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  1. Meet Your Spiritual Father

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Meet Your Spiritual Father

…Man, the Blessed Virgin Mary's most chaste and humble spouse and your spiritual father. Meet Your Spiritual Father Author: Dr. Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. Learn the treasures of having an intimate relationship with the father of the Son of God Down-to-earth practical wisdom in an easy-to-read book…

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In Heaven We'll Meet Again & God's World And Our Place In It (2 Book Set)

…are. If you’re already Christian, you’ll come to understand your faith better, learn to explain it to others, and grow in gratitude for God’s gift of this world and the glorious role He has called you to play in it.   Dimensions & Specifications: In Heaven We'll Meet

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In Heaven We'll Meet Again: The Saints and Scripture on our Heavenly Reunion

…testimony in these beautiful pages assuage your grief and renew your hope! Let them increase your gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ whose death on the Cross opened heaven for us, and made these heavenly reunions possible! In Heaven We'll Meet Again: The Saints and Scripture on our Heavenly…


The Angels and Their Mission

…these early Fathers of the Church, the late French Cardinal Jean Daniélou has drawn forth threads of knowledge and wisdom which he has here woven into a lucid and bright tapestry that shows us who the ministering angels really are, and how—in every instant and in every way—they are working for your

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Lord of the World & Saints Who Battled Satan (2 Book Set)

…men into a final apocalyptic conflict.   Saints Who Battled Satan: The war is on. The Devil plots to defeat you. Meet some battle-tested warriors who fight at your side.  Satan is real. He’s a formidable foe who wants to snatch us away from God, and the thought of doing battle…

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Roses Among Thorns & The Sign of the Cross (2 Book Set)

…Advice for Renewing Your Spiritual Journey A short practical guide that will help you take the next step on your spiritual journey The Sign of the Cross: The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language Traces the origins of the Sign of the Cross back to the Fathers of the Church, the…

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The Sign of the Cross: The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language

…itself, there are few topics to which the Fathers testify as universally and unanimously as the pious practice of making, frequently and well, the Sign of the Cross. With the help of these holy pages, the saints’ love for it will enkindle yours. Soon you’ll be saying with St. Jerome,…


Catechism and Compendium Set

…Catholic household. It's also the perfect gift for graduation, Confirmation, birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's or Father's Day. (And a great addition to your own library to help you learn even more about the Church and be better able to explain its beliefs to others!)   The…


Pope Francis in Latin America: He Needs Your Prayers

…the Assumption. July 12: He will celebrate morning Mass at Nu Guazu followed by the Angelus, then have a lunchtime meeting with Paraguay's bishops followed by an early evening meeting with youth on the Costanera boardwalk, before departing for Rome at 7 pm local time. July 13: The pope is scheduled…

99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience

…Have I been willfully distracted during Mass? 27. Do I distract others during Mass? 28. Have I done unnecessary work on Sunday? “Honor your father and your mother.” 29. Have I disobeyed, insulted, or shown disrespect to my parents or legitimate superiors? 30. Did I neglect my duties to my husband,…

What to Do After Making Your Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

…the wrist, neck, or ankle. Read more here . ENROLL IN THE CONFRATERNITY OF MARY, QUEEN OF ALL HEARTS Once you have made your consecration, to assist you in living out your consecration to Jesus through Mary, it is rec­ommended to jjoin the Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts which has…

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Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

…Me; yet, not My will but Yours be done." Finding the disciples asleep: "Could you not watch one hour with me?" Jesus is betrayed by Judas, cruelly bound and led away. Father, by the merits of the agony of Jesus in the Garden, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Spiritual Fruit: Mortification of…

Tips For a Holier New Year: Day 1 – The Bare Minimum

…our spiritual lives in 2018. His words reminded me of Saint Francis de Sales’s simple approach to holiness. We’ve combined Father Coffey’s practical words with Saint Francis de Sales’s long-standing traditions to bring you these Tips for a Holier New Year. As a Navy chaplain, Father Joe introduced…

Highlights from Pope Francis’ 3rd Day in the USA (NYC)

…absolute minimum has three names: lodging, labour, and land; and one spiritual name: spiritual freedom, which includes religious freedom, the right to education and all other civil rights." Read the full Address of the Holy Father to the United Nations (it was really great!). SECOND STOP: 9/11…

Devotion to Our Lady's Seven Sorrows

…which tried your troubled heart at the loss of your dear Jesus. Dear Mother, by your heart so full of anguish, obtain for me the virtue of chastity and the gift of knowledge. Hail Mary… 4. I grieve for you, O Mary most sorrowful, in the consternation of your heart at meeting Jesus as He…

Our Lady of Sorrows: A Reflection on the Sufferings of Mary

…like to share an excerpt from "Our Lady of Sorrows" by Fr. Paul Haffner (Inside the Vatican, September 2004): “This feast is dedicated to the spiritual martyrdom of Mary, Mother of God, and her compassion with the sufferings of her Divine Son, Jesus. In her sufferings as co-redeemer, she reminds…

Prayers to St. Benedict of Nursia

…take my present need under your special protection (mention here). Vouchsafe to recommend it to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before the throne of Jesus. Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted. Above all, obtain for me the grace to one day meet God face to face, and with you…

Holy Smokes: Why Catholics Use Incense in Worship

…seasoned with salt, pure and holy;  and you shall beat some of it very small, and put part of it before the testimony in the tent of meeting where I shall meet with you; it shall be for you most holy. And the incense which you shall make according to its composition, you shall not make for…

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9 Ways To Turn Mindfulness Into "God-full-ness"

…have revealed them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. 5. Get on your knees. I was recently at a meeting for parents of children preparing to receive First Holy Communion at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC. Father Reid, the pastor, explained that the communion rail at the church is…

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony in 12 Steps

…as a way for families to prepare for and respond to the spiritual initiatives of the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, attended by Pope Francis. Read more: How to Plan a Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement Ceremony at Your Home Ceremony Materials To obtain the official printed materials…

While You Were Sleeping: St. Joseph, Pope Francis & A Good Night's Rest

…comes to patron saints and intercessors, Pope Francis has no shame playing favorites. He has made it clear in various audiences, such as his 2015 meeting with families in the Philippines, that St. Joseph is at the top of his list. From this report it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to guess that Pope…

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New Book: Encountering Truth - 186 of Pope Francis' Best Daily Homilies

…of the book is Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday which you can purchase here. It features 186 of Pope Francis' most heart-and-thought-provoking daily homilies. This is not just another book about Pope Francis - this book features the Holy Father's own spontaneous words spoken as he…

Missionaries of the Poor: Everyday Heroes

…Jamaica. Father Ho Lung was playing with three of the MOP brothers. Those men see poverty and suffering everyday, yet it does not paralyze them. On the contrary, they seem to gain strength from their work, and to recognize a need to be strong themselves, physically as well as spiritually. They enjoy…

Act of Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

…ever kept burning in our hearts by the frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist. Deign, O Divine Heart, to preside over our meetings, to bless our undertakings, both spiritual and temporal, to banish all worry and care, to sanctify our joys, and soothe our sorrows. If any of us should ever have the…