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Madonna Praying - A Nurse's Prayer - Prayer Card

Durable and everlasting laminated holy prayer card that contains a color depiction of Mary praying on the front, and a Nurse's Prayer on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O my God, teach me to receive the sick in Thy Name, Give to my efforts success for the glory…


St. Catherine of Siena - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

…and a popular prayer of intercession on the back cover.  This "Mini Lives of the Saints" prayer card offers readers an artistically crafted, informative reference into St. Catherine's life. St. Catherine is known as the Patron Saint of nurses, against fire, firefighters,…


In God's Hands: Daily Prayer for Shut-Ins and Residents of Nursing Homes and Hospices

The prayers in this pamphlet will help shut-ins, and residents of nursing homes and hospices discover God's love and tender care for them and accept God's plan and purpose for their lives at this stage.  In God's Hands: Daily Prayer for Shut-Ins and Residents of Nursing Homes and…


St. Raphael Laminated Prayer Card

…holy prayer card contains a color image of St. Raphael the Archangel with Tobias. St. Raphael, also known as a messenger of God, is the only other Archangel mentioned in the bible along with Gabriel and Michael. He is the patron saint of the blind, nurses and physicians and travelers. Prayer to St.…


Catholic Prayer Book (Large Print)

…well as nursing homes and hospitals. In addition to Catholicism’s most familiar prayers, here are dozens of others you may have learned at a parent’s knee or in a classroom under Sister’s tutoring. Here are prayers that, at one time, you may have known by heart. Prayers that still…


Madonna of the Green Cushion (Matted w/ Prayer in Dark Ornate Frame) 8x14

…Green Cushion also entitled the Nursing Madonna reveals the tenderness of Mary as a mother. Mary was not only sinless and the Mother of God but she was human. The famous artist Andrea Solario painted the Nursing Madonna. This magnificent image comes with matting and prayer in a solid wood gold frame…


St. Raphael Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…by an American artisan. St. Raphael is the patron of nurses and physicians. The name Raphael means “God heals,” and the book of Tobit describe Raphael healing people. The archangel is also God’s messenger, who hears the prayers of the people and brings them before God (Tob. 12:12,…

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St. Catherine Laboure of the Miraculous Medal

This is the story of the saint through whom we received the Miraculous Medal. No sacramental since the Rosary has had such an impact on the Church, and none has ever been diffused in such incredible numbers, with many millions of people all over the world wearing the Medal within a few years. Since…


Sacred Heart Electric Religious Candle

…of a burning flame. A great option for those in nursing homes, a home altar, and bedrooms. Twist off the bottom of the candle for easy bulb replacement.  Electric religious candle  Safer option for lighting a candle Offer your prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus "Light" a candle…

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St. Jude Electric Religious Candle

…worry of a flame burning. A great option for those in nursing homes, a home altar, and bedrooms. Twist off the bottom of the candle for easy bulb replacement.  Electric religious candle  Safer option for lighting a candle Offer your prayers to St. Jude Electric candle Glass with image wrap…

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St. Raphael Mini Triptych

…niche. Raphael is associated with healing and prolonged health (his name means “God heals,” and he is also the patron of physicians and nurses). In the small niche to the right of Raphael is St. Michael, holding a staff. Michael’s role (he is the patron of soldiers and policemen)…

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Mother Teresa Should Be Named the Patron Saint of These Causes

…faith 94. Volunteers 95. Caregivers 96. Foster parents 97. Teachers 98. Helpers 99. People who care for the hopeless 100. The pro-life movement 101. Nurses 102. Medical students 103. Those who practice medicine 104. Hospices 105. Hospice workers 106. Those who care for the dying 107. Nurturers 108.…

7 Lessons I Learned from Pope Francis' Trip to South America

…hearts." Be Devoted to Mary. Pope Francis held a white rose as he prayed at the Shrine of the Virgin of Caacupé, in Paraguay; also, he offered prayers and gifts on behalf of the Bolivian people to Our lady of Copacabana, Patroness of Bolivia; and he venerated the Virgen del Quinche in Quito, Ecuador…

8 Ways to use Holy Water

…grace, and holy water as a sacramental receives its power through the prayer and authority of the Church. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] The rite of blessing said over water by the priest to make it holy contains prayers of exorcism.  It can banish demons, heal the sick, and send unwarranted…

Sample Chapter from Amazing Grace for Survivors

…while my wife took her to the doctor's office. Upon arriving in the doctor's office, the nurses took one look at her and immediately moved her to the front of the line. As my wife describing the symptoms, the nurse took one of her used diapers and ran a glucose test on the urine. "You need to take…

#SaintoftheDay St. Peter Damian (1007-10...

#SaintoftheDay St. Peter Damian (1007-10...

…(1007-1072 A.D.) was born in Ravenna, Italy, the youngest of a large and noble yet poor family. After his birth his mother initially refused to nurse him due to the strain he would put on the family, and he nearly died. He was later orphaned and suffered from extreme poverty. One brother adopted…

How to Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

…devotional reading is one of the best ways to spiritually prepare yourself for Christmas, the birth of the King of Kings. 5. Special Prayers: Adopt special prayers during the Advent season. You can often find them in Advent devotional books. There is also the St. Andrew Christmas Novena which is…

What Happened to Francisco & Jacinta Marto After Fatima

…and warnings for the world, and that they were to do penance and pray for the conversion of sinners. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] Both became prayerful mystics, much wiser than their age, on account of these heavenly visits. The Blessed Mother told Francisco and Jacinta that they would die young…

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