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Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye-Opening Journey Across the Life Line

A new, movie-tie in edition of the best-selling book that made national news and shocked the pro-abortion establishment when Abby Johnson, manager of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and rising star in the industry, suddenly announced she had a conversion on the life issue and was leaving that…

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In Her Footsteps: The Story of St. Kateri Tekakwitha

…USA and U.S. territories Excerpts from the Canonization Mass-30 mins St. Kateri Thanksgiving Mass in Rome - 60 mins A Reflection by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB - 15 mins Theatrical Trailer - 1 min    Dimensions &Specifications 50 Minutes This movie is Not Rated This is a Region 1 DVD


Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky-DVD

…used by advocates for the cause for the canonization of Venerable Pope Pius XII, this epic film stars acclaimed actor James Cromwell in a powerful movie about the great, often hidden struggle waged by the Pope and many others with him to save the Jews from the Nazis during WWII. After the Nazi's…

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Saint Barbara-Convert & Martyr of the Early Church

…Puerto Rico) and Canada (excluding French-speaking Canada) This DVD contains the following language options: Italian with English and Spanish subtitles This movie is Not Rated This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories).

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Saint Anthony

…preaching, the holiness of his life, his love for the poor and oppressed, and the wonders of his miracles. Actor Daniele Liotti gives a truly memorable inspiring and performance as St. Anthony. This DVD includes the following language options: Italian with English subtitles. This movie is Not Rated


Saint Rita (DVD)

…English subtitles, English dubbed version or Spanish subtitles. Also includes a special 16 page Collector's booklet! This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories) Click on the image to see additional images from scenes of the movie.

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The Seven Deadly Sins & Learning the Virtues (2 Book Set)

…(knowing this is the key to our future as a society) Asceticism: it’s not just for monks — without it, you may not be saved! Trashy movies: there’s spiritual danger even in the ones that don’t obviously glorify sin Discover why noise weakens the soul, and how silence is balm…


Faustina (DVD)

…of her mystical life in high quality cinema. Dorota Segda was voted top actress of the year by film critics for her stunning portrayal of Sister Faustina. DVD language: Polish with English or Spanish subtitles. This movie is Not Rated This DVD is available for sale in the US and Canada only.

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Interview with an Exorcist [DVD]

Many current movies feature dramatic portrayals of spiritual warfare and exorcism. But how accurate are these special effects-laden Hollywood extravaganzas? Is demonic possession for real? Are believers today really in any danger from Satan and his crafty minions? What is the truth concerning…


The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary From the Visions of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich

…namely,  The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations (4 Volume Set) and The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ , made famous by the movie The Passion of Christ .  In both, mention of Our Lady during Jesus' Public Life is prominent. Characteristic of all the writings…


The War of the Vendee

…250 young Catholics, it is a powerful story  of sacrifice and martyrdom, but told here with a careful sense of reserve, and is an outstanding movie for the whole family. In 1793, after enduring three and a half years of  persecution of the Church by the architects of the French Revolution,…

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Heroic Catholic Chaplains: Stories of the Brave and Holy Men Who Dodged Bullets While Saving Souls

…four years of the Civil War; •    Father Francis Duffy, a World War I chaplain whose story became the subject of a Hollywood movie; •    Father Aloysius Schmitt, who, during the attack on Pearl Harbor, saved the lives of a dozen men before losing his own;…

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Clare and Francis (DVD)

…shot on location in Italy by the Italian film company Lux Vide, the producers of Saint Rita, Pope John Paul II and St. John Bosco. This outstanding movie is unique among films on St. Francis because of the historical accuracy of the story and its authentic spirit of joy and piety Francis was known…


Under Angel Wings: The True Story of a Young Girl and Her Guardian Angel

…how her Guardian Angel - whom she calls her "New Friend" - kept her from lying, stealing, revenge, immodesty, and from watching certain movies. She also describes how he protected her in moral dangers which she did not even understand, and how he aided her when she got into trouble because…


The Ear of the Heart: An Actress' Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows

…bright and beautiful college student when she made her film debut with Elvis Presley in Paramount's 1957 Loving You. She acted in nine more movies with other big stars such as Montgomery Clift, Anthony Quinn and Myrna Loy. She also gave a Tony-nominated performance in the Broadway play The…


What You Need to Know About Exorcism-2CD Set

…tell.  His name is Fr. Gary Thomas, and his real life training and experience as an exorcist were depicted in the Hollywood movie The Rite starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.  In this riveting, seven-part interview with Catholic Answers Live host Patrick Coffin, Fr. Thomas reveals…

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Evangelical Exodus: Evangelical Seminarians and Their Paths to Rome

…served as assistant to President Norman Geisler and taught Bible and religion for ten years. Beaumont is the author of  The Message Behind the Movie  (Moody, 2009) and has contributed to  The Best Catholic Writing  (Loyola, 2006),  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students…

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Entertaining Angels (DVD)

…some sexuality and brief language. DVD FEATURES: Languages - English and Spanish tracks available. Subtitles - English. Viewing Format - Fullscreen. Sound - Stereo, Dolby Surround. Bonus Material - Movie trailer, actor commentaries and biographies. Chapter titles provided for easy scene access.

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Passion of Bernadette (DVD)

Following up the acclaimed best-selling movie, Bernadette , the story of the apparitions of Our Lady in Lourdes to Bernadette Soubirous, this beautiful Jean Delannoy film tells the rest of the story of her life after the Marian visions- the life that made Bernadette a saint. The grotto at Lourdes is…

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Bella (DVD)

…your faith in fellow man restored. 91 minute run time. Reviews: "Best Movie of the Year, Everyone should see this film" - Rick Warren, author of bestselling book, 40 Days of Purpose "Bella is a moving and inspirational movie. In a day of Hollywood's excesses, profanities and foolishness, this…

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Joseph of Nazareth -The Story of the Man Closest to Christ (DVD)

movie captures well the humanity of a man who had to grapple with the great mysteries of the Incarnation, the divine conception of Jesus, and the Virgin Birth. Joseph of Nazareth is quite good. The lead performance by Tobias Moretti, a highly acclaimed European actor, is excellent. The movie makers…

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Padre Pio - Miracle Man DVD

This movie captures the Capuchin friar's intense faith and devotion, and deep spiritual concern for others, as well as his great compassion for the sick and suffering. It reveals the amazing details and events in Padre Pio's life as a boy and throughout his 50 years as a monk, dramatizing the…

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Therese - Ordinary Girl - Extraordinary Soul (DVD)

…Congregatio pro Gentium Evangelizatione (The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples). "A magnificent film. There was hardly a dry eye in the movie theater." - Father Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R, EWTN host. This special edition DVD includes: The making of Therese, deleted scenes, trailers & TV…


St. John Bosco - Mission to Love (DVD)

…as John (Don) Bosco, the great priest and educator of youth from the tough streets of Turin, Italy. Beautifully filmed in Italy, this epic movie dramatizes the many challenges that Don Bosco had to overcome from his childhood through founding his religious order, the Salesians, for helping…

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