, “is intended for the ‘man in the street,’ who, after all, has a certain claim on our consideration, since Jesus Christ came to save his soul.” And for the man in the street, the greatest obstacle to accepting the truth of the Catholic Faith lies…


Christ as Fisher Man Figure

A unique depiction of Christ on a boat symbolizing Him as a Fisherman. Measures 11.25"H 9.25"W 4.75"D and made from a resin/stone mix. Includes the verse "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men" etched within the waves.


Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame

Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame. Comes in four sizes. 6x10.5 (2222247), 10x16.5 (2222248), 14x24 (2222249), 17x28 (2222250)


Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame

Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame. Comes in four sizes. 6x10.5 (2222247), 10x16.5 (2222248), 14x24 (2222249), 17x28 (2222250)


Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame

Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame. Comes in four sizes. 6x10.5 (2222247), 10x16.5 (2222248), 14x24 (2222249), 17x28 (2222250)


Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame

Man of Sorrows w/ Dark Ornate Frame. Comes in four sizes. 6x10.5 (2222247), 10x16.5 (2222248), 14x24 (2222249), 17x28 (2222250)


Silver Tone Man of God Cross [Multicolor]

…masculine looking necklace makes a great gift to any man who aspires to live a life for God. The 24 inch chain is durable and the stainless steel cross is sleek and simple. Comes with a deluxe gift box and a reflection on being a man of God.  Masculine cross necklace Simple, bold statement…


Joseph, The Man Who Raised Jesus

…how overwhelming it must have been for Joseph to be asked to stand in the Father’s place! No man has ever been asked to do so in such an unthinkable way. Every priest, and certainly every man who is a father (biologically or otherwise), should take this to heart. Caster’s book will…


Man and Woman He Created Them

…Before his present appointment, he was Associate Professor of New Testament at the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife have eight children. Man and Woman He Created Them The catecheses of Song of Songs and Tobit: a comparison between the delivered text and the longer original pre-Papal text…


Padre Pio - Miracle Man DVD

This movie captures the Capuchin friar's intense faith and devotion, and deep spiritual concern for others, as well as his great compassion for the sick and suffering. It reveals the amazing details and events in Padre Pio's life as a boy and throughout his 50 years as a monk, dramatizing the…

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