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  1. Nothing Short Of A Miracle

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Nothing Short of A Miracle: God's Healing Power in Modern Saints

…May they bring joy to your heart as well and renew the confidence in His love that God yearns for you to have! Nothing Short of A Miracle: God's Healing Power in Modern Saints Miracles by means of human prayers and human hands Numerous fascinating reports Includes interviews with living witnesses…

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Nothing Short of A Miracle & The House of The Virgin Mary (2 Book Set)

Nothing Short of A Miracle God doesn’t need humans to work miracles for Him, but as veteran Catholic author Patricia Treece shows, it certainly seems His good pleasure to perform great miracles by means of human prayers and human hands. For more than a quarter century, Treece —…

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The Last 7 Words of Jesus: A Lenten Meditation

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My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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Prayers to St. Benedict of Nursia

…the naked. To visit the sick. To bury the dead. To help in trouble. To console the sorrowing. To hold myself aloof from worldly ways. To prefer nothing to the love of Christ. Not to give way to anger. Not to foster a desire for revenge. Not to entertain deceit in the heart. Not to make a false…

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