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Little Lamb Blessings Lullaby

…plays the tune "Jesus Loves Me This I Know." A sweet gift to welcome a new baby into His flock! Ideal for baby's baptism or shower. Soft little lamb Plays "Jesus loves me" Precious gift for baby Sweet gift for their baptism & christening 12" (L) Plush fabric Wind up musical feature

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Fontanini Musical Snowglobe

…Mary and Joseph kneeling before their newborn King, but the entire base features the surrounding scene of that first Christmas night: an ox, a lamb, and a donkey lying peacefully inside the stable walls.  It also features an internal light fixture which allows you to enjoy its beauty even…


Kneeling Santa Musical Figure [Multi-Colored]

…rustic landscape while a flock of lambs looks on. Even more special is that it’s a musical, which plays “O Come All Ye Faithful.” As with all of the Joseph's Studio line, the artistic detail is beautifully done. This stationary musical figure is made of resin/stone…

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Precious Moments Musical Water Globe For Girls

…Precious Moments musical water globe will add a layer of comfort and love as a gentle tune turns our hearts and minds to Our Lord and the gifts that flow forth from His love. Pink motif with a sweet lamb and child. Plays “Jesus Loves Me.”   Precious Moments musical globe Plays…


Precious Moments Musical Water Globe For Boys

musical water globe will add a layer of comfort and love as a gentle tune turns our hearts and minds to Our Lord and the gifts that flow forth from His love. Soft baby blue motif with a sweet lamb and child. Plays “Jesus Loves Me.”   Precious Moments Collection Baby boy musical


Real Music: A Guide to the Timeless Hymns of the Church

…Catholic churches today, good music, “Real Music”, combines great poetry with doctrinally sound lyrics and beautiful melody.  With noted Catholic author Anthony Esolen as your guide and the St. Cecilia Choir as your muse, join the Catholic Musical Renaissance which is truly a…

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Personalized Baptism Baby Rattle & Keepsake Box [Brown]

…stain finish wooden box. Etched in the front of the box will be the child's name, baptismal date, and "Baptized in Christ." The sweet lamb engraved to the side reminds us of the innocence and purity of the newly baptized. Exclusive to The Catholic Company. © Copyright 2018 Trinity…

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Personalized Baptized in Christ Keepsake Box [Teal]

This adorable cottage-style rosary and keepsake box features a sweet little lamb along with the words "Baptized in Christ," and comes personalized with the name of your choice. A special way to present a first rosary or small keepsake on this most celebrated day of Baptism. Slightly…


Bouguereau L'Innocence Keepsake Box [black]

…antiqued gold ribbing around the box, this oil painting displays a soft and gentle Mary. Named after the innocence of the Child Jesus and the little lamb, this keepsake box is a wonderful spiritual gift for expectant mothers and those with a devotion to Our Lady.   © Copyright 2017 Trinity…

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Mary Zitnik - Totally Catholic CD - Fun Songs for Kids

…with the production talents of twenty-year veteran Rob Robinson, who produced the likes of Styx and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Totally Catholic is simply a musical joy. With its varied styles of reggae, lullaby, pop, folk, and even a super-hero anthem devoted to Saint Michael, it is engaging from beginning to…

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Personalized Shepherds Keepsake Box w/ Pewter Nativity Figures Gift Set

…emptied, what a special surprise- an adorable miniature nativity set. The mini nativity set includes ten pieces: Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, ox, lamb, shepherd, angel, and three wise men. The solid pewter figurines have a nice, heavy weight to them, and the average height of each is just under 1…

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Kneeling Santa Musical Glitterdome

Kneeling Santa Musical Glitterdome

…Kneeling Santa makes a popular Christmas gift as well as a Christmas decoration. In this musical glitterdome, St. Nicholas is adoring at the manger of Jesus. The base features a stable scene with lambs. Shake the dome and play the Christmas carol for a fun holiday tradition. A great thing to…

12 Inspiring Religious Paintings & Their Meanings

Being Catholic doesn't mean that I spend all day praying, listening to Christian music, and watching EWTN. When I travel, I visit museums as part of my must-see list. On previous trips I didn't look forward to seeing religious paintings at all, but to my own surprise, they were what captivated me…