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  1. Meal Prayer Card

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Prayer Before Meals Holy Card

Prayer Before Meals Holy Card Traditional Catholic Blessing Made in Italy  Details These prayer cards feature a beautiful image of the Resurrected Christ looking upward toward His Heavenly Father.  The reverse side is printed with the traditional Catholic Prayer Before Meals.  It…


Home Blessings - St. Benedict with Color Image

…is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage "walk in God's ways, with the Gospel as our guide," as St. Benedict admonishes us. Home Blessing of St. Benedict Unique sacramental for the home or car Features St. Benedict medals Spanish prayer card Great for doorknobs…


This Advent Activity Set Will Transform Your Child's Advent

…Advent Card Set for Kids. [caption id="attachment_32756" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Click the image to shop our Advent Kids Card Pack[/caption] This dynamic Advent activity set includes a boxed series of colorful cards designed to introduce children to the traditions, prayers, and feasts…

Oplatki Christmas Tradition

…images, such as the Nativity. HOW TO CELEBRATE THE OPLATKI TRADITION The Oplatki are enjoyed by families, typically right before the Christmas Eve meal. The entire family will gather around the table with the Oplatek. Generally the eldest member of the family will begin the ritual by breaking off a…

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How To Celebrate As A Catholic When It’s Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine’s Day

…“When fasting, a person is permitted to eat one full meal, as well as two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.” You can still take your loved one on a date. Just pick a seafood dinner, and make sure it’s your only full meal of the day. Don’t forget to put on your little black…

Advent & Christmas Traditions: Oplatki Christmas Wafers

…and friendship in many cultures. The Oplatki reminds us of this symbol of communion common to humanity, as well as in a fuller way the Eucharistic meal that Catholics participate in at each Mass. Just as Christians share in the Eucharist as one family in Christ, the Oplatki wafer allows for one's…

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day: Facts & Celebration Ideas

…traditional Mexican meal. Decorate your table with colorful flowers in bright reds and pinks, blues and greens, and together recite the prayer (below) to Our Lady written by Pope St. John Paul II. You can purchase a framed image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as prayer cards to distribute,…

6 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Patron Saint

…PATRON SAINT 1. Pray daily asking the intercession of your saint(s). Find special prayers to them, or written by them, and pray these daily. If this is not available, compose your own special prayer. Keep prayer cards, statues, framed prints, or other devotional items featuring their image in your…

How to Plan a Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony at Your Home

…sharing this important moment with you and your family. For example, have the priest bless Sacred Heart of Jesus medals or Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer cards and give those out to your guests. You can find these and other inexpensive Sacred Heart devotional tokens here. The benefit of making this…

A Catholic's Guide to Halloween

…out holy cards, have a party with saint-based activities or costumes for kids. On All Saints Day thank the saints for what they have done for you; adorn their altars and images with flowers, venerate their relics, recite special prayers and litanies in their honor. Enjoy a special meal with loved…