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  1. My Confirmation Book

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My Confirmation Book

…when they are confirmed. “Too often we whisk our youth through the Sacrament without a clear understanding of what's happening. That's tragic, because a grace misunderstood is easily unappreciated, and a grace unappreciated is easily lost. My Confirmation Book empowers young…


Getting Confirmed - A Journey of Questions and Answers

…getting confirmed? or My parents are making me go its not my choice. However, confirmation is a time for young Catholics to make adult decisions and choices. As with any choices, there are some things they need to learn and do before they become confirmed members of the Church. Getting Confirmed is…

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My Baptism Remembrance Book

…of the Church through the gift of Baptism, they can continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. My Baptism Remembrance Book Author: Mary Martha Moss, FSP A keepsake book that preserves a special Baptism day and helps children continue to grow in their faith Includes fill in the blanks…


The Lord Is My Light Canvas Bible Cover [Creamy white]

…accent is perfect for the Psalm mentioned: "The Lord is my light..." The perfect case for taking a bible on the go to church, a retreat, or a bible study. Also a practical gift for First Communion or Confirmation, when he or she is likely to get a new bible! *Your bible/book…

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Who Is My Neighbor? and Other Gospel Encounters with the Lord

…organizations, young adults, even Confirmation candidates. In short, they are a powerful tool for people involved in a common mission who are looking for a concise, calendar-friendly way to deepen and renew their faith and their discipleship in Christ. Most of the books incorporate a very modest…


For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China

…presented in this book. In these lectures, Cardinal Zen explains in detail what he considers is now threatening the fundamental principles of the letter—and therefore 'his people'. As the title indicates, for the love of his people, he will not remain silent. For Love of My People I…


How To Listen When God Is Speaking & When God Is Silent (2 Book Set)

…by the storms of life.  Author Luis Martinez quotes that beautiful line from the Song of Songs — “I sleep, but my heart is awake” — and confirms that with Jesus this is indeed the case: His love for you never sleeps, no matter what. Martinez shows how you can make better…


Becoming a Great Godparent

…alike—I highly recommend it!" - Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle , EWTN TV host of "Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms" and author of My Confirmation Book Becoming a Great Godparent Highly-recommended guide Perfect gift for any godparent Clear and full of wonderful explanations


Life is Worth Living (Audio Book)

Does God know what it is to suffer? Am I my brother's keeper? Is Christianity easy? Is prayer a dialogue? What does it take to heal the soul? Is life really worth living? In fifty priceless half-hour presentations from one of the best loved Catholic speakers of all time, you and your family will…


Father McBride's Teen Catechism

…or other outstanding Catholic 7. "In My Life" - Series of questions to help teens apply truth to their lives 8. Prayer starter 9. Glossary Father McBride's Teen Catechism Answers the questions teenagers really ask about the Faith Makes an ideal Confirmation gift 6 x 9  inches


Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible, NAB-RE

…where do I fit in? What's my life all about, and where do God, family, friends, and all the rest fit in? How do I know God even exists, and what do the life and death of Jesus have to do with me right here, right now? If God loves us all, why should I bother taking my Catholicism seriously? If…

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The Seven Sacraments: Elementary Edition (For Teachers)

…Baptism? How can it be possible that we die to live?   Confirmation How do we know when something belongs to us? If Baptism brings us into Christian life, and Reconciliation forgives sins, then why should we bother with Confirmation?   Eucharist What is the Eucharist? What Are Its Fruits?…

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When God Is Silent: Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life

…by the storms of life.  Author Luis Martinez quotes that beautiful line from the Song of Songs — “I sleep, but my heart is awake” — and confirms that with Jesus this is indeed the case: His love for you never sleeps, no matter what. Martinez shows how you can make better…


Life is Worth Living (24 CD Set)

…the Claimants (Good and Evil) Disc 3 – Eternity Claiming the Past (Truth); The Earth’s Most Serious Wounds Disc 4 – My Four Writers; Love Enfleshed (Christ’s Divinity) Disc 5 – Does God Know What It Is To Suffer; It Takes 3 To Make Love (Blessed Trinity)…

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Tips to Help Your Child Choose Their Confirmation Saint

…choose the best Confirmation saint. Step 1 – Encourage your child to narrow down the possible Confirmation saint list:  This exercise will make choosing a confirmation saint a thousand times easier.  I wish that someone had encouraged me to narrow down my possible Confirmation saint list by choosing…

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Eucharistic Miracle in Poland Tested & Confirmed by Bishop

…and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day; for my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink.  Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them. (John 6) A Eucharistic…

Top 5 RCIA Gifts: What Every New Catholic Should Have

…of Christ by Thomas Kempis or Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales. Books on the lives of the saints are great choices too, especially if you can find a book on their chosen Confirmation saint. If they aren't much of a reader, there's also a lot of great Catholic DVDs and CDs…

Q&A with Scott Hahn on his New Book: Joy to the World

Catholic author Scott Hahn responds to a Q&A about his latest Catholic book out for the Christmas season, Joy to the World: How Christ's Coming Changed Everything. Q. In the 20+ years that you’ve been writing books, this is the first one that focuses entirely on the Christmas story. What…

Interview with Cardinal Wuerl on his New Book, The Feasts: How the Church Year Forms Us as Catholics

book marks the third book in a series Mike and I have written for Image Books. The three books consider three Christian institutions that are supremely important for forming Christian community and individual Christians — the Mass, the parish church, and the feasts. Q. Who should read this book? Did…

Congratulations to Maria T, winner of ou...

Congratulations to Maria T, winner of ou...

…save my life and the life of our baby. We looked at the clock and it was 15 short minutes away from midnight. The feast of St. Jude. Thank you St. Jude! Through your intercession my life and the life of my precious son had been saved." Shop the pictured rosary here: and book

How About Some Adult Catechesis?

…cater to every age group and their individual needs. This challenge is especially prevalent in adult catechesis. It has been my experience that catechesis ends with confirmation in most parishes. Once one’s faith is their own then it seems that most churches offer little to no further chances for…

We had so many moving responses to last ...

We had so many moving responses to last ...

…currently in a state of limbo; not really knowing what God is calling me to be or do with my life and struggling to discern His will for me. Through this mystery, I look to Mary (whom I chose as my Confirmation name) as a model of complete trust in God’s plan, for me and the world. To say yes to…

We had some amazing stories of saints "a...

We had some amazing stories of saints "a...

…Joseph statue on my headboard of my bed." - Melissa "I love St. Rita! I found her through a Google search for patron saints of impossible things when we were dealing with infertility issues. I had no intentions of becoming Catholic when I searched, I was just desperate. I was confirmed Easter 2013,…

The Story Behind the Making of the Official Fatima Statue

…with folds” (literally an undulated garment), she said. “She was surrounded by light and she was in the middle of light,” she went on, confirming the truth of my previous observation about brilliance. Then she added: “Her feet rested on the azinheira.” This was a shock. Was there no cloud? Every…