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  1. Mary In The Bible And In Our Lives

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Mary In The Bible and In Our Lives

…on the spiritual life have been translated into multiple languages. Among his works available in English are Into Your Hands, Father ; Nourished by the Word : Reading the Bible Contemplatively ; and The Gift of Spiritual Direction .   Mary In The Bible and In Our Lives Measures: 4.75" x 7.25"

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Courageous Women - A Study on the Heroines of Biblical History

…deeply, be challenged to grow in godliness, and discover that the struggles these women faced are strikingly similar to those we face today. Modern day women can draw strength from the intriguing lives of Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Ruth, Hannah, Esther, Judith and Mary to name a few. At the end of each…

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Mary "Be Faithful" Bible

…way to grow in faith and daily devotion. Soft. leather-like cover with a satin ribbon tab.  © Copyright 2018 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Watercolor printed, leather-look NAB-RE Bible Live God's Word faithfully Unique gift for a special day Ask for Our Lady's guidance…

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Catholic Women's Bible

…The Catholic Women's Bible is designed to help women deepen their spirituality and prayer lives by combining the trusted NABRE version with 84 full-page meditation inserts -- written for women by women.  Our situations and circumstances may differ, but our longings, fears, hopes and…


OL Undoer of Knots "Be Forgiving" Bible

Mary, under the title of Our Lady Undoer of Knots, helps us to undo the “knots” in our hearts and lives that prevent us from loving God and others. A lovely watercolor image of Our Lady, paired with the charge to “Be Forgiving,” turns a bible into a unique sacramental gift.…


The Holy Spirit: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

…is the relationship between the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Trinity? How did the Holy Spirit empower Mary and others in the New Testament? What role does the Holy Spirit play in our spiritual lives? Written to be used by groups or individuals, each session includes catechesis, discussion, and a call…


Meditations To Grow In Self-Esteem

…love others selflessly when we don't love ourselves and know our own worth. The Bible tells us in countless ways that God loves us. Praying with and meditating on the Word of God can become your daily path for living in the light of God's love. The Just a Minute series of small books…


Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions

…title in the Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions series, is an exciting resource for teachers in classrooms; parents, caretakers and homeschool instructors in homes; and catechists in religious education programs who want to integrate the faith into the daily lives of…

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The Reason for the Seasons & Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions (2 Book Set)

…title in the Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions series, is an exciting resource for teachers in classrooms; parents, caretakers and homeschool instructors in homes; and catechists in religious education programs who want to integrate the faith into the daily lives of…

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Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose

…of the Mass; My Favorite Prayer; Our Father; Offering; Embrace the Gift) The Bible (Where Did the Bible Come From?; Jesus; The Power of the Word; Stories; Questions; Prayers; "Dad, if you really love me...") Fasting (The Death of Discipline; Fasting in the Scriptures; The History of…


Jesus Our Savior- The Story of God's Son for Children

…the faith formation of children in grades 3 through 5. At this precious time in their lives, having a book that speaks to them about who Jesus was, and how he lived his life, can cultivate a richer Catholic identity. The story is told in narrative biography style and in an easy-to-read, easy-to-hold…

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Walking With Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross

…vocation, Mary remains a woman we can relate to and from whom we have much to learn. In Walking with Mary , Edward Sri looks at the crucial passages in the Bible concerning Mary and offers insight about the Blessed Mother's faith and devotion that we can apply in our daily lives. We follow…



…the meaning of Christ's death in light of the Old Testament figures, rites, and sacrifices that foreshadowed it. Healy explains that Hebrews, when fully understood, transforms our understanding of who God is, what he has done for us, and how we are to live as Christians today. Hebrews Measures:…


Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

…Holy Scriptures. Our Lady's Psalter For centuries, the Rosary was known as "Our Lady's Psalter." In the Middle Ages, common lay people wanted to join their prayers with the Holy Monks who daily recited the Psalms. In time, the Rosary developed around the recitation of 150 Hail Mary's, one for each…


100 Holy Hours for Women

…and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Christ waits for us, every day, in the Eucharist. But, in the chaos of our lives, we often find it difficult to draw near to him. Even when we make the time to be in his presence, we lose focus, become distracted, or grow impatient with ourselves.…


Spe Salvi Pamphlet (Spanish 50 Pack)

…early Christians who lived in a world of false gods and mythologies, but so much is still the same. Pope Benedict reminds us of this timeless connection to the early church in his encyclical, "Spe Salvi: In Hope We are Saved." (Rom. 8:24) This Spanish editiion of Saved in Hope  (…

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The Proverbs Explained & A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (2 Book Set)

…fair. In these pages, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, host of EWTN Live, will help you make the most of the treasure-trove of practical advice found in the Book of Proverbs. He explains in a succinct and readable way how God’s blessing is related to our behavior, how you can be like God, and how to live in

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Angels & Saints and The Protestant's Dilemma (2 Book Set)

…is called to live. Still, their lives are as different from one another as human lives can be. Dr. Hahn shows the heavenly Church in all its kaleidoscopic diversity—from Moses to Mary, Augustine to Therese, and the first century to the last century. Only saints will live in heaven. We need…

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Handbook for Today's Catholic

…(The Trinity, Jesus, Mary, Saints, Sacraments, etc) Practices (Ten Commandments, Confession, Communion, Liturgical Seasons, etc) Prayers (Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Stations of the Cross, Angelus, Rosary, Creeds, Order of the Mass, etc) Living the Faith in the Spirit of Vatican…


Forty Anti-Catholic Lies: A Myth Busting Apologist Sets the Record Straight

…told that Catholics . . . Still live in the Dark Ages Reject modern ideas of justice Oppress women Oppose free speech Killed thousands during the Inquisition Take orders from the pope Reject science Worship statues and the Virgin Mary Added books to the Bible Invented purgatory Wrongly call priests…


Three to Get Married

…marriage. In addition to presenting the causes of and solutions to crises in marriage, the author concludes with touching real-life stories of the transformation of lives through marriage. The ultimate aim of this work is to show that our Blessed Lord is to be the third and primary person in every…


The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

…to her real world challenges as a Catholic Mom. (Listen to our interview with Lisa Hendey about The Handbook for Catholic Moms!) Contributors to The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Sharmane Adams, Susan Bailey, Rachel Balducci, Mary Ellen Barrett, Danielle Bean, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle,…

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My Confirmation Book

…and children their own age will help kids become more familiar with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and learn how the gifts can be active in their own lives. The apostolic mission of a confirmed Catholic is emphasized and readers are reminded that the sacrament of Confirmation is exciting—the…


Less Than a Minute To Go

…the line...and you have Less Than a Minute to Go. Dr. Bill Thierfelder is President of Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina. He lives outside of Charlotte, NC with his wife, Mary, and their ten children. Less Than A Minute to Go Author: Dr. Bill Thierfelder Learn how to perform at your…