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  1. Mary Untied Of Knots Marriage Prayer

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Mary Undoer of Knots Marriage Prayer Card, Pack of 50

…of Mary untying knots goes back to the second century and was understood as Mary untying the knot of sin and disobedience created by Eve.  These prayer cards are perfect for teaching and sharing the treasures of our faith.  Features a beautiful marriage prayer.   Mary Undoer of Knots


Mary Untier of Knots Prayers

In addition to the Mary Untier of Knots Novena , there are other prayers associated with this devotion. The most common are the prayer for Personal Troubles , the Prayer for Strengthening of Marriages, and the two Pope Francis prayers to Our Lady Undoer of Knots . Prayer for Personal Troubles Mother…

The Mary Untier of Knots Painting Explained

…Our Lady untying the knots of a white wedding ribbon. This painting played an significant role in the history of Mary Undoer of Knots Devotion . A German nobleman, Wolfgang Langenmantel was distressed when he found his wife Sophia was planning to divorce him. To save his marriage, Wolfgang sought…

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