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  1. Marriage Books


The Seven Levels of Intimacy: The Art of Loving and the Joy of Being Loved (Audio Book)

…Have Great Relationships Designing A Great Relationship Don't Just Hope The Seven Levels of Intimacy: The Art of Loving and the Joy of Being Loved (Audio Book) Learn what true intimacy really is Discover how to give and receive true love Simple and powerful 5 CD set Each disc approx 1 hour


Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage (DVD)

…group viewing and discussion. Discussion questions help readers apply the material to their own lives. Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage (DVD) A series designed to build stronger, healthier marriages and families Learn to cultivate life-nurturing love Ideal gift for any woman

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Woman of Grace: A Bible Study for Married Women

…is provided in the back.   Michaelann Martin  is the co-author of  Fa mily Matters: A Bible Study on Marriage and Family  and of  The Catholic Parent Book of Feasts  and  Girl's Night Out: Having Fun with Your Daughter While Raising a Woman of God . She…


Grace Before Meals & Spicing Up Married Life (2 Book Set)

…he’s challenged us even further to improve and grow upon the foundation of our family: our marriage. Whether you have no kids or twenty, Fr. Leo stirs the pot and shows how making your marriage better than ever can bring you, your spouse, and your entire family closer to God. -Greg and…


Three to Get Married

…crises in marriage, the author concludes with touching real-life stories of the transformation of lives through marriage. The ultimate aim of this work is to show that our Blessed Lord is to be the third and primary person in every marriage if it is to be a successful, loving marriage. Contens: The…

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God's Plan for You - Life, Love, Sex and Marriage

…explanation of God's plan for life, love, marriage, and sex, in light of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body, (often referred to simply as TOB). That's exactly what God's Plan for You provides. This is a useful update to a very popular book that works well for individual reading…

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For Better...Forever: A Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage

…great, we say, but is a "for better, forever" marriage even really possible? Especially today, in a world where even the definition of "marriage" is unclear. In this new, revised and expanded edition of the best-selling book For Better…Forever , Dr. Greg and his wife Lisa…

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The Marriage God Wants for You: Why the Sacrament Makes All the Difference

…God intended marriage to be a sacrament. The Lord wants couples to rely on his promise to be present in their day-to-day lives, and he wants to give them the grace to live out a covenantal love that mirrors the love of the Trinity. Rather than simply a defense of marriage, this book presents the…


Build Your House Upon Rock: A Bible Study for Catholics Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage

…Catholic marriage rooted in God. You’ll learn what God says a good marriage requires. You’ll get challenged to reflect on your own ideas of marriage, faith, and virtue. You’ll uncover the hopes and fears that can help and hinder your marriage. You’ll discover how marriage is…

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Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church

…Church's teachings. Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church Edited by Robert Dodaro Explores primary biblical texts pertaining to divorce and remarriage Examines the teachings and practices prevalent in the early church of civil marriages following divorce


A Year with Mary Mug and Book Set

Give the gift of a book that can change your life and a mug that will make your day! Book: Books about the Blessed Virgin abound, yet the words of St. Bernard of Clairvaux still ring true: “Of Mary, there is never enough!” She is a mystery that faithful Christians seek to understand more…

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How to Listen When God is Speaking & Discerning the Will of God (2 Book Set)

…are three important parts to this book: Preparation, Discernment, and Fruit. Find God's will for you in the choices that life offers! Drawing from the timeless methods of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and richly illustrated with examples and stories, this book offers straightforward guidance for…


Single and Catholic Book & St. Anthony, Finder of Love Statue (Set)

…Catholic life in the midst of a world that doesn't value marriage (or the chaste single state), and maybe family members keep asking them, "So, when are you going to get married?" This is the perfect gift set for them. The book Single and Catholic will encourage and direct them in…

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Hints of Heaven & What The Saints Said About Heaven (2 Book Set)

…salvation of your neighbor's soul? The Two Sons: The dangers of agnosticism. Are you guilty? You may be astonished at the answer. The Marriage of the King's Son: Why frequent reception of the sacraments is necessary for dwelling at the wedding feast. The Ten Virgins: There's…


The American Catholic Almanac & 7 Lies about Catholic History (2 Book Set)

…prayers of the Virgin Mary and the Ursuline Sisters? -Five Franciscans died in sixteenth-century Georgia defending the Church’s teachings on marriage? -Jack Kerouac died wanting to be known as a Catholic and not only as a beat poet? -Catholic missionaries lived in Virginia 36 years before the…


Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage: Faith-Filled Ways to a Better Relationship

…relationship. Holy Marriage, Happy Marriage: Faith-Filled Ways to a Better Relationship Perspectives and insights from both husband and wife on how a strong faith creates a strong relationship Time-tested solutions rooted in Scripture that offer hope to even challenged marriages Wonderful, practical…

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How To Heal Your Marriage-And Nurture Lasting Love

…sanctification. That’s why this book isn’t just about saving your marriage — it’s about transforming it into a joyful, loving relationship. In these pages, psychotherapist Gregory Popcak shows you how to heal the hurt in your marriage and develop the crucial…


God Is Love (Deus Caritas Est) [Softcover]

…justice express love. An excellent reflection for both religious and civic leaders, those involved in ministry and those preparing for marriage. This book is available in either hardcover (Item #1111247) or softcover (Item #1011246) God Is Love (Deus Caritas Est) Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical…


The Gospel of the Family

…period. But is this something the Church can even authorize? As the Church enters into the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family, this book takes up the Kasper Proposal and sorts the helpful from the problematic. Never separating pastoral concerns from doctrinal considerations,…


Fight the Good Fight (DVD)

…schools How the Bible is the best selling book every year How God started marriage and family Why teens need to have a vision of life How to overcome peer pressure and moral relativism Compromising values How to imitate good example Why sex outside of marriage is not only dangerous but unlawful To…

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Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner

…Family Planning in light of the Church’s teachings. Invited will bring couples closer using faith and fun to build a foundation of marriage modeled after Christ as the true bridegroom of the Church. Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner Bride and groom perspective Church-approved…


The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth [Book]

…the world. He illustrates how the heavenly worship found in the Book of Revelation is really an account of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb - a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Beautifully written in clear, direct language, this book by bestselling Catholic author Scott Hahn will help readers see…


Daily Companion for Married Couples

…saints which begin the days in this book will provide comfort and guidance for married couples to live their vocation to the fullest. A brief reflection and prayer complete this dynamic daily practice.   Daily Companion for Married Couples Special book for married couples Helps married couples…

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Marry Him and Be Submissive

…yeah…and here’s why it will lead to a more fulfilling marriage and life!   In Marry Him and Be Submissive, Costanza Miriano dishes on all the hurdles and difficulties that real women face in dating, marriage, and motherhood. In a series of letters to her closest friends, Miriano…

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