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  1. Man Of God


Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

…their relationship with God. This exceptional book speaks clearly and directly, challenging men to live their faith with courage and conviction. Be a Man is a spiritual wake-up call that offers a refreshingly honest presentation of what it means to be a man of God. With a unique blend of humor,…

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In Conversation With God - Vol. 4 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 13-23

…message of Christ in the ordinary circumstances of the day. Topics include: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time: Love for God Death and life Don't look back The value of one just man God's Silence Missed opportunities The infinite value of the Mass Habitual mortifications New Wine Fourteenth Week in…


Meet Your Spiritual Father

…(as Jesus did) to the Just Man, the Blessed Virgin Mary's most chaste and humble spouse and your spiritual father. Meet Your Spiritual Father Author: Dr. Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. Learn the treasures of having an intimate relationship with the father of the Son of God Down-to-earth practical wisdom…


Mary: God's Yes to Man

…means becoming Marian, imitating Mary's unconditional Yes which is ever anew the place of God's birth, the 'fullness of time.'"  — Pope Benedict XVI Mary: God's Yes to Man  Pope John Paul's encyclical on the Blessed Mother A beautiful, thought-provoking work With…


The Everlasting Man

…Chesterton was a man with strong opinions and a genius for defending them. Nevertheless his exuberant personality allowed him to maintain warm friendships with such people as George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells—men with whom he strongly disagreed. In fact The Everlasting Man is a rebuttal…

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Joseph, The Man Who Raised Jesus

…ever-expanding awareness of the God that had changed both their lives. The reciprocity of love that perfectly defines the home in Nazareth is the very pattern for all family life—and therefore of the Church itself. Let Fr. Gary Caster introduce you to the man who risked everything to care for…


Joseph of Nazareth -The Story of the Man Closest to Christ (DVD)

…St. Joseph was a "just man", and that God gave him the most daunting task ever asked of a man - to be the husband of the woman who would give birth to the Messiah, and the father and protector of this Holy Family, the man closest to Christ. Starring Tobias Moretti in a manly, appealing performance,…


Saint Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty & the Man Who Transformed the Church

…for God in every moment and glimpsing His presence in all creation. If you want to see the hidden life of the greatest saint, if you want to hear his thoughts, if you want to feel the fervor that blazed within his soul, you must read  St. Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty, and the Man who…


Signposts: How to Be a Catholic Man in the World Today

…Either way, they offer men the opportunity to grow in their love for God, the church, and their families, and to joyfully embrace the call to live an authentic Christian life. Signposts: How to Be a Catholic Man in the World Today Features thought-provoking questions to challenge Catholic…


The Mystery of God: Who God Is And Why He Matters (Leader Guide)

…person: the crucified Jesus, through whom God enters our suffering and makes it his own. LESSON 5 – EXPLORING THE TRINITY The most important event in human history took place when God, infinite and incomprehensible, became a finite and familiar man, Jesus Christ. While some people reduce Jesus…


The Mystery of God: Who God Is And Why He Matters (DVD)

…person: the crucified Jesus, through whom God enters our suffering and makes it his own. LESSON 5 – EXPLORING THE TRINITY The most important event in human history took place when God, infinite and incomprehensible, became a finite and familiar man, Jesus Christ. While some people reduce Jesus…


Learning the Virtues That Lead You to God

…“a great figure” who “aspired to the truth of God and to the truth of man,” leads you from a consideration of virtue in itself to a discussion of each of the key virtues that will make you holy and lead you to God. Here you’ll learn how to begin practicing the virtues…

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Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Life of Praise to God

…through visions or words she heard.   Instead, she presented a message to modern man through her own life of fidelity, showing us that the true road to contemplative prayer is not an ascent to grasp God, but a descent into the depths of one’s heart.   She teaches us that only by…


In Conversation With God - Vol. 3 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 1-12

…apostolate Getting to Heaven Defending the Family With the Simplicity of Children Eighth Week in Ordinary Time: Today's task God's love for men Triumph over death The Rich Young Man Generosity and Detachment Learning to Serve The Faith of Bartimaeus Love means deeds: Apostolate The Right and the…


St. Francis of Assisi Statue - 18"

…bring peace to the atmosphere of any room. Vibrant colors and the shiny finish give a heavenly feel to the representation of this inspiring man of God. Don’t forget to ask for the saint’s protection and intercession whenever you pass by him!  Large, full color St. Francis statue…

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St. Gabriel Archangel Veronese Statue, Bronzed 4 inch [Brown]

…the Archangel has an heirloom quality look and feel. All of the features are realistic and exquisite for its petite size. Gabriel means “man of God”.  The Saint’s feast day is September 29 and appropriately, he is the patron of communications workers considering he was the…


Spirit Warriors Action Figures - David

This King David action figure is a wonderful way to make Bible stories come to life! King David was a righteous man, a warrior, a king, and a man after God's own heart. With loads of King David's adventures recorded in the Bible, your child will have no shortage of playtime inspiration with…

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Mary In The Bible and In Our Lives

…unabridged doctrine of the Word become flesh, God made man, and about man's vocation to eternal communion with God. Fr. Stinissen shows how Mariology corrects any attempt to minimize the gospel of God who became man so that man should become like God. As Christ is God-with-man, so Mary is…


Francis: Pope of a New World

…up to the final hours before his election--the most highly regarded Vatican observer on the international scene reveals the personality of this man of God, gentle and humble. The son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, he made radically following Christ and the way of non-violence the pillars of his…


A House Blessing - Christ Knocking - Prayer Card

…and bless each place of rest; and bless each door that opens wide to stranger as to kin; and bless each crystal window pane that lets the starlight in; and bless the rooftree overhead and every sturdy wall, the peace of man, the peace of God, the peace of love on all. Arthur Guiterman Made in Italy!


Irish Home Blessing Cross - 8 inches [Grey]

…And bless each crystal windowpane That lets the starlight in ... And bless the roof-tree overhead, And every sturdy wall -- The peace of man, the peace of God, The peace of love on all." Irish blessing Unique wall cross For faith and heritage Perfect for new homeowners Cross: 6.5" (W) x…

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Sleeping Saint Joseph Figure

…this tradition reminds us to unite with Saint Joseph as he lifts up our petitions to God.  Sleeping Saint Joseph statue A man of silence and obedience Place your prayers under the statue Trust in the Word of God Join Pope Francis in his devotion to the Sleeping St. Joseph Statue: 4.75 x 3.75 x…


Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation

…to win the battle against temptation Cast off the shackles of impurity and find freedom by pursuing authentic love. Learn to become a man of virtue and the man God created you to be.   About the Author:  Everett Fritz  has dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel with others since he…


Sterling Silver St. Joseph Medal on 24" Chain [Silver]

This St. Joseph medal is the perfect size for any man with a special devotion to St. Joseph, the man God chose to be the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the earthly father of his divine son, Jesus. Because of this important role that St. Joseph served in salvation history, many have a special…

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