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St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Highway Visor Clip [Silver]

This rosary clip is ready to hang and features two wonderful saints for protection while driving, St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Highway. Acts as a simple reminder for us to keep our hands steady and our eyes on the road. Two medal visor clip Auto visor clip Made in the USA Lead-free pewter


St. Christopher/Son Visor Clip [Silver]

St. Christopher Visor Clip depicts St. Christopher on one side and a Guardian Angel on the other side. The Cross is in the center over the banner" Son please drive safely" A perfect and inspirational gift for the new driver!.


Blue St. Christopher Visor Clip

…and watchful behind the wheel. Great for all motorists. Features the traditional prayer: Lord, Grant me a steady hand and watchful eye that no man may be hurt as I pass by. Pewter visor clip Blue St. Christopher medal Motorist's Prayer Traditional design for all drivers Pewter visor clip Blue…


Divine Mercy Auto Rosary [Red]

…thoughtful auto rosary features a large, full color Divine Mercy image medal at the end. The faceted maroon beads will sparkle as you drive and remind you of Our Lord's merciful presence and protection. A memorable gift for frequent travelers. Divine Mercy auto rosary with clasp Faceted dark red…


St. Christopher / Our Lady of the Highway Visor Clip

…defenders, the medals provide a quick glimpse that reminds us to pray for our safety and the safe actions of others. May the angels and saints protect us and the hand of Our Lord safely guide us on our journey. Auto visor clip St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Highway medals Protect us on our…


Round St. Christopher Visor Clip [Silver]

…the Patron Saint of travelers, St. Christopher, at the center with the words "Saint Christopher Protect Us" surrounding his image.  Simple and reverent in design, this visor clip is great for any car on the road. St. Christopher medal Auto visor clip Made in the USA Lead-free pewter


St. Christopher & Miraculous Medal Visor Clip

…visor for this convenient clip. Visor has both St. Christopher and Miraculous Medal images which are surrounded by raised circle designs. This modest clip on a car's visor can be a gentle reminder of St. Christopher’s protection to young drivers and travelers. Purchase one for each new…


Four Way Medal Visor Clip [Silver]

This medal calls upon many of our heavenly protectors: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Mary, St. Christopher, and our guardian angels. Ready for hanging, this simple car accessoary is a wonderful reminder to drive safely. Four way medal Auto visor clip Made in the USA Lead-free pewter


Sacred Heart Auto Rosary [Silver]

The 5mm glass beads on this auto rosary are a mixture of red and gold giving the beads a fiery look. The centerpiece has a color image of Our Lord and His Sacred Heart. Both the center and crucifix are made of silver oxidized medal. Comes with a clasp for easy hanging and measures 6 3/4" long.

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Blue Enamel St. Michael Visor Clip for Police [Silver]

…Shield medal with blue emabeling with a police officer's prayer at the top which read, "Lord, give me the courage to face and conquer my fears. Give me strength of body to protect others and strength of spirit to lead them." St. Michael Visor clip Blue emabel medal Perfect gift for

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St. Christopher Miraculous Visor Clip [Silver]

for your car features St. Christopher and the Miraculous Medal joined by a crucifix to keep you and your passengers extra safe. This silver oxidized visor clip invokes the aid and protection of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers along with the Miraculous Medal, known around the world for

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Four Way Medal Visor Clip

…our heavenly defenders, the Four-Way medal visor clip provides a quick glimpse that reminds us to pray for our safety and the safe actions of others. May the angels and saints protect us and the hand of Our Lord safely guide us. Auto visor clip Four-Way medal Protect us on our journey Ready to…

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Miraculous Medal Keychain [Silver]

…side.  Personalized Marian keyring Catholic gift for friends and family Includes an engraved name on the reverse side Custom engraved Miraculous Medal design A Catholic Company exclusive Keychain: 2.5" x 1.5" Ring is about 1.125" diameter Personalization on the back Front medal image only


Personalized Benedict Medal Home Blessing Set [Brown]

…your family’s name, is paired with a set of knotted nylon cords with beads, medals, and a crucifix, which can hang from a doorknob or from another convenient place in the home or car.  **Strings and beads may vary. © Copyright 2018 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company…


Miraculous Medal Double-Sided Keychain, Light Blue [Blue]

The Miraculous Medal is one of the most powerful medals in Catholic tradition.  Designed by the Blessed Virgin herself, and given to Sr. (now Saint) Catherine Laboure’ to spread the devotion, with a tradition of winning extraordinary graces for those who wear it and pray for Mary’s…


St. Christopher Laminated Prayer Card with Medal

This beautiful laminated prayer card with oxidized medal features a lovely image of St. Christopher on the front and a Prayer to St. Christopher on the back. A wonderful gift for a new driver to keep in the car. Made in Italy.


Blue Enameled Miraculous Medal Keychain [Blue]

Medal comes on a chain and round ring, perfect for adding to a keychain or hanging from a purse, backpack, or bag. A simple and thoughtful gift of Marian devotion that will serve as a daily reminder to ask for her intercession.  Two sided medal on chain and ring Traditional Miraculous Medal

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Blue Miraculous Medal Swivel Key Chain [Blue]

…a small yet thoughtful gift for family and friends for any occasion. The Miraculous Medal can also be blessed by a priest. Comes with a tiny booklet explaining the Miraculous Medal and includes Marian prayers. Decorative Catholic key ring Features the Miraculous Medal Imported from Italy Approx:…

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Holy Family Pendant Medal - Pack of 25

…of 25 medals in your home, in your purse, or in the car, and pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance on who needs to receive a medal! A beautiful and simple way to spread devotion to the Holy Family.  Set of 25 medals Celebrate and spread devotion to the Holy Family Beautiful mini-gift for friends…


Large Miraculous Medal Decade Auto Rosary [Creamy white]

…in reflection. The full color Miraculous Medal image on the decade's cross adds a unique touch and reminds us to ask for Our Lady's graces as we drive.  Large bead decade rosary with Miraculous Medal cross Hand crafted design from Italy Ask for Our Lady to shower graces on your travels…


Gilt Gold and Aqua Enameled St. Benedict Medal Key Chain [Multi-Colored]

…pocket or purse.  (Search "St. Benedict" for hundreds of related gifts and more about St. Benedict.)   St. Benedict Medal Keychain Simple, thoughtful gift Made in Loreto, Italy Made of gilt gold and enamel Handy size for slipping into pocket or purse Made of gilt gold and…


St. Benedict Pewter & Black Enamel Visor Clip

This pewter and black enamel St. Benedict medal car visor is the perfect addition to any vehicle. The St. Benedict medal is attributed as a prayer for strength in times of temptation, a prayer for peace, a prayer that the Cross of Christ guide us, a prayer of rejection against all that is evil, a…


St. Christopher Scapular with short cord

…wool scapular with short thick cord for hanging from your rearview mirror. Features St. Christopher medal, crucifix and accompanying prayers.  St. Christopher Auto Scapular Includes Crucifix and St. Christopher medal Short cord made for hanging in the car Cord measures 5.5” in length 100%…

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Home Blessings - St. Jude

for the home or car Features popular Catholic medals Multi-color wood beads Great for doorknob Blessings card is in Spanish Details An ancient ritual that calls upon God's blessing over the dwelling, its inhabitants, and all who enter, this house blessing consists of Saint Jude medals, Our Lady…

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