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My Daily Catholic Bible: 20-Minute Daily Readings

Have you ever read the entire Bible? You can now. Here's the Bible that shows you how. My Daily Catholic Bible, Revised NAB Edition offers a reading plan that divides all of Sacred Scripture into 365 segments, one for each day of the year; features two small, manageable readings for each day,…


My Daily Catholic Bible: New Testament 10-Minute Daily Readings

…NAB Bible will be close (but not exactly word-for-word) to the readings you will hear at Mass.  It is not possible to purchase an older NAB translation to exactly match the Mass readings, because they are no longer in print.     My Daily Catholic Bible: New Testament 10-Minute Daily


Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life

…the Church's daily readings. As he did so, he found that his life, and his relationships, became more meaningful and fruitful.   Numbering My Days tells the story of one man's renewal, and it offers an authentic model of spiritual development for anyone. Numbering My Days: How the…


Walking With Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross

Mary appears only a few times in the Bible, but those few passages come at crucial moments. Catholics believe that Mary is the ever-virgin Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. But she also was a human being--a woman who made a journey of faith through various trials and uncertainties and…


A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

…of Saints for Catholic Moms. Building on the success of her first book, A Handbook for Catholic Moms, Hendey continues her work of nurturing hearts, minds, bodies, and souls—this time through the rich tradition of the Catholic communion of saints. With the warmth and candor of My Life with the…

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When Women Pray: 11 Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer

…Overflowing Grace Lisa M. Hendey: Daily Prayer with Saints Joan Lewis: Prayer: A Heart to Heart with the Lord Kathyrn Jean Lopez: Pope Benedict XVI & Women Who Pray in Love Marilyn Quirk: Prayer: A Relationship With The Living God Vicki Thorn: Prayer: My Ear to His Heart Kelly Walhquist: Just…

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How I Stayed Catholic At Harvard & Blessed Are the Bored in Spirit (2 Book Set)

Catholic's Search For Meaning  "My image of God the Father, enthroned in heaven in flowing white robes and Birkenstock sandals, was overshadowed by my certainty that he didn't want me to have any fun. God was all about rules." —from Chapter Five Too many young Catholics

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Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions

…Book and The Lent-Easter Book , her family activities and crafts have appeared in Catholic Parent, Today's Christian Woman , and Woman's Day . Her articles and poems have been published in My Friend, Bible Pathways for Kids, Shining Star, Guideposts for Kids On-Line, Pockets, Highlights for…

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The Reason for the Seasons & Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions (2 Book Set)

…Book and The Lent-Easter Book , her family activities and crafts have appeared in Catholic Parent, Today's Christian Woman , and Woman's Day . Her articles and poems have been published in My Friend, Bible Pathways for Kids, Shining Star, Guideposts for Kids On-Line, Pockets, Highlights for…

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The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

…Christ the Friend, and Christ in My Life." An index in the back also shows the Liturgical calendar and the corresponding meditations for the daily Gospel reading.  It is truly a book for a lifetime, and serves as a solid, powerful Catholic alternative to books like Jesus Calling. …

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Prayers to Soothe Your Soul

…Scriptures, and personal prayers written by Hope Lyda, author of the popular One-Minute Prayer series. Lord, nothing soothes my soul like Your loving-kindness. I hold out my hands each day to receive Your blessing, and You show me the bounty of faith. Those looking for a place to restore hope will…

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Find a Real Friend in Jesus: Ten Amazingly Easy Steps

…anxiety. Gary hosts a daily radio show on BlogTalkRadio and is a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live, EWTN’s The Son Rise Morning Show, and Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo. A member of Catholics United for the Faith, the Knights of Columbus, and the Catholic Radio Association, he is…

My First Bible

My First Bible

To purchase My First Bible from The Catholic Company, click here: This Catholic children's Bible is a great choice for young Catholics to learn more about the Christian faith. It is a hardcover board book, which is a popular choice for infants…

My Supernatural Experience with St. Maria Goretti

…a powerful energy. It was as though my soul recognized being close to something deeply important. I felt a strong emotion and my eyes welled up with tears. I know that is my immediate reaction when I have a spiritual encounter with something holy. I told my husband that I was feeling something,…

Top 5 RCIA Gifts: What Every New Catholic Should Have

…may not have a Catholic  Bible, which contains the seven books that are missing from Protestant Bibles. It would also be helpful to give new Catholics guidance on how to navigate the Bible so that they will make good use of it. The best way to do this is to have them follow the daily Mass readings.…

11 Rules for Latinos to Keep You & Your Kids Rooted in the Catholic Faith

my faith because I was influenced by close friends from different religions, and even by atheists. I wasn't prepared to answer the typical challenges against God, such as, "If God exists, why there is suffering in this world?" and all the misconceptions about Catholicism, such as "Why do Catholics

What Do Catholics Really Believe About Purgatory?

…throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen." This article has been updated and was originally published in October 2012. © The Catholic Company. All rights reserved.

Improve your Prayer Life with a Home Prayer Corner

…you can pray the rosary daily, carry or wear a small crucifix to remind you to pray, or prayerfully read the Catholic Bible regularly. These are all great ideas. One practice that has completely renovated and improved my personal prayer life is making a prayer corner in my home. A prayer corner may…

Q&A with Patrick Madrid on His New Book, "Why Be Catholic?"

…born-&-raised Catholic, and never left the Church or even had the slightest doubt about whether I should be Catholic, I did nevertheless experience a profound re-conversion or recommitment to Jesus when I was in my mid-20s. As I was praying to God to show me what to do with my life, the door to…

The Ascension of Jesus & the Holy Spirit Novena to Pentecost

…Adorable Spirit, helper of my infirmity, so to keep me in Thy grace that I may never sin against Thee. Give me grace O Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Father and the Son, to say to Thee always and everywhere, "Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth." Amen. (To be recited daily during the Novena)   May this…

"God's Bucket List" Q & A with Teresa Tomeo

…resource because as with the Magnificat it provides beautiful articles and reflections about how to apply the Scriptures to our daily lives as Catholics. I like to think of the Bible as an acronym:  Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth. Check out more famous Catholic authors and people here.

What Makes A Great Vacation?

…shelter one day of my vacation.  I don’t need to just eat out, go site seeing, and sleep.  I encourage you to try and make your vacation cater to your whole person. Perhaps you can incorporate Catholic games in your family vacations or reading the Catholic Bible together.  Try and incorporate…

It's Universal Guardian Angel Appreciation Day!

…in the Catholic Bible from which this belief is drawn: Psalm 90:11: "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Matthew 18:10: "See that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father…

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4 Steps To Finding Detachment in a Busy Life

…insignificant compared with what really matters. And that is what I recall every time I feel overwhelmed. Those daily tasks, or even favorite things that I do and enjoy, never came to my mind when I dreamed that I had passed away. 4. Be aware of what is important in life. Detachment is a gift…