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Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. I

…Chasuble,  Ciborium,  Confessional,  Crucifix,  Cruets,  Holy Oils,  Holy Water Font,  Host,  Miter,  Monstrance,  Paten,   Pew,  Sanctuary Lamp,  Stations of the Cross,  Stole,  Surplice,  Tabernacle, and …

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St. Joseph/Bessette Key Pendant

…in biblical narrative, is often overlooked. His devotion was magnified when, inspired by the ancient tradition of anointing with oil, he began taking oil from the lamp burning in front of the statue of St. Joseph and using it to anoint the sick around him. Through his quiet confidence in Saint…

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The Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle

…to be unclean and abandoned. There, praying before a Tabernacle covered in dust and cobwebs, with torn altar cloths and oil dripping onto the floor from the sanctuary lamp, he decided to dedicate his life to providing for Jesus’ needs in the Tabernacle. This poor, abandoned Tabernacle taught…


St. Mary Magdalene - Prayer Card

…to the spirit of my vows: pray to God for me that I may appear before Jesus, Our Lord and Master, at the moment of my death, with my lamp filled with the oil of faith and hope, and burning with the pure flame of charity, and thus merit to be received with thee into His eternal kingdom. Amen.…

Limestone walls with stucco, wooden trus...

Limestone walls with stucco, wooden trus...

Limestone walls with stucco, wooden trusses, flat roofs, oil lamps, rolled out bedding, straw mats, fire pits . . . great visuals on what domestic life was like for the Holy Family 2,000 years ago. Thanks Msgr Charles Pope!

A Short History of the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

…of devotion. A holy man named Leo Dupont hung one of these copies in his home, accompanied by an oil lamp. Those who would say the devotional prayers and anoint themselves with oil from his lamp would receive healing. For the next 30 years, miracles of healing occurred in his home through adoration…

Fear Not the Night: St. John of the Cross and Spiritual Darkness

…barely lie down. He was fed only bread and water, and was lashed on a weekly basis. The only possessions in the cell were a prayer book and an oil lamp… well, and the secret writing materials smuggled to him by the frightened but sympathetic friar who guarded his cell. In was during these long,…

Why Do Catholics Use So Many Candles?

…commanded the Israelites to crush pure oil from olives. They were to burn it perpetually in a lamp before the Tabernacle of the Testimony, which is the tent where the Ark of the Covenant and the sacred vessels for worship were kept (Ex 27:20). If this lamp signaled to the people a sacred presence,…

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